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Freakylinks EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Subject: Fearsum
    Webmaster Derek Barnes is plunged into the world of the paranormal after seeing images of his long-dead twin brother. Derek and his brother's ex-fiancee embark on a strange and scary search.

  • Subject: Three Thirteen
    The FreakyLinks team gets involved in the investigation of a pregnant woman who is apparently possessed.

  • Subject: Edith Keeler Must Die
    The FreakyLinks team takes on an investigation into a mysterious string of attacks and disappearances in the New York subway tunnels.

  • Subject: Coelacanth This!
    The team heads to the small town of Owensmouth to investigate a string of deaths dating back almost 150 years.

  • Subject: Desert Squid! Myth Or Legend?
    Derek and the gang investigate reports of a deadly animal in a New Mexico desert.

  • Subject: The Harbingers
    Derek documents a village of psychics in Florida, only to discover evil lurking behind the facade of the small town. Further investigation reveals that Derek's deceased brother, Adam, may have stumbled upon the dark forces in the town prior to his death.

  • Subject: Still I Rise
    Derek and the others investigate reported sightings of a rap star who has been shot and killed.

  • Subject: Me And My Shadow
    Derek and the others investigate when Chloe stumbles upon a boy who is afraid of his own shadow -- literally.

  • Subject: The Stone Room
    The gang goes to Baltimore to investigate when Jason receives a call from his sister about supernatural occurrences at his estranged father's law firm.

  • Subject: Live Fast, Die Young
    Derek and his crew investigate strange video footage of a man jumping off a bridge and landing unharmed. They soon find out the man is part of a group of adrenaline vampires, who gain strength and power by stealing people's adrenaline and injecting it into themselves.

  • Subject: Police Siren
    The gang launches an investigation into the mysterious deaths of police officers who are all on the same squad .

  • Subject: Sunrise At Sunset Streams
    Derek, Jason and Chloe investigate reported sightings of a skunk ape in the woods surrounding a retirement community.

  • Subject: The Final Word
    A newsmagazine follows the gang's look into a convicted teen murderer's claim that a flying monster actually killed his best friend.
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