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The Invisible Man EpisodesSeason 1    

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Pilot, Part 1
A small-time thief who is drafted into secret government experiments on invisibility is forced to enlist as a secret weapon for a ramshackle, under-funded intelligence agency.

Pilot, Part 2
A small-time thief who is drafted into secret government experiments on invisibility is forced to enlist as a secret weapon for a ramshackle, under-funded intelligence agency.

Darien is ordered to investigate a Catevari - a human who is poisonous to the touch - after a series of unexplained murders leave the Agency baffled.

When a young girl becomes the target of a sniper, Darien must pretend to be her imaginary friend in order to protect her.

Darien and Hobbes investigate the suicide of a female police officer.

Darien tries to get to know The Keeper better, and find out more about her, by following her around for a day.

The Devil You Know
The Agency is called in on a high-profile case when the head of a potential Fortune 500 company is kidnapped.

Liberty & Larceny
Darien crosses paths with his old partner in crime and is trapped between his old life of thievery and his new position with the Agency.

The Value Of Secrets
While investigating a security breach, Darien discovers an opportunity to escape and must decide between helping himself and solving the case.

Separation Anxiety
A suspicious stranger turns out to be an undercover agent working to stop the sale of illegal weapons.

It Hurts When I Do This
Darien discovers a dangerous side to medical experiments after a friend is suddenly cured of short-term memory loss.

The Other Invisible Man
Darien discovers the existence of another invisible man, and a secret that will change things forever.

Darien returns to his hometown to investigate the possibility that his brother, Kevin, is not dead.

Cat & Mouse
When the Chinese government's attempts to create their own invisible man fail, they try to steal the American model, Darien Fawkes.

The rest of the world becomes invisible to Darien after he's blinded while on the trail of an international assassin.

Ghost Of A Chance
Darien learns of the Dark Woman , another invisible entity, when he travels to South America to stop a nation's leader from deploying chemical weapons.

Flowers For Hobbes
Darien finds a link to the past and Hobbes discovers a promising future while on the trail of the thief who stole samples from the Nobel Sperm bank.

Per Chance To Dream
Darien must uncover the secrets of a nefarious, but lucrative underworld involving sleep clinics before the Keeper commits a malicious murder.

Frozen In Time
Darien finds himself on a collision course with his past when the Dark Woman kidnaps an old friend and plans to cryogenically freeze her.

Arnaud De Fehrn, Darien's old foe, orchestrates a flu outbreak that causes a deadly and mysterious infection in Darien's quicksilver gland.

The Lesser Evil
Darien reacts with cynicism toward an invitation from Allianora to attend a meeting with "The Organization" and begins to question his own agency's intentions.

Money For Nothing, Part 1
The Agency develops a get-rich-quick scheme to fatten their paltry budget by using Darien's invisibility, but the temptation to escape with the stolen money gets the better of him.

Money For Nothing, Part 2
After temptation causes Darien to risk it all for a chance at freedom, he inches dangerously close to "quicksilver madness" and asks Hobbes to join him in his plan.

It's A Small World
The Chrysalis Organization is able to track Darien's every move after implanting a bug into his body.

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