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Doctor Who EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • The Runaway Bride
    The Doctor encountering a bride who inexplicably turns up on the TARDIS.

  • Smith And Jones
    The Doctor recruits medical student Martha Jones to help him thwart an army that has transplanted a London hospital onto the moon.

  • The Shakespeare Code
    The Doctor and Martha journey to Elizabethan England, and discover that William Shakespeare has been usurped by witchlike beings.

  • Gridlock
    The Doctor and Martha travel to New Earth in the distant future, where they encounter sinister pharmacists and the Face of Boe.

  • Daleks In Manhattan
    Martha and the Doctor visit 1930s New York and uncover a plot involving pig men and the Time Lord's old enemies, the Daleks.

  • Evolution Of The Daleks
    The Dalek plot is uncovered with the rebirth of Dalek Sec in 1930s New York as Martha deals with trouble atop the Empire State Building, and the Doctor considers an alliance that could change the Dalek time line.

  • The Lazarus Experiment
    The Doctor brings Martha home, where they uncover a plot involving Martha's family and a genetic manipulation device, operated by Professor Lazarus.

  • 42
    Martha and the Doctor race against time as the spaceship they are trapped on hurtles toward a sun, giving them 42 minutes to expose the ship's saboteurs.

  • Human Nature
    The Doctor becomes John Smith, a human schoolteacher, to hide from alien villains in 1913 England, with Martha assuming the role of maid and the Time Lord's caretaker.

  • The Family Of Blood
    War breaks out in 1913 as aliens hunt for the Doctor. Meanwhile, John Smith confronts evidence of his life as a Time Lord.

  • Blink
    A mystery spanning decades has the Doctor providing assistance from 1969 to a present-day photographer via cryptic warnings about weeping angels.

  • Utopia
    Captain Jack Harkness returns when the TARDIS visits Cardiff. Then, the Doctor encounters a professor at the end of the universe, who toils to save the last humans.

  • The Sound Of Drums
    The Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack arrive in the U.K. as the Master assumes his post as Prime Minister Harold Saxon and delivers a startling announcement to the world.

  • Last Of The Timelords
    One year after the Master's rise to power, he is believed to be the only human capable of defeating the evil Time Lord.
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