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Continuum EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • A Stitch In Time
    Eight convicted terrorists escape their planned execution in the year 2077 by traveling back in time to 2012, accidentally bringing officer Kiera Cameron along with them.

  • Fast Times
    Kiera's cover is blown and she's arrested by her VPD partner. Later, she considers a truce with Liber8 in order to get back to the year 2077.

  • Wasting Time
    Kiera and Carlos investigate a murder spree in which the victims have strange holes bored in their skulls.

  • Matter Of Time
    A scientist on the verge of an energy breakthrough is murdered, sending Kiera and Carlos on a hunt for the killer.

  • A Test Of Time
    Kiera must protect her grandmother from Liber8.

  • Time's Up
    Liber8 decide to rebrand their image; Kiera races to save the CEO of a petrochemical company.

  • The Politics Of Time
    An investigative reporter is killed during a high-stakes election, and evidence points to Carlos.

  • Playtime
    Two murder-suicides happen on the same day. Kiera and Carlos investigate the only link between the two: a video game company that is doing more than just developing video games.

  • Family Time
    Kiera and Carlos visit Roland's farm after they're alerted to a bulk purchase of ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer used to make explosives.

  • Endtime
    Kiera fights a ticking clock to stop a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, Alec and Julian's place in history will become defined by the horrific event.
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