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Eureka EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    U.S. Marshal Jack Carter is transporting a high-priority fugitive - his runaway teenage daughter Zoe - back to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, he's also lost on a lonely back road. When he accidentally wrecks the car, father and daughter find themselves stranded in an odd little town called Eureka, where the children are geniuses and the car mechanics are former NASA engineers. As he waits for his car to be fixed, Jack gets caught up in an urgent search for a missing local child, Brian Perkins. The boy has just disappeared in a freak accident - a very freak accident: he's apparently been swallowed by a mysterious vortex that burned off the back half of his parents' R.V. Although Eureka's world-weary sheriff, Bill Cobb; his deputy, Jo Lupo; and even an agent from the Department of Defense, Allison Blake, warn Jack to back off, he refuses to quit. Soon, by spotting clues that everyone else has missed, he discovers that the supposedly lost kid is still hiding in the R.V. That earns Jack some respect but no more details about what's really going on in this bizarre town. Only after another vortex nearly kills Sheriff Cobb does Blake finally admit that she could use Jack's help. She hands him a book-length nondisclosure agreement and orders him to sign. Then she reveals the town's secret: Eureka was established after World War II as a covert haven for the nation's greatest scientists. Its centerpiece is the Advanced Research Facility, a vast underground structure crammed with exotic projects and dedicated researchers. The only area that Blake won't show Jack is Section 5, where an obsessively clandestine team works on military projects. Despite all this brainpower, however, no one will admit to knowing what's causing the devastating vortices, and Jack can't prove his suspicion that Section 5 is involved. That night, yet another vortex rips through the town's diner, killing a man. The crisis is growing steadily worse. Jack, Blake and Deputy Jo Lupo trace the origin of the disturbances to the Perkins residence. There, Brian's panicky mother explains that her husband has locked himself in the basement, desperate to fix major problems with a top-secret experiment he's been conducting. Jack and Lupo force their way into Dr. Perkins's lab, where they discover a ringed device spitting out arcs of blue energy. It's a prototype tachyon accelerator, built to generate faster-than-light particles. Now out of control, it has apparently killed its creator and yielded a catastrophic side effect: all the laws of physics have begun to corrode. Soon, the town will be one vast vortex, and eventually the whole planet will be ripped apart. Although Jack is a stranger to quantum physics - and really just wants to protect his daughter - only he holds the key to solving this cosmic disaster. And, assuming he succeeds, he'll have a job waiting for him: as the new sheriff of the strangest town in the country.

  • Many Happy Returns
    Jack Carter hasn't even had time to find an apartment of his own, but he has already attended a funeral for two of his new constituents, Walter and Susan Perkins. Walter was presumably killed by a disastrous science experiment, after which his wife apparently committed suicide. No sooner has Jack returned from this sad ceremony, however, than Susan herself strides into his office. She announces to the stunned sheriff that she broke up with Walter years ago when their careers took them separate ways, and she demands to know why her parents have gotten a message saying she's now dead. Jack's sure that he just buried this woman, so he exhumes the body and takes both Susans to Global Dynamics - the town's advanced research facility. He'll need the help of Eureka's best minds to solve the mystery of these duplicates, one dead and one alive. He'll also need to win the support of Dr. Nathan Stark, the facility's new director of research - who also happens to be Allison Blake's estranged husband. On top of all that, Jack still hasn't found a place to live. He's preparing to spend another night in the town's jail cell until Fargo, Dr. Stark's assistant, offers to let Jack live in a computerized "smart house" he's been designing. Jack is too weary to resist. But Fargo's Self-Actuated Residential Automated Habitat has a mind of its own. Sarah's eccentricities (for example, becoming offended if Jack isn't home on time for dinner) are exacerbated by a strange power surge that night, one of several that have been plaguing the town. The next day, advanced tests with a molecular bio-scanner reveal that the dead Susan is a copy of the living one: Walter painstakingly re-created each of her cells seven years ago as a substitute for the real woman he'd loved and lost. As the living Susan struggles to adjust to this news, another bizarre power surge causes Dr. Stark to pass out. Later, Stark tells Jack that he saw an ominous dark figure just before losing consciousness. Thinking fast, Jack pulls up video surveillance footage from Sarah and spots a similar dark figure standing in his house at the exact moment of the power surge the night before. And the figure's face looks hauntingly familiar. As it turns out, Susan isn't the only Perkins who's not exactly dead...

