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Face Off EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • A Force To Be Reckoned With
    Sean Astin greets the contestants, who are challenged to create original aliens for the "Star Wars" cantina scene.

  • Pirate Treasure
    The contestants create pirate makeup in an effort to win $5000.

  • Year Of The Dragon
    The Chinese New Year is the theme as the contestants create dragon makeup for performers doing an acrobatic dance routine.

  • Alice In Zombieland
    The contestants create zombie makeup for characters from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Director Paul W.S. Anderson serves as a guest judge.

  • Supermobile
    The contestants create makeup for superheroes and their sidekicks after getting inspiration from some astonishing vehicles. Kevin Smith is a guest judge.

  • Dishonorable Proportions
    The artists take inspiration from the video game Dishonored when creating characters with exaggerated features for the challenge.

  • Monster Twist
    The competing artists are tasked with creating original movie monsters based on sketches done by children. And a new twist changes everything.

  • Who's The New Who?
    The competing artists use makeup to create looks inspired by Dr. Seuss' "Sleep Book," which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

  • Junkyard Cyborg
    Material from a junkyard must be used in a cyborg challenge.

  • Scene Of The Crime
    The NBC series "Grimm" inspires the makeup created by the competing artists.

  • Immortal Enemies
    The remaining three artists are tasked with creating Halloween-themed characters, which they then must have perform in a choreographed stunt show.

  • Live Finale
    Viewers choose the Season 3 winner, who will be announced during the finale in Los Angeles. Also: The eliminated artists reunite.
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