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Star Trek

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Battlestar Galactica EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Saga Of A Starworld, Parts 1-3
    A peace conference is about to be held announcing the impending peace between the Twelve colonies and their enemies for the past 1,000 Yahrens or (years), a robotic race intent on the destruction of the entire human race. Soon it is evident to Commander Adama that the overture of peace is a ruse to let down their guard and destroy the colonies in one military coo. Adama attempts to get the president to realize their mistake and to rally the fleet, but the president is unable to deal with it or the betrayal of their race by Baltar, the Judas who set up the peace talks. The fleet is lost, all but the Galactica and Adama rounds up as many survivors and ships as can be mustered as they flee from the Cylons while in search of the mythical 13th tribe who are on a place called Earth.

  • Lost Planet Of The Gods, Part 1
    Jolly and Boomer contract a deadly virus while observing a Cylon base. Meanwhile, Starbuck and Apollo discover a Magnetic void that Adama realizes may be something out of old stories about the original people who founded The twelve colonies. Once Boomer and Jolly get back they come down with the virus they contracted and so does the entire Blue squadron, except Apollo and Starbuck. With the cylons constantly hounding them who will protect the fleet, so Adama orders all new civilian shuttle pilots to start training as Viper warriors. Star buck, who is about to marry with Apollo is going to be one of those warriors and all the female shuttle pilots will have to go on a mission before their training is finished in order to escort Dr. Salik back to where Boomer and Jolly contracted the virus in order to save the blue squadron. Adama orders the fleet into the black void to find the planet of the Lords of Kobol.

  • Lost Planet Of The Gods, Part 2
    Led by the legend of the Lords of Kobol and a single star in the void, Adama takes the fleet where he finds the planet of the Lords of Kobol. Adama hopes that there he will find a direction to Earth. Meanwhile, Starbuck is ordered on a special reconnaissance mission and he decides to try and get Cassiopeia alone and ends up with Athena in one room and Cassiopeia in the other. He is saved by being called to duty, while on patrol Star buck is captured by the cylons and the fleet believes him to be dead. Baltar realizes Adama's goal and follows him to the surface, Lucifer, Baltar's second in command betrays Baltar and attacks the surface and the Galactica, trapping Apollo, Adama, Baltar and Serina in the pyramid. Baltar is trapped under a large stone after the wall is blown in by the cylons. Adama tries to save him even though he was trying to kill him earlier for the betrayal of the colonies, but the stone is too heavy and he leaves him behind. Baltar vows to get even with Lucifer. During their escape from the pyramid the new fighter pilots are defending the planet and are joined by the recovered pilots and Starbuck is returned to them, but in a final shot by an earthbound Cylon, Serina is mortally wounded. On the Galactica, Apollo and Boxey are present when Serina dies and they go off to mourn her.

  • The Lost Warrior
    While on patrol Apollo encounters a Cylon Attack force and leads them away from the fleet. He lands on a remote world with a large farming community that has a town like the old west. The town has one problem, a Cylon that was damaged yahrens before and thinks that the town cattle baron is the boss and he is his hired gunfighter. The farmers have had their fill with him and Dead Eye (the Cylon) but cannot get past the Cylon's armor with Their Nero rifles (Pneumatic). Enter Apollo, fueless he lands and meets a boy and his mother and in a side story we see Apollo missing Boxey and realizing he may never see him again. He starts a relationship with the farm boy, and his mother is worried the boy will follow in his fathers footsteps. Who was once a colonial warrior who was shot down, a few years before. The Boys father was killed in a gunfight with Dead Eye when he found out Dead Eye was a Cylon. The boy has seen Apollo's quick draw and thinks he can take Dead Eye but Apollo needs to find out if there is a Cylon base nearby and refuses, the boy and his uncle think he is a coward not knowing Apollo's intentions. The Uncle goes after dead Eye and is killed, when Apollo finds out the Cylon is alone he straps on his blaster and it is High Noon. The mother informs Apollo she knows where her husbands colonial fighter is hidden and Apollo gets the fuel he needs to return to the fleet.

  • The Long Patrol
    Starbuck is chosen to fly a prototype Viper that has the speed twice that of a normal Viper but no weapons and a new computer system that can fly the ship better than a pilot, much to Starbuck's consternation. The ship is stolen when he follows a shuttle that he saves from being shot down by a craft similar to a viper. Starbuck takes the craft of the thief and is captured in a case of mistaken identity. He discovers that he is in a prison where all of the inhabitants are descendants of the original inmates but who have never committed a crime. During their generations of incarceration the inmates have been producing Ambrosia up to 500 years old and starbuck thinks he has a gold mine in his hands. Apollo and Boomer go to look for him and after Starbuck creates a prison outbreak they are attacked by Cylons but saved by Apollo and Boomer, but Apollo loses his gold mine when the Ambrosia goes up in flames.

