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Forbidden Science EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • 4Ever
    Bethany Montrose, recently divorced and seeking a new life, turns to an old friend who hires her to join his elite corporation, 4Ever Innovations, a company that clones organs and even human beings. Bethany's first project involves a beautiful and brilliant scientist who has been cloned by her husband and the deepening mystery surrounding their relationship.

  • Adversaries, Part 1
    A beautiful new scientist, Julia White, joins 4Ever Innovations, Colin Sommers, reveals to the world the health benefits of cloning organs, which leads to someone going to extremes to shut down their work. Meanwhile, Bethany can't stop dreaming about her ex-husband and a secret office affair is revealed.

  • Adversaries, Part 2
    A major event rocks the world of 4Ever. Meanwhile, another player in the tech world shows his hand and he has an alluring but deadly partner; Laura stumbles onto some confidential papers; and Julia struggles with her new life as a clone living with the memories of another woman.

  • Weekend
    Laura's snooping puts a snag on her relationship with Colin. Penny builds the perfect lovebot and puts her creation to the test. Julia meets a man and decides to make some memories of her own.

  • Hotzone
    When an employee of 4Ever Technologies gets tangled in a twisted web of black market sex tapes and espionage, he ends up dead. With Penny's help, Philip taps into the dead man's memories using the experimental Gold Chip and relives the last few hours of his life before his murder.

  • Property, Part 1
    When the pleasure-providing android of high-powered Senator Joan Montgomery mysteriously malfunctions, he is returned to 4Ever for repair or destruction. But Julia falls in love with the handsome android, Max, and makes a fateful decision that will put her at odds with her friends.

  • Property, Part 2
    Julia goes on the run with the pleasure android, Max, with Colin, Julia's friends and 4Ever's competitors all on their tail. Meanwhile, Colin and Bethany give in to the sexual tension that has been building between them.

  • Lonely
    When Laura begins an online virtual-affair, she uncovers secrets about who really created 4Ever Technologies. Laura finds out about Colin and Bethany's new romance. Penny puts Philip into boyfriend training mode.

  • Tarot
    A sexy, but dangerous young woman seduces a brilliant scientist in order to steal confidential data. When her plan goes awry and the scientist ends up in a coma, she and her group of bio-terrorists kidnap Bethany and coerce Colin into helping them. Colin is forced to turn to Julia for help. Julia is shocked to find that the scientist is her former mentor and lover.

  • Virus
    A sexy virtual reality game between Penny and Philip leads to a hostile thinking computer virus taking over the 4Ever building and threatening the lives of several team members inside. Can Penny save the day?

  • Erase
    Julia discovers a way to erase all of her programmed memories and to finally be able to live her own life...but at what cost? Meanwhile, Bethany is having recurring nightmares about her cheating ex-husband's sexual affair; and a possessive Adrian orders Colin to end his affair with Bethany.

  • Secrets
    When the Gold Chip is successfully completed, Colin tries to find a way out of his deal with Adrian and the Level 6 project. Julia reveals the truth about herself to her lover, David. Brazilian assassin Bianca confronts Senator Joan Montgomery after the Senator lures 4Ever competitor Robert Armstrong into her scheme to fight Colin and Adrian.

  • Home
    Colin is missing and Bethany's search for him leads her back to the home where she lived with Adrian. Meanwhile, Philip secretly investigates what went wrong with the Gold Chip as he and Penny grow closer; and Bethany discovers the startling truth about 4Ever and Level 6.
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