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Face Off EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Make It Reign
    14 makeup artists meet Michael Westmore, their mentor for the competition, then take on their first challenge, which is to create goblin kings. Actor John Rhys-Davies serves as a guest judge.

  • Heroic Proportions
    The artists create original superheroes for the season's first individual Spotlight Challenge, and the winner will have their design featured in a comic book printed by DC Comics.

  • When Hell Freezes Over
    An unexpected twist is thrown at the competing makeup artists as they work on creating sinister demons for a challenge.

  • Eye Candy
    The artists must use real candy when making confection-inspired creatures.

  • Two Heads Are Better Than One
    The artists compete in teams when they face the challenge of creating larger-than-life characters based on the fairy tale "Jack the Giant Killer." Director Bryan Singer appears as a guest judge.

  • Bugging Out
    After choosing abstract, microscopic images, the artists are told they must use them as inspiration for creepy-crawly creations.

  • Howl At The Moon
    The remaining artists work in teams to create alien werewolves.

  • It's Better In The Dark
    Creatures with a bioluminescent element are presented by the seven remaining contestants before a double elimination.

  • Mummy Mayhem
    The final five contestants are given the task of creating Egyptian mummies inspired by the "Evil Dead" remake starring Jane Levy.

  • Alien Apocalypse
    The final four contestants are given a challenge revolving around the Syfy series "Defiance."

  • Living The Dream
    The winner is announced after the final three contestants travel to Las Vegas, where they create waterproof looks for the show "Le Reve: The Dream."
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