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The Immortal

EpisodesShow Episodes    

Season 1 (2000-2001)

Demons Of The Night, Part 1
Raphael Cain is on a continuing quest to prevent Satan's minions from destroying humanity. Sara's demon detector gets her into hot water.

Demons Of The Night, Part 2
Sara discovers the truth about Raphael's past while they search for Goodwin, who was taken by the demons who killed Raphael's wife.

Not So Dead
Raphael thinks he may have killed a human, only to discover that a jumping demon is on the loose.

Half Way
An aging rock star tries to reform evil by creating a demon deprogramming center while a bounty hunter from hell tries to stop him.

Wicked Wicked West
Sara and Goodwin get transported into a demon version of the Old West and Raphael must save them.

Prime Location
The trio must investigate a building that may be a demon magnet.

Studio D
Sara discovers a TV production company is using its product to negatively influence viewers.

Flight 666
A shape-shifting demon boards a plane with a deadly biochemical toxin in its possession while Raphael ends up in federal custody.

Bride's Kiss
Rapahel, Sara and Goodwin must stop a wedding where the bride's ring could prove the downfall of humanity.

The Hunted
Three demons compete for the honor of killing Raphael while others watch from their coffee room.

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