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Star Trek

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DescriptionShow Description    

The Burning Zone

A malevolent virus is awakened after 15,000 years of hibernation, and a crack team of biohazard specialists is organized to contain it.

CastShow Cast    
Brian Taft
Bradford Tatum
Michael Hailey
James Black
Daniel Cassian
Michael Harris
Edward Marcase
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Kimberly Shiroma
Tamlyn Tomita
EpisodesShow Episodes    
Season 1 (1996-1997)
(19 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 9/3/1996)
  2. The Silent Tower (Original Air Date 9/10/1996)
  3. St. Michael's Nightmare (Original Air Date 9/17/1996)
  4. Arms Of Fire (Original Air Date 9/24/1996)
  5. Night Flight (Original Air Date 10/1/1996)
  6. Lethal Injection (Original Air Date 10/15/1996)
  7. Touch Of The Dead (Original Air Date 10/29/1996)
  8. Hall Of The Serpent (Original Air Date 11/12/1996)
  9. Blood Covenant (Original Air Date 11/19/1996)
  10. Faces In The Night (Original Air Date 11/26/1996)
  11. Midnight Of The Carrier (Original Air Date 1/7/1997)
  12. Critical Mass (Original Air Date 1/28/1997)
  13. Death Song (Original Air Date 2/4/1997)
  14. The Last Endless Summer (Original Air Date 2/11/1997)
  15. The Last Five Pounds Are The Hardest (Original Air Date 2/18/1997)
  16. Elegy For A Dream (Original Air Date 4/29/1997)
  17. A Secret In The Neighborhood (Original Air Date 5/6/1997)
  18. Wild Fire (Original Air Date 5/13/1997)
  19. On Wings Of Angels (Original Air Date 5/20/1997)
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