  • The Gun On Ice Planet Zero, Part 1
    Baltar steers the fleet towards a Cylon base where they have a powerful planet based laser pulse weapon that can take out the Galactica with one shot. Starbuck loses one of his command and feels guilty. Adama sends a force down to the ice planet to take out the weapon before the Galactica gets in range. The team is Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer and four prison barge inmates who have had mountain and ice ops training, but they may be more trouble that their worth. On planet the team meets up with a village of clones designed by the scientist responsible for the pulse cannon. The clones agree to help them into the citadel.

  • The Gun On Ice Planet Zero, Part 2
    The inmates are beginning to become troublesome and time is running out for the Galactica. The clones have helped the team reach the citadel but will not help destroy the weapon and Apollo finds out the clones are breeding which was not though possible. They bring Apollo to their creator to see if he will help. He refuses to believe the Cylons are using his system as a weapon, but in reality he knows. His mind is changed when he finds out his creations are breeding, he and the clones help the . Meanwhile, one of the inmates is killed while trying to escape and in a side story Starbuck tries to save the warrior that was captured when Starbuck was in command. The other three who are supposed to be taking out The weapon but are going to try to escape and leave the fleet to their death, but one of them is a patriot and he foils the others attempt to escape and kill Apollo. They disable the cannon just in the nick of time and the Galactica is saved.

  • The Magnificent Warriors
    When a cylon attack destroys two agro ships and ruins the crop in the third, Adama realizes they won't have enough food to feed the fleet. In an attempt to get seed to grow more food Adama has to sell his soul or at least put up with the attentions of Siress Bellaby because she has the only spare energizer available to trade the for seed on a nearby planet. The planet has problems of there own, the farmers are being raided by the local indigenous pig people. Their sheriff died trying to hold them off in the last raid and the mayor after refusing to sell the seed to Starbuck and Boomer, steals the energizer in order to trick one of the warriors into being the new sheriff. Adama had undertaken the mission as well in order to keep the locals from knowing that the fleet was nearby or that colonial soldiers are around. The pig people kidnap Siress Bellaby and Adama must try to save her but his diplomacy fails and it is up to a wild plan by Starbuck to solve the problem.

  • The Young Lords
    Starbuck crash lands on a planet that has a Cylon base on it, led by another IL series robot who is fed up with the back water planet and its inhabitants, a group of children that are running raids on them because the Cylons have their father in custody. Starbuck who was minorly injured in the crash is found by the children and the leader a teen aged boy decides he will trade him to the Cylons for his father. Meanwhile, Starbuck flirts with the pretty sister. Starbuck tries to tell the kid that the Cylons won't trade but he won't listen. Later after finding out Starbuck was right he relinquishes command to Starbuck and the create a coo with the Cylons. In side stories Apollo and Boomer come to find and rescue Starbuck not believing he is dead and the Spector the IL series in charge on the planet convince Baltar that the colonial warrior is dead or dying and that the planet is useless and rusting the battalion. Baltar agrees to their leaving the planet and Spector flees before the coo. Apollo and Boomer arrive after all the carnage is done and they take Starbuck home.

  • The Living Legend, Part 1
    The series continues their mixing of biblical names and those of other pantheons of gods from earth when Apollo and Starbuck are almost gunned down by two unknown colonial warriors not from the Galactica. It is discovered that Galactica wasn't the only Battlestar to survive the holocaust. The Pegasus commanded by the Legendary Commander Cain who has survived the last two yahrens while doing hit and runs on the Cylons largest base this far out on the frontier. He intends on talking Adama into attacking the base since they have two Battlestar. Adama is against the plan because it will leave the fleet defenseless against the cylons he knows must be behind them. Cain capitulates and Apollo and Starbuck are joined by Cain and his daughter Sheba on an attack on a Cylon Fuel ship. Cain blows up the fuel ships and says it was an accident, it was really a ploy to force Adama into Capitulate to his plan to attack the Gamoray base. Adama refuses and relieves Cain of duty.

