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Destination Truth EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Poltergeists Of Pompeii/Nandi Beast
    In Naples, Italy Josh and his team set out on a bold adventure to conduct the worlds first paranormal investigation of the legendary city of Pompeii. Workers and tourists are revealing shocking claims of hearing disembodied voices and witnessing startling apparitions. After a night of chilling investigation, the team receives some help from the Ghost Hunters to review their astonishing footage. Then, the crew heads to Africa to investigate claims of a monstrous animal that has a taste for human flesh. With lasers, cameras, and trackers in place, the team ventures deep into the dangerous African jungle in search of The Nandi Beast.

  • Spirits Of Angkor Wat/Canadian Lake Monster
    Josh seeks evidence to support claims that violent apparitions haunt Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple. Also: an aquatic monster in Canada's Lake Okanagan.

  • Ghosts Of Haboro/Mngwa
    A paranormal probe of a deserted Japanese mining town; a predator is sought in Tanzania.

  • Ghost Fleet/Japanese River Monster
    Team Truth treks to Micronesia to conduct the world's first underwater paranormal investigation.

  • Siberian Snowman
    The team tries to unearth a snowman in the mountains of Siberia.

  • Ghosts Of Menegai Crater/Kalanoro
    Josh treks to Nairobi Kenya to investigate a haunted volcano.

  • Haunted Island/Morrocan Succubus
    As the team scuffles through the desert they come across footprints as a full moon sets in. They enter a cave to try and cure their curious appetite but may get more than they bargained for in the end.

  • Guam Zombies/Fangalobolo
    Josh leads them into a limestone cavern only to be greeted by humongous spiders, cockroaches, and draping bamboo. You may also find that the team is not the only ones venturing through the cavern.

  • Live From Ireland: The Search For The Banshee Ghost
    Josh and the team go to Ireland's Duckett's Grove Castle in search of a banshee, a supernatural being said to wail within a dwelling before someone inside is going to die.

  • Haunted Island Prison/Ucumar
    Josh and the team trek through an old Argentina prison that has shrubs and overgrowth all throughout with the cells bent open and bars busted. While trudging through they hear a loud noise, almost as if one of the cells closed. Josh doesn't pick up anything on his thermal scanner so they keep moving on until they think they hear voices and the loud noises send them into fright.

  • Sandstorm Spirits/Cerro Azul Monster
    Josh and the team head to a deserted Nambian mining town and make the decision to scope out a butchery where locals say the most paranormal activity occurs. Josh sacrifices his own comfort and makes the choice to settle in by himself for 30 minutes while the team monitors him via video from another location nearby. He doesn't seem to encounter any spirits and just claims it's hot and musty inside. Another team member has a different experience as she quickly hears whispers and doesn't know how long she can last.

  • Jungle Temple Ghosts/Namibian Night Stalker
    Josh, Jael and the team investigate Thailand and come across a village where a man-made tent is found with animal skin covering and even clothes left behind. They suspect whomever was there fled because the night stalking creature they're looking for caused the inhabitants to run. They find a thick sample of hair that doesn't look human and are then dispatched by the rest of the team who have seen a perimeter alarm go off. Josh and the team start to run back until they come across something startling.

  • Thai Tree People/Aiya Napa Monster
    The team hikes through the forest where the paths are too narrow and steep for elephants to walk. As they're trying to reach their landmark they run into an overhang that can only be traversed by belaying down the side with ropes. Josh makes it down safely and calls up to Ryder to come down next. He reminds her she probably shouldn't come down upside down and screaming like she did at their Great Wall of China mission.

  • Ghosts Of Antarctica
    From the elusive Banshee in Ireland to the terrifying Chupacabra in Africa, Josh Gates and his team have explored the world to uncover the truth of nature's tall tales. Follow Josh and Team Truth in their last voyage of Season 4 as they make their way to the harsh and unwelcoming land of Antarctica. All bundled up in layers and layers of clothes, Josh and Ryder are exploring a building that seems to have a certain scent and signs of decay.
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