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Destination Truth EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Haunted Forest/Alux
    Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson from "Ghost Hunters" analyze the evidence of Josh Gates' strange experience in Romania's Hoia-Baciu Forest. Also: the myth of the alux is probed in Mexico's Yucatan state.

  • Island Of The Dolls/Lusca
    A Mexican island is probed regarding claims attributed to a drowned girl; a sea monster is sought in the waters off Andros Island in the Bahamas.

  • King Tut's Curse/Swamp Ape
    King Tutankhamen's tomb is investigated at night. Also: the team searches for a "swamp ape" that purportedly lurks in the Everglades.

  • Ghosts Of Chernobyl/Sal'awa
    Josh and the team visit Ukraine to investigate claims of ghost sightings linked to the Chernobyl disaster. Also: evidence of a dog-like creature is sought in Cairo.

  • Alien Mummies/Lake Monster
    Josh visits Chile to probe claims concerning an alien mummy and alleged UFO activity. Also: a massive lake monster is sought in Van, Turkey.

  • Chullachaqui/Bermuda Triangle
    Josh searches the jungles of Peru for evidence of a gremlin-like creature with the help of "Ghost Hunters International" investigators Robb Demarest and Dustin Pari. Also: the Bermuda Triangle is visited.

  • Haunted Lost City/Thunderbird
    Josh visits Peru to investigate claims linked to Incan ruins. Also: evidence of a gigantic bird is sought in Alaska.

  • Werewolf/Arica Monster
    Werewolf sightings in Romania are probed. Also: the team goes to northern Chile to investigate claims concerning a dinosaur-like creature.

  • Bhutan Yeti
    Josh seeks the yeti in Bhutan and Nepal.

  • Ghosts Of Masada/The Leprechaun
    The team probes Masada, an ancient stronghold overlooking the Dead Sea, regarding claims of ghostly masses and spectral voices. Also, leprechauns are sought in Ireland.

  • Ghosts Of The Great Wall/Israeli Mermaid
    Spectral soldiers are sought at the Great Wall of China, and Josh returns with evidence for the "Ghost Hunters" team to analyze. Also: mermaid sightings are probed in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • The Jersey Devil/The Yeren
    Kris Williams of "Ghost Hunters" helps the team hunt for the Jersey Devil in the Garden State's dense Pine Barrens; a bigfoot-like creature dubbed "the Yeren" is sought in China's Stone Forest.

  • Haunted Mining Town/The Taniwha
    Allison Scagliotti joins the crew for a probe of an abandoned mining town in Chile, where ghostly miners purportedly lurk. Also: evidence of a dangerous water monster is sought in New Zealand.

  • Ghosts Of Petra/The Lizard Man
    Josh visits Petra, Jordan, seeking evidence of ghosts that are said to have possessed humans who live in ancient burial chambers; "Lizard Man" sightings are probed in Bishopville, S.C. "Ghost Hunters" Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson guest star.

  • Spirits Of Easter Island/The Moa
    The crew visits Easter Island in search of restless spirits; massive, flightless birds thought to be extinct are sought in New Zealand.
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