  • Before I Forget
    World-renowned scientists Jason Anderson and his wife Kim visit Eureka to complete a critical project for the U.S. military. With Kim's assistance, Jason has invented a force field that protects troops from bullets or flame - in theory. In practice, the test dummies keep getting incinerated. Because the couple's deadline, a critical field test, is fast approaching, they're under a lot of pressure from Global Dynamics' director of research, Nathan Stark. Regardless, Henry is thrilled to welcome his two old friends to town - especially Kim, with whom he once had a "special relationship." Jack, however, is put off by Jason's arrogance. In fact, later that day, Jack discovers evidence that he has issued Jason a speeding ticket - but Jack has no memory of the incident. When Henry experiences a similar loss of time while helping Jason with research, he and Jack both become suspicious. Joined by Lupo, they confront Jason in the town's cafe - but an instant later, Jason has vanished, Henry's been shot, and Jack's holding the smoking gun. No one in the cafe can recall what happened. As for Jack, Henry and Lupo, they have absolutely no memory of what they were doing there in the first place. Allison strips Jack of his gun and suspends him until they can figure out what happened. At home, with some unintentional inspiration from his daughter Zoe, Jack guesses that someone in town is messing with people's memories. After he again discovers the mysterious speeding ticket, he accuses Jason of being the culprit, but the scientist coolly laughs him off. Allison and Stark are left to wonder if their new sheriff, who's apparently shooting townsfolk and raving about memory-control devices, is sane enough for the job. But Jack's not alone. Kim, moved by her reunion with Henry to think back over her marriage, recognizes too many moments that might not have occurred exactly as she remembers them. Henry, also, recalls that he and Jason once theorized about an electromagnetic device that could erase short-term memory, but they never created a working prototype - at least, not as far as Henry can recall... In fact, Jason's been manipulating minds with just such a device for years. His memory abuses even broke up Kim and Henry's romance. Jack, Henry and Kim have discovered Jason's dangerous secret. Now they must find a way to remember it long enough to stop him.

  • Alienated
    Dr. Stark welcomes to Eureka Congressman Arnold Faraday, a legislator with the power to determine Global Dynamics' funding. With the town's future at stake, only a few people notice when Henry's assistant Spencer screens a pirated movie for a select audience of Taggart, Fargo and Vincent. Summoned to Spencer's place by a noise complaint, Deputy Jo Lupo settles in to watch the chilling alien-invasion drama. The next day, however, Spencer's missing - and there's a trail of blood leading out of his house. With Henry's help, Sheriff Jack Carter and Lupo explore nearby fields until they find Spencer huddled naked within a circle of flattened crops. Lupo leaps to the conclusion that aliens are responsible, but Jack holds out for a more reasonable explanation - whatever that is. Then Fargo also disappears, after the failure of a military project he was helping to develop: a low-frequency signal, transmitted by satellite, which affects the brain function of enemy troops until they become paranoid enough to kill each other. When Stark demonstrates the project for Congressman Faraday, the monkey test subjects remain totally calm. Faraday seizes on this debacle to force Stark's hand, threatening to decimate the facility's funding unless Stark shows him the top-secret Section Five - and a mysterious and dangerous artifact that's housed there. Vincent vanishes next. Before Jack can respond to this latest incident, Lupo delivers a shock of her own, knocking Jack out with a vicious blow and then stealing every gun in the office. Awakened by Henry, Jack dazedly puts together the pattern that's been eluding him: all the missing people attended Spencer's movie night. Spencer, raving nonsensically about killing an alien who has infiltrated the government, gives Jack his next clue: the missing people are plotting an assault on Congressman Faraday, whom they think is an alien invader. In fact, Henry discovers that Fargo's paranoia-beam actually works. While pirating the movie last night, Spencer unwittingly bounced the signal off the very Global Dynamics satellite that was transmitting the paranoia beam down to the monkeys. The beam struck the movie-watchers instead, forcing them to believe that Eureka was the real target of the film's fictional invasion. This revelation, however, might have come too late. Lupo, Fargo, Vincent and Taggart, armed with the guns Lupo stole, have abducted Faraday and barricaded themselves inside Taggart's well-defended house. And they aren't leaving without a fight.

