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Being Human EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Episode 1
    A neurotic werewolf, a vampire who has forsworn blood and a ghost heartbroken that her former fiance has moved on become housemates. The trio's struggles to manage normal lives and deaths despite their conditions are worsened when bloodsucker Mitchell arranges a date and the deceased Annie's ex-fiance visits their home.

  • Episode 2
    George is shocked to meet another werewolf, and horrified to discover he relishes the condition. However, he does take his advice about how to treat the ladies. Mitchell struggles to control his urge for blood when a nurse seems determined to tempt him.

  • Episode 3
    Annie learns from a fellow ghost that she is in limbo because her death was unresolved. As the full moon approaches, George becomes impulsive and lusty around Nina, while Mitchell's determination to resist Lauren's advances is sorely tested when she reveals her vulnerable side.

  • Episode 4
    Mitchell befriends a boy and his mother, hoping it will keep him off blood, but it is not long before they discover his secret. As rumours about his vampire friend swell, George realises he must tell Nina the truth about himself, while the two housemates try to help Annie as she remains traumatised after her revelations about Owen.

  • Episode 5
    After the traumatic end of his friendship with Bernie, Mitchell is drawn back into the vampire fold when Herrick tells him the mass conversion they are planning will be consensual. Annie enlists George's help in avenging Owen, but must fight her own demons first, while Nina is growing more suspicious by the day.

  • Episode 6
    After recovering from his near-fatal attack, Mitchell grows determined to fight Herrick - whatever the consequences - and Annie rejects the opportunity to 'pass over' in favour of helping her friend. Meanwhile, George has to decide whether to be brave and help the others or flee with Nina to start a normal human life.
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