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Pushing Daisies

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Charlie Jade EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Big Bang
    While on the hunt for the killer of a woman with no identity, an explosion from a covert desert operation propels Detective Charlie Jade into a strange parallel universe.

  • Sand
    Following the explosion at Vex-Cor, Charlie awakens in Betaverse disorientated and confused.

  • You Are Here
    Charlie reluctantly helps journalist Karl Lubinsky in a search for the truth about the Vexcor explosion, leading them to a doomed Vexcor scientist.

  • The Power Of Suggestion
    Charlie's investigation lands him in the centre of 01 Boxer's insidious conspiracy to take over Vexcor in Betaverse.

  • And Not A Drop To Drink
    When Charlie sees 01 Boxer pour water on his head, then literally vanish before his eyes, his probing into the bizarre incident turns up evidence that contaminated water supplies have induced visions and psychic powers in several residents of the nearby Vexcor facility.

  • Dirty Laundry
    Charlie's hunt for missing civil rights crusader Themba Makande takes him into the world of Muti Healers, where the poor are murdered for the black market value of their organs.

  • Diamonds
    Charlie's hunt for his artificial diamond ring - stolen from the shop where he pawned it to buy a car - leads him to Eckman, a ruthless diamond merchant who has been quietly manufacturing cultured diamonds for Vexcor.

  • Devotion
    Charlie's search for Aliya, a missing Muslim girl, ends when he finds her living a decadent life under the thrall of a much older, charismatic motivational speaker, Mancuso Keyes.

  • Betrayal
    Seriously wounded, 01 finds his way back to his secret family in Gammaverse; Lubinsky is terrorized into betraying Charlie; Reena slowly recovers from her ordeals.

  • Identity
    Charlie learns that his soulmate from his orphan days in Cape City is now working as a hydrologist on the Vexcor facility reconstruction; 01 leaves his family to return to the game; Reena infiltrates Vexcor as a hired messenger.

  • Thicker Than Water
    When a reservoir mysteriously dries up, Lubinsky and Gemma help Charlie break into Galt's boardroom to search for answers; 01's recent absence makes him a prime suspect in the death of a bar patron.

  • Choosing Sides
    Charlie is torn between his obligation to save Betaverse, and getting back home to Jasmine; 01 is a hunted man; Reena wrestles with her mission to take down Vexcor.

  • Through A Mirror Darkly
    Charlie and 01 go head-to-head in a cat and mouse game between captor and captive; Reena blackmails a disloyal Vexcor executive into revealing the Company's secrets; forced back into a life of prostitution, Jasmine snaps when a client pushes her to the edge of sanity.

  • The Enemy Of My Enemy
    When Lubinsky receives a leaked document about Vexcor's corrupt environmental practices, the trail leads Charlie to a frightened company executive and his accomplice, Reena.

  • Things Unseen
    As Blues investigates Charlie's claims about Vexcor, she starts to wonder if this intriguing man is insane or the information in Krogg's memo is true; Essa Rompkin uses Jasmine to blackmail Sew Sew Tukarrs into joining Vexcor security.

  • The Shortening Of The Way
    Charlie learns from Jody that he, too, has the unique power to travel from one universe to another; Lubinsky sends Reena to 01 for exorcism of her programmed personality; Tukarrs' search for the truth about the missing Vexcor executives jeopardizes his budding relationship with Jasmine.

  • Spin
    Charlie finally gets his wish: he is back home. But it is not as he remembers it, or is it him? He is responsible for the arrest and execution of his friend Papa Louis; in a final act, Brion Boxer travels to Gammaverse and murders 01's family.

  • Bedtime Story
    Back in Alphaverse, Charlie reflects on his role in the world and vows to stop the launch of the Vexcor Link that would destroy Betaverse.

  • Flesh
    Desperate to save the Company from 01, Essa prepares to launch the deadly link unaware that Brion has left controlling interest of Vexcor to 01.

  • Ouroboros
    Adversaries Charlie and 01 meet in Linkspace, a surreal netherworld that connects the three universes, to decide the final outcome of the perilous link.
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