  • Invincible
    After an accidental lab explosion destroys years' worth of cellular regeneration research, Stark fires Dr. Carl Carlson, the likable obsessive-compulsive scientist responsible for the blast. With his house confiscated and his entire career at Global Dynamics wiped from his resume, Carl heads to a bridge outside of town, planning to end his problems forever with one leap into the ravine below. Sheriff Jack Carter joins Carl on the dangerous ledge and convinces the sensitive, fearful scientist to give life another try. But as Jack struggles to heave Carl to safety, Carl's grip slips. Both men plunge a hundred feet to the hard ground below. Miraculously, Jack survives by landing on Carl. Even more amazing, Carl walks away from the accident, his injuries healing spontaneously. Convinced that his cellular regeneration research has paid off after all, Carl triumphantly celebrates his newfound invulnerability with carefree pleasure, surprising his longtime therapist, Beverly Barlowe. Stark reinstates the scientist, who hopes to invent a procedure that will allow everyone to share his amazing abilities. Privately, however, Stark suspects that Carl's gift doesn't come from his research at all, but from a more frightening, top-secret source: the mysterious, powerful artifact that's housed in a Section Five lab directly below Carl's. The explosion might have allowed exotic radiation to leak from the artifact into Carl's body, sparking his apparent breakthrough. Proving Stark's suspicions, Carl fails to reproduce his results, but he soon manifests other powers, including telekinesis and mind-reading. Henry then discovers that Carl's body contains strange radiation which is forcing his brain to evolve extraordinarily fast. Carl's cells aren't spontaneously regenerating of their own accord - his newly powerful mind is responsible for his healing. Because Carl can now hear Stark's thoughts, he learns of the secret artifact and its unnatural influence. His own work is still a failure; Stark only wants to study him, not help him. Despairing, the scientist flees to Beverly's, only to discover that his trusted therapist is thinking of using him to spy illegally on Section Five. Betrayed and overwhelmed, Carl turns to his new friend Jack, but Stark intervenes with a security force determined to drag the scientist back to Global Dynamics by force. In the ensuing standoff, a commando fires on Carl, who telekinetically deflects the blast - straight into Jack's chest. Now Jack's dying, and only Carl's new power - and Stark's mysterious artifact - can save the sheriff's life.

  • Dr. Nobel
    In a dusty back corner of his new office at Global Dynamics, Fargo uncovers a complex control console and, curious, activates it. Within moments, missile silos sprout like hideous flowers throughout the town, and an ominous countdown begins. Fargo has awakened a forgotten weapon of the Cold War - and in 24 hours, it's going to fire. Jack, Henry, Allison and Stark converge in Fargo's office to investigate. The weapon is an ionosphere particle beam - a "death ray," in Jack's apt but unscientific jargon - that bounces a beam of irradiated uranium isotopes back to Earth from a mirror on the surface of the moon. Henry can't shut the weapon off, and any attempt to destroy it will cause it to activate immediately. There's no way to know whether its target will be Moscow, Eureka, or someplace else. But the resulting destruction will be massive - enough to trigger World War III. The weapon was invented by Dr. Irvin Thatcher, a once-brilliant Cold War scientist who now lives in Eureka's posh retirement home. By chance, that's exactly where Zoe is enduring community service for pulling the school's fire alarm. She introduces Jack to Eugenia, a witty but kind resident of the home. Jack finds Thatcher and whisks the aging scientist back to Global Dynamics, where Henry interprets his seemingly senile suggestions and succeeds in accessing the machine's innards. Then, however, Thatcher subsides into complete dementia, unable to tell them anything more about his greatest invention. Henry and Stark's subsequent tinkering with the machine accidentally advances the countdown from twenty hours to seven. Now they need Thatcher's help more than ever, so Jack risks a dangerous experiment. Using Stark's latest project - an untested machine that enables one person to probe the consciousness of another - Jack takes a disorienting tour of the scientist's memories. While he can't gather any straightforward information about the weapon, he does learn that Thatcher is in love with Eugenia. As the countdown clock ticks down, Jack and Zoe meet with the dignified old woman. She confesses that she and Thatcher once hoped to be married, but when he lost the coveted Nobel Prize in 1962, he suffered a complete mental break. Ever since, he's been trapped in his own mind, reliving his greatest disappointment over and over. To stop the coming apocalypse, Jack must first revisit the long-ago day that Irvin Thatcher's own world fell apart - and he'll need the whole town's help to do it.

