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The Chronicle EpisodesSeason 1    

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The Pilot
Tucker Burns, a reporter on the fast-track to success, gets sidetracked by a falsified source and finds himself working for a tabloid that is anything but ordinary.

What Gobbles Beneath
An old college rival sucks Tucker back into his old life, just when he is beginning to adjust to his new job.

Here There Be Dragons
Donald gets the surprise of his life when he sends Tucker out to investigate the existence of a dragon underneath Chinatown.

Baby Got Back
An abandoned baby is left at the Chronicle, and Rene takes it in while the guys investigate.

He's Dead, She's Dead
Reports of mysterious resurrections and dead men walking lead the Chronicle reporters to Dr. Henry Cooper, a scientist who died of colon cancer.

Bermuda Love Triangle
Tucker is assigned to a mermaid story after two men were pulled into the water and attacked by one. Grace is investigating the case of Roger Noland, a Navy pilot who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in 1994. The two cases cross when Tucker spots Noland near the scene of the attack.

Only The Young Die Good
Tucker is assigned to investigate a strange report of an elderly man escaping from an old folks' home and clinic, going to a nearby store, and claiming to be a young teenage worker. Tucker goes undercover and discovers that the head doctor has perfected a means of transferring consciousness between people.

Bring Me The Head Of Tucker Burns
A DMV worker and a meter maid are decapitated by a headless motorcyclist, and The Chronicle is on the case.

Let Sleeping Dogs Fry
A series of mysterious deaths by electrical appliance in North Hampton attract the attention of the Chronicle staff. Investigating, they find that all of the male victims have one thing in common: they were members of a hunting club.

Take Me Back
Grace goes to alien abductee therapy with a woman, where the head of the group suggests a radical therapy - the woman should "confront" someone dressed as an alien to overcome her feelings of powerlessness.

Touched By An Alien
Stern find out from an alien contact that he has been targeted for assassination, while a meteorite crashes near a strip club.

Pig Boy's Big Adventure
A "savage simian" takes refuge under a child's bed, and Donald wants an exclusive. Tucker and Wes go to the house and find a mysterious animal control official who orders them off.

The Cursed Sombrero
A woman buys a sombrero at a yard sale and shortly is chased into traffic by a vicious dog.

Tears Of A Clone
Grace goes to meet a contact on a Puerto Rican succubus case, and gets electrocuted. Waking up in the hospital, she flies into a panic when someone tries to kill her, but there is no evidence of an attempt.

I See Dead Fat People
Daniel is absent and Grace it put in charge of getting out the next issue. She assigns Wes and Tucker to a case where people living in a house are being terrorized and almost killed. The reporters experience strange phenomenon and witness four chubby ghosts.

Man And Superman
A woman is rescued from a mugger by a flying costume-clad superhero who displays super-strength.

Hot From The Oven
An oven repairman disappears into an oven at a soon-to-be-opened haute cuisine restaurant, and the Chronicle reporters are on the case.

The Stepford Cheerleaders
Grace, Wes, and Tucker go undercover at a high school where strange incidents are being reported.

The Mists Of Avalon Parkway
A scout master is the most recent victim of a strange mobile mist that strikes with intelligence and kills its victims.

The King Is Undead
While Grace follows up on a vampire case, Wes and Tucker are assigned to the biggest case the Chronicle has ever done: tracking down Elvis at an Elvis Impersonator convention. The two cases cross when Grace finds a vampire dressed as Elvis.

Hell Mall
Strange possessions and deaths plague a fashion mall, and Tucker goes undercover as a perfume spritzer to investigate.

A Snitch In Time
Grace is investigating a case of spontaneous explosion when her boyfriend Louis dumps her without warning, and disappears from his job. Grace leanrs that Louis is from 300 years in the future, and is in the Witness Relocation Program.

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