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Star Trek

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DescriptionShow Description    

The 4400The 4400  premiered on USA on July 11, 2004. When a passing comet abruptly changes course and hurtles towards Earth, there is widespread panic and distress as people prepare for Armageddon. However, the comet does not crash: instead, it slows down, hovers, and eventually touches down on a lake in the Pacific Northwest. Finally, 4400 people emerge from a blinding white light, people from all different ages and walks of life who have been presumed dead or missing - and none aged even a day from when they were last seen. It's as if a giant time capsule full of people has been opened up, unaltered and untouched by time. Although not immediately evident, it soon becomes apparent that The 4400 have each been returned with a special power as they unwittingly begin to exhibit abilities including superhuman strength, healing touch, and clairvoyance. Eager to revisit memories from their past and reunite with those they left behind, two worlds collide as 4400 people acclimated to living in the past are forced to deal with the new challenges of living in the present.

CastShow Cast    
Tom Baldwin
Joel Gretsch
Diana Skouris
Jacqueline McKenzie
Shawn Farrell
Patrick Flueger
Kyle Baldwin
Chad Faust
Maia Skouris
Conchita Campbell
Richard Tyler
Mahershalalhashbaz Ali
Lily Tyler
Laura Allen
Alana Mareva
Karina Lombard
Jordan Collier
Billy Campbell
Isabelle Tyler
Megalyn Echikunwoke
Kevin Burkhoff
Jeffrey Combs
Matthew Ross
Garret Dillahunt
EpisodesShow Episodes    
Season 1 (2004)
(5 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. The Return (Original Air Date 7/11/2004)
  2. The New & Improved Carl Morrissey (Original Air Date 7/18/2004)
  3. Becoming (Original Air Date 7/25/2004)
  4. Trial By Fire (Original Air Date 8/1/2004)
  5. White Light (Original Air Date 8/8/2004)
Season 2 (2005)
(13 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Wake Up Call, Part 1 (Original Air Date 6/5/2005)
  2. Wake Up Call, Part 2 (Original Air Date 6/5/2005)
  3. Voices Carry (Original Air Date 6/12/2005)
  4. Weight Of The World (Original Air Date 6/19/2005)
  5. Suffer The Children (Original Air Date 6/26/2005)
  6. As Fate Would Have It (Original Air Date 7/10/2005)
  7. Life Interrupted (Original Air Date 7/17/2005)
  8. Carrier (Original Air Date 7/24/2005)
  9. Rebirth (Original Air Date 7/31/2005)
  10. Hidden (Original Air Date 8/7/2005)
  11. Lockdown (Original Air Date 8/14/2005)
  12. The Fifth Page (Original Air Date 8/21/2005)
  13. Mommy's Bosses (Original Air Date 8/28/2005)
Season 3 (2006)
(13 Episodes In Season 3)
  1. The New World, Part 1 (Original Air Date 6/11/2006)
  2. The New World, Part 2 (Original Air Date 6/11/2006)
  3. Being Tom Baldwin (Original Air Date 6/18/2006)
  4. Gone, Part 1 (Original Air Date 6/25/2006)
  5. Gone, Part 2 (Original Air Date 7/2/2006)
  6. Graduation Day (Original Air Date 7/9/2006)
  7. The Home Front (Original Air Date 7/16/2006)
  8. Blink (Original Air Date 7/23/2006)
  9. The Ballad Of Kevin And Tess (Original Air Date 7/30/2006)
  10. The Starlz Mutation (Original Air Date 8/6/2006)
  11. The Gospel According To Collier (Original Air Date 8/13/2006)
  12. Terrible Swift Sword (Original Air Date 8/20/2006)
  13. Fifty-Fifty (Original Air Date 8/27/2006)
Season 4 (2007)
(13 Episodes In Season 4)
  1. The Wrath Of Graham (Original Air Date 6/17/2007)
  2. Fear Itself (Original Air Date 6/24/2007)
  3. Audrey Parker Has Come And Gone (Original Air Date 7/1/2007)
  4. The Truth & Nothing But The Truth (Original Air Date 7/8/2007)
  5. Try The Pie (Original Air Date 7/15/2007)
  6. The Marked (Original Air Date 7/22/2007)
  7. Till We Have Built Our Jerusalem (Original Air Date 7/29/2007)
  8. Mo Exit (Original Air Date 8/5/2007)
  9. Daddy's Little Girl (Original Air Date 8/12/2007)
  10. One Of Us (Original Air Date 8/19/2007)
  11. Ghost In The Machine (Original Air Date 8/26/2007)
  12. Tiny Machines (Original Air Date 9/9/2007)
  13. The Great Leap Forward (Original Air Date 9/16/2007)
  • The 4400: Unlocking The Secrets (Original Air Date 6/4/2006)
  • The 4400: The Complete First Season
  • The 4400: The Complete Second Season
  • The 4400: The Complete Third Season
  • The 4400: The Complete Fourth Season
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