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DefianceDefiance  premiered on SYFY on April 15, 2013. Defiance, an unprecedented approach to storytelling, will unite scripted television and online gaming for the very first time. Both the series and the game feature an interconnected world and storylines.

Jeb Nolan
Grant Bowler
Amanda Rosewater
Julie Benz
Stephanie Leonidas
Datak Tarr
Tony Curran
Stahma Tarr
Jaime Murray
Rafe McCawley
Graham Greene
Mia Kirshner
Season 1 (2013)
(13 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Pilot, Part 1 (Original Air Date 4/15/2013)
  2. Pilot, Part 2 (Original Air Date 4/15/2013)
  3. Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go (Original Air Date 4/22/2013)
  4. The Devil In The Dark (Original Air Date 4/29/2013)
  5. A Well Respected Man (Original Air Date 5/6/2013)
  6. The Serpent's Egg (Original Air Date 5/13/2013)
  7. Brothers In Arms (Original Air Date 5/20/2013)
  8. Good Bye Blue Sky (Original Air Date 6/3/2013)
  9. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (Original Air Date 6/10/2013)
  10. If I Ever Leave This World Alive (Original Air Date 6/17/2013)
  11. The Bride Wore Black (Original Air Date 6/24/2013)
  12. Past Is Prologue (Original Air Date 7/1/2013)
  13. Everything Is Broken (Original Air Date 7/8/2013)
Season 2 (2014)
(13 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. The Opposite Of Hallelujah (Original Air Date 6/19/2014)
  2. In My Secret Life (Original Air Date 6/26/2014)
  3. The Cord And The Ax (Original Air Date 7/3/2014)
  4. Beasts Of Burden (Original Air Date 7/10/2014)
  5. Put The Damage On (Original Air Date 7/17/2014)
  6. This Woman's Work (Original Air Date 7/24/2014)
  7. If You Could See Her Through My Eyes (Original Air Date 7/31/2014)
  8. Slouching Towards Bethlehem (Original Air Date 8/7/2014)
  9. Painted From Memory (Original Air Date 8/14/2014)
  10. Bottom Of The World (Original Air Date 8/21/2014)
  11. Doll Parts (Original Air Date 8/21/2014)
  12. All Things Must Pass (Original Air Date 8/28/2014)
  13. I Almost Prayed (Original Air Date 8/28/2014)
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