  • Blink
    Jack's quest to start a baseball league in Eureka is interrupted when something invisible strikes a woman's car and the badly mutilated body of a man is found nearby. The man's wounds are too extensive to have been caused by a mere car accident, and a biometric chip embedded under his skin pegs him as an employee of Global Dynamics. Because of that, Dr. Stark kicks Jack off the case and labels the affair an internal matter for the research facility. Unless Jack can prove that a crime has been committed, he might never learn how or why this man died. Jack, Deputy Lupo and Henry doggedly continue their investigation with what little evidence Stark's men overlook. They eventually determine that the dead man must have been running at an unbelievable 558 miles per hour to have suffered the exact injuries he did. This being Eureka, Jack guesses that a cutting-edge drug is responsible, and Henry confirms that the man was using some kind of extreme metabolism-booster. Jack visits the Global Dynamics cafeteria, where he spots a team of Section Five researchers guzzling ridiculous amounts of food and drink - evidence that their metabolisms are unnaturally enhanced. Then Fargo blazes in, moving at impossible speeds as he orders enough food to feed a giant. Fargo admits that he gained this new ability from a mysterious drug which he stole from the Section Five researchers. Now convinced that something criminal is going on, Allison orders Stark to concede the case to Jack. Jack's first move is to lock up the Section Five team and go home for a quiet evening while they detox. But after Zoe brings her new boyfriend, Dylan, home from school, a lightning-fast trespasser blasts through the house, trashing the place and scrawling a threat on the wall. Clearly, Jack has another dangerous drug-user to apprehend. He interrogates his prisoners, who confess that they stole an advanced form of Ritalin from a medical study at Global Dynamics. They risked altering it in order to make themselves super-fast because they were desperate to finish a vital missile-defense project for the Pentagon on a short deadline. The dead man was a member of their team who lost control of himself while on the drug. Then they name the student intern who gave them access to the drug in the first place: it was Dylan - Zoe's boyfriend. Juiced on the drug, Dylan's a danger to himself and others. Jack must stop him ??? but he'll have to catch him first.

  • Right As Raynes
    After reminding Zoe to attend her afternoon therapy session with Beverly Barlowe, Jack sends his rebellious daughter off to school. Then he faces up to a string of computer failures that are plaguing the town. Streetlights, heating systems, and even a farmer's electric fence are all out of whack, and the glitches might soon grow more serious - even dangerous. When Henry discovers that a sophisticated virus is causing the problems by infecting Eureka's private computer network, Jack and Allison deem it entirely non-coincidental that Callister Raynes, a controversial young computer programmer, has just returned to town after a mysterious absence. Raynes used to be Stark's assistant on a top-secret project until a catastrophic lab fire destroyed all their work. Many people suspected Raynes of starting the fire, but Stark inexplicably defended him. The enigmatic young man left town soon afterwards. Deputy Lupo believes that Raynes is innocent - but then again, she once had a steamy relationship with him, so she might be slightly biased. Still, she reluctantly helps Jack with his investigation, but they can't learn much because all the relevant information has been destroyed or classified. To make matters worse, they soon discover that they have a second, unrelated crime to deal with: months earlier, when Zoe moved to Eureka to live with her father, she stole a credit card to pay for her bus ticket. Furious, Jack races to Beverly's, where he finds Zoe hanging out with Raynes. Zoe stands up to her angry father by insisting that she only committed the crime because she wanted so badly to live with him, but Jack's in no mood to be touched by his daughter's bizarre way of showing her affection. His wrath impels Zoe to run away. After Jack and Zoe storm off, Stark turns up at Beverly's to visit Raynes. Stark has barely arrived before another computer glitch causes a major electrical fire to break out in the room. Beverly, Raynes and Stark escape, but as Henry arrives with his high-tech fire-fighting equipment, the Stark and Raynes slip away. Now sure that the computer problems are Raynes's fault, Jack and Allison track him to an elaborate laboratory hidden in a run-down section of town. There, Stark reveals Raynes's true, astonishing identity. But once his secret is out, Raynes escapes - and before Jack and Stark can catch him, he joins forces with another fugitive: Zoe.

