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Face Off EpisodesSeason 5    

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  • Going For Gold
    A group of rookies meet the returning contestants they are competing against.

  • Future Frankenstein
    The contestants take inspiration from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein when creating far-future versions of the disfigured creature.

  • Gettin' Goosed
    The artists face a double elimination when they are tasked with taking classic Mother Goose characters and putting a modern spin on them. But first, they take part in a demon-inspired challenge featuring James Wan and Lin Shayne of the movie "Insidious."

  • Subterranean Terror
    The remaining artists explore abandoned tunnels in search of inspiration for the humanoid underground monsters they are tasked with creating. Creature designer Jordu Schell makes an appearance.

  • Mother Earth Goddess
    Season 4 winner J. Anthony Kosar makes an appearance when the remaining artists are given the challenge of creating Mother Nature goddesses inspired by an arboretum and their own moms.

  • Trick Or Treat
    The trick for the remaining artists when given the challenge of reimagining classic Halloween characters is to incorporate a successful gag element in their designs. Also: Makeup artist Valli O'Reilly makes an appearance.

  • Living Art
    Characters inspired by art movements are created; and Elvira makes an appearance.

  • Cosmic Circus
    The pressure is on as the remaining artists are forced to work in teams when creating dark and sexy alien-circus characters.

  • Mortal Sins
    The artists gather at a Gothic church at the start of a challenge based on the seven deadly sins.

  • The Laughing Dead
    The contestants are tasked with making ghost characters that are a mix of funny and scary during a trip to the Laugh Factory comedy club in Hollywood.

  • Dark Magic
    The makeup artists take inspiration from a trip to a park, as well as from magical Norse runes before they embark on creating dark elf warriors.

  • Flights Of Fantasy
    The four remaining artists must create original human-bird hybrids for the penultimate Spotlight Challenge.

  • Swan Song
    The artists create a swan and sorcerer for a special performance of "Swan Lake" by the Los Angeles Ballet.
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