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DescriptionShow Description    

Dark AngelDark Angel premiered on FOX on October 3, 2000. Academy Award-winning director James Cameron teams with Emmy Award-winning writer Charles Eglee to create this futuristic, sci-fi adventure series set in post-apocalyptic America. Dark Angel is about Max, a genetically enhanced human prototype who, after escaping her military handlers, is hunted by them through the edgy, underground street life of 21st Century Pacific Northwest. Max is aided in her quest -- both to avoid capture and to reunite with her surviving "siblings" scattered in the aftermath of their escape -- by Logan, an idealistic cyber-journalist battling corruption and the oppressive establishment in this futuristic lanDISCape. Although she initially resists Logan's attempts to enlist her in his social struggle, preferring instead to maintain the ultracool demeanor of detached, alienated youth, Max ultimately brings her unique skills and abilities to bear in taking on the ruthless power-brokers of the new millennium.

EpisodesShow Episodes    
Season 1 Synopsis

A genetically enhanced human prototype evades her military handlers and battles corruption.

Max locates a fellow fugitive from Manticore who has information about her past.

Logan and Original Cindy try to break Max out of prison before Lydecker finds her.

The daughter of Logan's former mentor requests his help in locating her missing father. Meanwhile, Max and Original Cindy help save Sketchy from an angry mob boss.

411 On The DL
Max draws closer to her Manticore siblings when Vogelsang uncovers some key information. Meanwhile, an old flame pays Logan a visit.

Max gets closer to Lydecker than she ever wished when she attends a conference on genetic engineering.

Cold Comfort
Max learns the identity of one of her Manticore siblings, but there's just one problem: it appears her friend has just been recaptured.

Blah Blah Woof Woof
Max goes to ground when Lydecker turns Seattle into a military state. Meanwhile, Logan's accident presents new complications.

Max walks away from Eyes Only, leaving Logan in the crosshairs of a powerful smuggler.

Eyes Only enlists Max to guard the life of none other than Bruno Anselmo, the man who put Logan in the wheelchair... but keeping Bruno alive may be a taller order than Max thinks.

Art Attack
Max attends a Cale family wedding with Logan, but an angry art dealer on the receiving end of a Jam Pony slip-up drags Max away from the festivities.

The Red menace returns, forcing Max to take drastic measures in order to survive their next encounter.

The Kidz Are Aiight
Max must turn her back on the burgeoning intimacy between her and Logan when, after months of physical and mental torture, Zack escapes from Manticore and seeks her help.

Female Trouble
Logan consults an enigmatic doctor, only to learn that the doctor has a price on her head... and a Manticore assassin on her trail.

When Logan seeks out an Eyes Only informant in the remote town of Cape Haven, he and Max stumble onto a secret the town has been keeping since the Pulse.

Shorties In Love
Original Cindy's old flame returns to town, not knowing that her mysterious past is about to catch up with her.

Pollo Loco
A serial killer with a familiar signature forces Max to face the ghosts she thought she'd left behind at Manticore.

I And I Am A Camera
An apparent stalker turns into a seemingly superhuman ally when Max and Logan investigate a string of unexplained murders.

Hit A Sista Back
When Max discovers that Tinga has a husband and son, she joins forces with her Manticore sister to rescue her family from Lydecker.

Lydecker acquires technology that could lead him straight to Max, but his growing distrust of the Manticore chain of command keeps him looking over his shoulder. Meanwhile, Max and Logan celebrate an anniversary of sorts... as Max once again endures the indignities of her feline DNA.

...And Jesus Brought A Casserole
Max and Zack, with Logan's help, bring together the escaped X5s to launch a massive attack on Manticore and its genetics lab. And in a shocking twist, Lydecker, on the run from Madame X, must form an alliance with his former "children" in an attempt to destroy Manticore. Dark Angel Books

Dark Angel Music
  • Dark Angel Soundtrack
    • Tracks:
      1. Dark Angel Theme by Public Enemy and MC Lyte
      2. My Neck, My Back by Khia
      3. Trouble Again by John Forté featuring Tricky
      4. No Dealz by MC Lyte
      5. Bring It To Me by Samantha Cole
      6. Moving With U by Q-Tip
      7. Candy by Foxy Brown featuring Kelis
      8. Bad News by Damizza featuring Shade Sheist & N.U.N.E.
      9. The Life by Mystic
      10. Somethin' About This Music by Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique
      11. Things I've Seen by Spooks
      12. The One by Niki Haris
      13. Bring It To Me (Dark Angel Remix) by Samantha Cole
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