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Destination Truth EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • The Yeti
    The team explores the myth of the yeti in the mountains of Nepal. Experts examine footprints attributed to the legendary creature.

  • Haunted Island/Death Worm
    A probe in East Africa has the team surveying ruins for paranormal activity. Also: evidence to support claims concerning a monstrous sandworm is sought in Mongolia.

  • Wildman/Swamp Dinosaur
    A simian monster is sought amid small villages in Cambodia. Also: dinosaur sightings are probed in Zambia.

  • Sea Monster/Bat Demon
    A search for a sea monster commences in Vietnam. Also: the team tracks a bat-like creature attributed to assaults in East Africa.

  • Flying Dinosaur/Sloth Monster
    A flying dinosaur is sought in Africa; the team quests for evidence of a monstrous sloth in Brazil.

  • Giant Anaconda
    A search for giant anacondas puts the team in the amazonian jungle.

  • Yowie/Haunted Mosque
    The team tracks a simian beast in Queensland, Australia. Also: An allegedly haunted mosque is probed in Malaysia.

  • Orang Pendek/Worm Monster
    A short, undocumented primate is sought on the Indonesian island of Sumatra; the team goes to Iceland to search for a monstrous worm.

  • Haunted Cave/Burrunjor
    The team searches for evil spirits purported to haunt a cave in Java, Indonesia. Also: The dinosaur-like Burrunjor is tracked in the Australian Outback.

  • Ahool/Pinatubo Monster
    The team searches for an enormous bat in Java, Indonesia; sightings of mysterious aquatic creatures are probed in the Philippines.

  • Haunted Forest/Aswang
    The team hunts a mythological creature in the Philippines. Also: Aokigahara, an infamous forest site of many suicides, is visited at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan.

  • Issie/Icelandic Elves
    The team visits Lake Ikeda in Japan to search for an aquatic creature; elves are sought in Iceland.

  • Ninki Nanka/Kikiyaon
    Two probes in Gambia, Africa, have the team tracking the dragon-like Ninki Nanka and the fearsome Kikiyaon.
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