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The Immortal

EpisodesShow Episodes    

Man On A Punched Card
Written By: Shimon Wincelberg; Directed By: Don Weis
Guest Stars: Linda Day George
Mr. Maitland, the rich man after Ben's immortal blood, hires a computer company to help Mr. Fletcher track him down by computing his next move. Fletcher has problems when one of the computer wizards finds out why they are after Ben and helps him elude his pursuers, only to find she wants his blood to save her ill daughter.

Dead Man, Dead Man
Written By: Ken Trevey; Directed By: Leslie H. Martinson
Guest Stars: Barry Sullivan Bruce Dern
In a cabin in the middle of a blizzard, Fletcher has Ben captured and handcuffed to a chair. He uncuffs Ben because they are cabin bound for the duration of the storm and both men learn a little about each other through flashback stories they tell of each other's side of the chase. In the past Fletcher worked for Braddock instead of Maitland (all background info not shown in previous episodes). The story tells about a time when they had captured Ben, but he managed to cause the vehicle to crash and he took off, only to be tricked into coming back by Braddock, who used Ben's humanity against him. Ben attempted to get Braddock to help, but the car won't make it and he ran into an out of the way cabin with a young woman who lived alone. Braddock offered the woman money to keep Richards around, but she refused because she was once sold to her dead husband by her father. Fletcher managed to get to a phone and started a search for the two men. Dressed as farmers and, in a bit of irony, Fletcher's men race past the horse and wagon that Ben is using to get Braddock to a doctor. Ben gets the old man to a rural doctor, but in another bit of irony the doctor is out because he was just hired by men (Fletcher's) in need of his hounds. Ben decides the only way to save the old man is to give him some of his blood, but the doctor's wife refuses to give it to him until someone of authority comes to ok it. In the final bit of irony, Braddock knocks over the blood container and causes himself a final heart attack and dies. Back in the present, Fletcher tells Ben his flaw is his humanity, but Ben tells him he's wrong and tries to escape. A fight ensues and Ben gets the upperhand and gets away.

The Return
Written By: Robert Specht; Directed By: Michael Caffey
Fletcher briefs the men he is employing to recapture Ben Richards, who he believes will go back to see Joe (the man who raised his brother and him when they were children) for information of his brother's whereabouts. Ben finds Joe and gets the information and leaves just as quickly. But while listening to a stranger's transistor radio, he hears that Joe has been arrested for the beating of a young man. Ben returns to help his foster father. The kid that was beaten may die and Ben decides to donate his blood to save the boy. To make matters worse, Joe won't tell anyone what happened and Fletcher is on his way. Ben finds out the boy intended on telling Joe that he was going to marry his daughter, but Joe didn't want him to marry his daughter, so he pushed the boy and he fell and hit his head. Ben convinces the mother to let the doctor to administer his blood to save the kids life, but not before the father leaves to kill Joe. Ben attempts to catch and stop him but fails, so he tries to call Joe to warn him. Fletcher shows up at that instant and stops Ben before he can complete the call. He asks Fletcher to go back and warn Joe, but he refuses. Ben fights his way clear of Fletcher and his goons and escapes. Ben shows up in the nick of time and convinces the boys father to call the hospital before he is about to kill Joe. The boy begins to stir and the father puts down the gun and smiles at Joe. His boy will be ok, but Ben has to move on again before Fletcher gets on his tail again.

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