  • Primal
    Jack is impressed when Taggart uses nanoids - tiny robots that function like living cells - to heal an injured dog. But soon afterward, the nanoids mysteriously awaken from their peaceful, dormant state and escape into Global Dynamics' computer service corridors. There, they turn violent, killing a computer technician so they can replicate themselves using the carbon in his body. Not until Taggart glimpses the newly healed dog running free down a hallway does he realize that the nanoids aren't merely replicating themselves; they're also able to mimic the appearance of living beings. He tries to warn Stark, but the General Dynamics boss is distracted by a new mind-computer interface he's testing and upset because Allison has finally served him with divorce papers, so he underestimates the seriousness of what's happening at his facility. Then someone who looks exactly like the dead computer technician secretly attacks Stark and drags him into the service corridors. Taggart and Jack, carrying an EM-burst gun that can reduce the robots to dust at close range, start an intense hunt for the deadly machines. Jack shoots the nanoid dog just as it attacks them. Then they hear Allison struggling as a nanoid Stark attempts to kiss her. Jack blasts it into dust, too. But multiple Starks now seem to be prowling the halls of Global Dynamics, and in no time, a small army of Starks is marching through Eureka's streets. Certain that the nanoids have fixated on Stark for a reason, Jack and Taggart search the dark, creepy computer service corridors until they find the original Stark unconscious on the floor. They wake him, and at last the mysterious behavior of the nanoids makes sense: by chance, the neural computer interface that Stark is testing transmits signals from his brain on the same frequency that the tiny robots use. Awakened and motivated by Stark's thoughts, they have been obeying his unconscious desires, such as kissing Allison - or taking over the world. There are now too many of these frighteningly ambitious Stark clones for Jack to hunt down individually. Instead, he must lure them all to one location by provoking a powerful emotional desire in the real Stark, one which will serve as a single directive they must obey. For the sake of saving the world, therefore, Jack decides that he must become the nanoids' target, and the way to do that is to make Stark murderously jealous of him - by kissing Allison.

  • Purple Haze
    It's a typical evening in Eureka: Henry is finishing a new cellular communications system for the town; Stark's single-minded focus on the mysterious artifact in Section Five is driving Allison nuts; and Sheriff Jack Carter is breaking up another dispute between Fargo and his neighbor, farmer Seth Osborne, whose insistence on playing loud music for his new strain of hybrid plants prevents Fargo from getting his beauty sleep. Eventually the town quiets down. In fact, it gets too quiet: all the townsfolk pass out during the night. The next morning, Jack's phone rings off the hook as people awaken from this bizarre slumber. More disturbing, Jack's friends and colleagues aren't acting like themselves. Lupo is lighthearted and irresponsible. Henry is surly, unhelpful, and drunk. Stark is dangerously obsessed with his secret artifact. Seth and Fargo's squabble escalates toward physical violence, and when Jack goes to Global Dynamics to interrogate Fargo, he walks straight into an unusually emotional ex-lovers' quarrel between Allison and Stark. Driven into a temper, Allison quits her job, the first serious consequence of everyone's strange behavior. She then tries to seduce Jack - and nearly succeeds.Without any of his usual allies to help, Jack must investigate the situation completely on his own. He guesses that Henry's new cellular tower is broadcasting a signal that somehow breaks down people's inhibitions. Unfortunately, although he destroys the tower, people's behavior only grows worse. Soon, Beverly Barlowe commandeers the public address system to blurt out all the secrets she's learned in her therapy sessions with townsfolk. Furious, Allison charges off to stop her. The two fight, and Allison nearly shoots Jack when he intervenes. Realizing that he might be the only person still unaffected by the spreading chaos, Jack rushes home to check on his daughter. To his relief, Zoe is also in her right mind. Working together, father and daughter piece together what happened: they live in the only house in town where all the air is filtered through an advanced particle filter, and last night, that filter trapped large amounts of exotic pollen. The pollen came from Seth's new plants, which Zoe discovers are a genetic hybrid that acts as a natural sedative - but which also has dangerous mind-altering side effects. Jack must destroy the crop before darkness falls and it releases more pollen - which means he must venture out again into the potentially deadly madhouse that Eureka has become.

