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Haven EpisodesSeason 5    

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  • See No Evil
    Nathan and Duke cope with the loss of Audrey, who seems to be gone for good after having transformed into the wickedly evil Mara.

  • Speak No Evil
    A death strikes a hard blow to Duke; Nathan refuses to believe Mara has defeated Audrey; Dwight is left keeping Haven together.

  • Spotlight
    Nathan makes a desperate play to protect Mara from the angry citizens of Haven, leaving Dwight and Duke on their own to deal with a deadly trouble that threatens to burn the town to the ground.

  • Much Ado About Mara
    Dwight, who's now leading the Guard, and Nathan are conflicted over what to do about Mara. Dwight wants her to end the troubles at any cost, but Nathan is convinced that Audrey is still in there.

  • The Old Switcheroo, Part 1
    Vince and Dave journey to North Carolina to investigate the mysteries of Dave's past, but their probing unearths a body-swapping trouble that affects everyone back in Haven.

  • The Old Switcheroo, Part 2
    As Mara capitalizes on the fallout from the latest trouble to strike Haven, Nathan and Duke are forced to take a desperate and dangerous gamble to get Audrey back before she's lost forever.

  • Nowhere Man
    A paranormal trouble strikes just as the guys bring the Mara threat under control.

  • Exposure
    Audrey is forced to call in some outside help to cope with the harsh new reality that she is no longer immune to the troubles and Nathan may be lost forever.

  • Morbidity
    When Audrey and other residents are overcome by a mysterious illness, the truth about the Troubles could be exposed to the outside world.

  • Mortality
    The gang are unsure how to handle an inquisitive CDC scientist, who could hold the key to curing their troubles, that is, if she doesn't expose their secrets to the rest of the world first.

  • Reflections
    Duke's roiling troubles and a new threat to Audrey leave the pair with no alternative but to turn to potentially dangerous allies for help.

  • Chemistry
    Divided loyalties put the gang at odds; and a terrifying revelation changes everything.

  • Chosen
    The revelation of Mara's endgame spurs Audrey and Nathan to pursue a plan to stop her once and for all.
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