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Star Trek

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Andromeda EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • If The Wheel Is Fixed
    Energy from a dimensional tunnel takes control of two crewmembers.

  • The Shards Of Rimni
    Commonwealth Security considers Dylan the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

  • Mad To Be Saved
    The Andromeda encounters problems after picking up a group of mentally imbalanced refugees.

  • Cui Bono?
    Andromeda transports Sid Barry, who is running for the top government office in the newly reformed Commonwealth.

  • The Lone And Level Sands
    The Andromeda crew encounters a spacecraft from Earth, which set out to explore deep space hundreds of years ago.

  • Slipfighter: The Dogs Of War
    The Andromeda crew stops the evil rulers of the planet Marduk from making weapons of mass destruction.

  • The Leper's Kiss
    Dylan goes on a mission to seek out "The Leper" in order to prevent Marshall Man Ka-Lupe's assassination.
    Andromeda DVDs    
    • Andromeda: Season 1 Collection
    • Andromeda: Season 2 Collection
    • Andromeda: Season 3 Collection
    • Andromeda: Season 4 Collection
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