  • H.O.U.S.E. Rules
    Fed up after Stark pulls rank on him yet again, Carter takes a few well-earned sick days. He self-medicates with beer and pizza and orders his artificially intelligent house, S.A.R.A.H., to research his options for moving out of town altogether. His day off is interrupted when Stark, Allison, Beverly, Fargo and Henry arrive, claiming that Carter sent them emergency pages. No sooner does he deny it than S.A.R.A.H. locks the front door, trapping everyone inside and announcing that Eureka faces an imminent threat: With Henry having recently declared his intention to move away and almost everyone squabbling, the smart house fears that the town is falling apart. The realization that S.A.R.A.H. won't free them until they work out their differences does nothing for the group's mood. Meanwhile, Lupo and Taggart, fresh from an intense paintball duel, realize that something's gone wrong at the sheriff's house and decide to break in. Because S.A.R.A.H. is located inside a military bunker surrounded by complex perimeter defenses, they must sneak into the vast underground maintenance labyrinth that runs beneath the town and find their way toward the house's location. As frustration mounts inside the house, Henry and Stark attempt to short out S.A.R.A.H.'s electrical grid. In a shower of sparks, the house's systems go haywire - then turn violent. S.A.R.A.H.'s benign personality has been replaced by that of her root program, B.R.A.D., a Battle Reactive Automatic Defense personality designed for military interrogations. Stark discontinued B.R.A.D. because the artificial intelligence ruthlessly tormented victims until they either surrendered or died. Now B.R.A.D. has assigned himself a new mission: forcing his prisoners to become best friends. He locks Carter and Allison into one section of the house, Beverly and Fargo into the next, and Stark and Henry into the third. He then proceeds to freeze, overheat, and nearly suffocate them. Under this strain, the various couples work out a few disagreements, but B.R.A.D demands more, so they eventually feign a perfect reconciliation and Fargo offers the house their unconditional surrender. Unfortunately, as soon as B.R.A.D. triumphantly relents, the group's words of relief betray their insincere actions. Furious, B.R.A.D. begins sucking all oxygen out of the house. The group's only hope now lies in the tunnels far below, where Lupo and Taggart, armed only with paintball guns, face off against B.R.A.D.'s perimeter-defense particle cannons. Of course, the two would-be warriors live for this kind of battle - but that doesn't mean they'll live through it...

  • Once In A Lifetime
    On Zoe's graduation day in 2010, the citizens of Eureka are enjoying a bright future. Henry has married his beloved fellow scientist Kim, and Carter and Allison are happily wed and expecting a baby. Then Fargo interrupts Zoe's celebration by summoning Carter and Allison to Global Dynamics to solve a gruesome mystery. A woman's body has appeared out of nowhere, badly burned by exotic radiation and fused into a wall within the top-secret Section Five. Henry, who now leads Global Dynamics, explains that the body's DNA is too badly damaged by radiation to identify. The radiation, oddly, comes from Stark's mysterious artifact, which remains safely stored in Section Five although Stark himself was fired a few years ago. As Kim struggles to identify the body using an experimental DNA reconstruction program, Allison and Carter return to the graduation celebration, only to be interrupted again when Carter's old Jeep - a relic of the year 2007 - materializes in the middle of Main Street. Because the body also seems to have come from another time, Fargo theorizes that Eureka is suffering from temporal anomalies caused by the tachyon accelerator at Global Dynamics - a time-manipulation device that has been locked up since its near-disastrous invention. Upon investigation, Carter discovers that only one man possesses both access to that device and the knowledge of quantum physics needed to use it: Henry. Meanwhile, Kim faces an even more chilling truth: the dead body is hers. She, Carter, and Allison confront Henry, who sadly confesses that he's responsible. In October 2006, he explains, Kim died in a radiation blast while helping Stark drill a core sample from the mysterious artifact. Grief-stricken, Henry seized Stark's job at Global Dynamics to gain access to the tachyon accelerator. He then used it to travel back in time to the day Kim died. He saved her life, thus initiating a second timeline that Eureka has now experienced for four years. But the original timeline has begun competing with its replacement. The temporal anomalies will only increase, eventually tearing this space-time apart. Henry can help Carter make a dangerous journey back in time to set things right. But if Carter succeeds in erasing the second timeline - essentially resetting the clock to 2006 - the family he's built with Allison will vanish and Kim's death will ravage Henry all over again. As the temporal anomalies grow more destructive, Carter, Henry, Kim, and Allison must choose between clinging a few moments longer to happiness - or saving the world.
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