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Birds Of Prey EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    Crimefighters Helena Kyle and Barbara Gordon get some unexpected help in the form of Dinah, a teenager with telepathic powers. The three investigate a series of suspicious suicides.

  • Slick
    The superheroines pursue a murderer who can liquefy himself. The man has already killed two police officers and is now targeting Detective Reese. Unbeknownst to the crimefighters, the mastermind behind the assassination plot is Harley Quinn, a disciple of the Joker.

  • Prey For The Hunter
    A killer with an intense hatred of metahumans terrorizes New Gotham, indiscriminately executing the genetically enhanced people by turning their own powers against them. While investigating the crimes, Detective Reese places his trust in his newly transferred partner, an aspirin-popping cop who possesses the ability to mimic any meta's powers, including Huntress's.

  • Three Birds And A Baby
    Helena rescues an infant from murderous thugs, and brings the orphan to Barbara and Dinah at the lair. The three unlikely baby-sitters soon learn that he is no ordinary child: Each time the metahuman falls asleep, he ages several years. The superheroines work against the clock to save his life, however, Harley Quinn has other plans for the erstwhile little boy.

  • Sins Of The Mother
    A rush of conflicting emotions hits Dinah when her biological mother, Carolyn Lance, shows up in New Gotham - and orders her daughter to give up crimefighting. Meanwhile, an organized-crime boss acts on his vendetta against Carolyn.

  • Primal Scream
    Helena's complicated relationship with Reese gets even thornier when she collaborates with the procedure-preferring cop by going undercover to join a motorcycle gang of thrill-seeking criminals. Meanwhile, Barbara worries that Helena may be enjoying the job a bit too much; and Dinah continues to repress her feelings about her mother.

  • Split
    The superheroines join forces with metahuman crimefighter Darkstrike in an effort to track down the Crawler, a twisted villain who targets women in love. Helena is at first wary of the enigmatic Darkstrike, but warms to the do-gooder when he explains his history with the Crawler. When the criminal kidnaps a new victim, the champions race against the clock to save the innocent teen's life.

  • Lady Shiva
    Lady Shiva, a thief Barbara thought was dead, returns to New Gotham with something to prove - to Batgirl. The burglar, like Barbara, has also changed. She's now a killer. Meanwhile, Helena reconnects with a good friend from high school, who, unbeknownst to the superheroines, is Shiva's alter ego.

  • Nature Of The Beast
    To Reese's chagrin, Hawke resurfaces with a new look and a seemingly invincible hit man on his trail. Also, Dinah has a chance to avenge her mother's death when she comes face-to-face with Black Canary's killer.

  • Gladiatrix
    Helena investigates when several female metas are abducted and forced to participate in an underground fighting club, but she risks becoming the perp's next victim. Also, Dinah struggles to prove her mettle as a superheroine sidekick.

  • Reunion
    As Helena concocts excuses to avoid attending her high-school reunion, former classmates are being murdered by a chameleonlike predator.

  • Feat Of Clay
    After a robber, Chris Cassius, breaks into a chemical factory and drinks a mixture that gives him the power to turn people to stone, Barbara cancels her vacation with her boyfriend, Wade. Unwilling to allow Barbara to continue neglecting her personal life, Alfred the butler brings Wade to the clock tower and exposes her secret.

  • Devil's Eyes
    Having discovered that Helena is Huntress, Harley uses a machine that gives her metahuman hypnotic powers. She then hypnotizes Helena and persuades her to knock Barbara unconscious and steal an access disk.

    • Birds Of Prey: The Complete Series
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