  • The Living Legend, Part 2
    Cain's removal of duty causes a conflict of interest by the Pegasus warriors and the Galactica's warrior who are supposed to be re-distributing fuel to the fleet from the Pegasus. But the impending Cylon attack proves Adama correct as Baltar bears down on the fleet. Adama puts Cain back into command of the Pegasus and they manage to drive Baltar back as he tries to save his own neck. Cain also gets his way as he convinces Adama that attacking Gamoray is their only chance. Apollo, Starbuck, Sheba, Cassiopeia and Bojay go on a ground assault to take out The bases landing bays and lasers. Baltar decides to send forces to Gamoray to protect the Imperious Leader who is visiting on Gamoray. Cain plans to use the Pegasus to keep Baltar busy and really is planning a suicide mission but is foiled when the assault team returns to the Pegasus instead of the Galactica. Cain still decides to go after Baltar when Sheba was injured during the battle and he asks Apollo to save his daughter and take his warriors back to the Galactica. Cain attempts to go after Baltar with his one Battlestar against three baseships and Baltar recalls the fighters he sent to protect the Imperious Leader and sends two of the baseships forward and he retreats. Apollo and Starbuck take out the side lasers on the baseships and the Pegasus takes out both Pegasus but disappears in the plasma. It is speculated that Cain was not destroyed and will return someday when she is needed.

  • Fire In Space
    Cylons make a run on the Galactica in kamikaze style and several get through the defenses and impact on the hull near the bridge of the Galactica and one in the port landing bay. The consequences are that Adama and most of the bridge crew are injured. Adama is able to get a few commands out before blacking out. Boomer, Boxey and Athena are in the rejuvenation center and are trapped by the fire in the landing bay. Apollo and Starbuck are in Vipers and only some of the vipers from the patrol are allowed to land in the starboard bay, the other have to be the eyes of the Galactica. Col. Tigh must put out a raging fire that threatens to engulf all of the battlestar. Meanwhile, Apollo and Starbuck try to blow a hole in the hull to put out the fire before Boxey and crew are killed and commander Adama is going under the laser for emergency heart surgery.

  • War Of The Gods, Part 1
    Apollo, Sheba and Starbuck investigate the disappearance of viper patrols including one with of Jolly and Bojay as they were bombarded with lights going at incredible speed. Apollo and crew meet a strange person on the planet near where the disappearances occurred. his name is Count Iblis, but there is something very strange about him and Sheba begins to act strangely. Count Iblis is afraid of the lights saying that there are enemies looking for him, he offers Adama the way to earth as long as he accepts the leadership of Iblis. He promises to pass three test of his powers in order to convince all of his power. And he continues to have some power over Sheba.

  • War Of The Gods, Part 2
    Count Iblis has accomplished his first miracle and produced Baltar the traitor for incarceration. The counsel of twelve has accepted Count Iblis and plan to vote him President, but Adama wants more time to investigate his background and they agree to postpone for a day. Iblis even has helped Boomer to defeat Apollo at triad and has the fleet immersed in pleasurable pursuits. While on patrol Boomer is captured by The living lights. Meanwhile, Count Iblis has influenced the entire fleet and Sheba is entranced. Adama admits to Apollo to having telekinetic training when he was younger, and sends Apollo on a secret mission to find out info at Iblis crash site. Sheba and Iblis follows Apollo and Starbuck to the planet. And Apollo realizes the truth, that Iblis is the devil and Iblis strikes out at Sheba and Apollo gets in the way and Apollo dies, and Iblis loses control over Sheba. The lights show up and Iblis flees. On the way home the light show up and capture the shuttle and Starbuck and Sheba meets the angels of light. Their clothes are miraculously changed to white. They ask Apollo and Sheba if they would give their life for their friend and they agree. They tell them they are a force of good and bring Apollo back to life but tell them that Iblis will forfeit something to the lights for his actions and that they will not remember what has happened and their friends will be returned. Once they return to the Galactica they do not know what has happened but they mysteriously have directions to Earth.

  • The Man With Nine Lives
    Fred Astaire stars as the Chameleon a con man scoundrel who claims to be Starbuck's long lost father in order for him to be protected by Starbuck. The Chameleon is being chased by Borellian Nomen (The Galactica universe's answer to Klingons) who are seeking to end his life while on the Rising Star. Chameleon convinces Starbuck that a DNA test will tell the tale but Apollo, Boomer and Sheba don't believe him even though the test shockingly says they may actually be related. Chameleons only intention was getting off the Rising Star and onto the Galactica and safety. The Borellian Nomen are on a blood trail and will follow Chameleon even to the Galactica, by joining the call for colonial warriors to get on the Galactica. Starbuck gets wind of the investigation by Apollo and it ends their friendship. Starbuck intends on resigning his commission in order to stay with his father. They are attacked and Starbuck runs into a launch tube while Chameleon hides in the Viper and fires at the Nomen in order to save Starbuck. The Nomen are stopped and captured and Starbuck is stunned. Chameleon comes clean and Cassiopeia tells him he really is Starbuck's father but not to tell him or he will leave the service, but promises to tell him someday. Apollo and Starbuck are friends again and as he leaves with Chameleon we see how alike they are.
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