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Star Trek

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Face Off EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Welcome To The Jungle
    An inside look at how the contestants work in pairs and draw inspiration from animals in order to build a never seen before creature. However, some teams start to see their creations are similar to others. Will they have to build something new from scratch, or simply beat out the others? A human-animal hybrid becomes a challenge for the contestants.

  • Naked Ambition
    The contestants will face a whole new obstacle not even related to their talents in using make-up. They will be dealing with full-body paint on naked models. Some seem up for the task and others seem like they would rather just throw in the towel on this challenge. Will they be able to overcome the awkward aspect of dealing with a naked model and build an amazing creation, or will they simply choose this is a challenge where they will not rise to the occasion?

  • 2011: A Space Odyssey
    Makeup artist Michael Westmore meets the contestants at Vasquez Rocks in Southern California, where episodes of "Star Trek" were shot, and the competitors learn that they must create an alien for a newly discovered world.

  • Bad To The Bone
    "Friday the 13th" director Sean Cunningham serves as a guest judge for a challenge that has the contestants creating an original horror-movie villain along with an accompanying movie poster, title and tagline.

  • Switched And Hitched
    In teams of two, the contestants turn brides into grooms and grooms into brides.

  • The Dancing Dead
    The contestants must create original zombies for a choreographed dance routine. Guest judge: Greg Nicotero.

  • Family Plot
    The five remaining contestants must disguise themselves to fool their own family members at a Los Angeles wig shop.

  • Twisted Tales
    All of the contestants are back under the same roof before the final showdown and while some are in party mode, some get serious and show just how truly dedicated they are to the art of make-up and that they're simply there to win. Tensions are high and paint is wet.
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