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The Invisible Man EpisodesSeason 2    

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Hobbes and The Keeper help Darien investigate a double homicide on an American Indian reservation.

The Camp
A series of kidnappings leads Darien and a new agent to a militia-style boot camp for kids.

The Importance Of Being Eberts
Eberts is asked to use his expertise after Darien and Hobbes track down a computer hacker who has tapped into the Agency's system.

Johnny Apocalypse
Darien and Hobbes encounter a 12-year-old boy, secretly a deadly biological weapon.

Going Postal
After Hobbes "goes postal, the events are shown through the eyes of Hobbes, Darien and Alexandra, each shown in a different film genre - Hobbes: film noir, Alexandria: reality cop show and Darien: Dirty-Harry detective.

Brother's Keeper
Memory RNA makes it possible for Kevin Fawkes to return to life one final time, in the body of his brother, Darien.

A mysterious man who lost the use of his five senses due to a government experiment uses his sixth sense to warn Darien of imminent danger.

Den Of Thieves
While trying to bust up a ring of terrorists, Darien goes under cover as a thief and lands himself in prison.

Bad Chi
Darien gets himself into a very prickly situation when he sees an acupuncturist for his bad back.

Flash To Bang
A lightning strike causes Darien to forget the agency and his abilities.

Germ Theory
An invincible bacteria set loose on the I-Man team forces a quarantine at the Agency when members start unexpectedly turning invisible.

The Choice
Agent Alex Monroe learns that her child was fathered by a hated enemy after rescuing the baby from Chrysalis.

Immaterial Girl
A dark conspiracy rises before Darien's eyes while he investigates strange hallucinations he suffers from when invisible.

Father Figure
Fawkes and Hobbes embark on a mission to track down a covert government assassin-turned-traitor, whom Fawkes recognizes as his long-lost father. This leads Darien to visit his grandmother to get some answers about his father, who abandoned him as a child.

A Sense Of Community
When Hobbes and Fawkes run out of bullets and gas on a mission, the Official has Eberts look for some funds. His investigation leads to the Agency of Sequestered Seclusion, an organization with no charter, no apparent function, and tons of money. The department seems to be a blank slate except for a secretary, but the duo track down an agent named Grant, and get sedated for their efforts. They wake up in "the Community" a hideaway for agents whose covers are blown. Unfortunately the powers-that-be can't let the pair leave. Even more unfortunately, Fawkes' time until the next counter-agent shot is running out. Although Hobbes' former partner Carelli betrays them, they manage to bring down a miniature patrol helicopter and use it as a shield against the Community's particle beam lasers to escape. The Official makes a deal wih ASS's superiors: money in return for the Agency's continuing silence on their project.

The Three Phases Of Claire
Claire is working with "Tommy Walker" and had pinned down the drug that made him nuts. The CIA want the drug to get information out of a mole, Stanhope, and the Official wants to sell it to them for the money. He overrides Claire's concerns about the drug's dangers. She goes along to administer the drug but is taken hostage and injected with it by Stanhope. The drug has three stages of effect: babbling of any and all truths, hallucinations, and a complete loss of inhibitions. Stanhope works for an ex-KGB agent, Yevchenko, who manages to take both Claire and Darien prisoner. However, Darien goes into Quicksilver Madness and after killing Yevchenko, gets..."intimate" with a sexually uninhibited Claire. The Agency manages to get and cure them both with "Tommy"s help, and they're forced to live with the embarassment.

The Keeper has been working to free up "Tommy Walker"s memories so that they can find a way to remove the gland from Darien. Walker/Gaither has recovered most of his memories and bugged the Agency HQ as well as infiltrated SWRB's computers. SWRB discovers this and calls a meeting with the Agency. The Official and Eberts meet the SWRB chief and his flunky at a video arcade (with Darien tagging along), and the SWRB request they give back Walker. Everyone except Monroe takes Walker to a safehouse, and she gets captured when the SWRB launches a raid on Agency HQ. The SWRB get all the Agency computer files, and then head for Walker at the safehouse. He surrenders to them, claiming he now has back his memories that he buried under his "Tommy Walker" identity. Fawkes and Hobbes go to recover him at SWRB HQ, but get captured when Gaither turns them in. Gaither promises to remove Darien's gland and duplicate it for the SWRB, but fakes the operation. He has his original personality back, but still remembers everything Fawkes did for him as "Tommy Walker". He fakes the operation since he can't safely remove the gland from Darien, then lets Fawkes, Hobbes, and Monroe escape. He then blows up the SWRB building, himself, and everyone in it.

The Invisible Woman
A disfigured woman tries to enlist the help of Darien when she decides that she wants to be invisible forever.

Mere Mortals
Darien is thrilled when the Keeper develops a way to keep his invisibility in check, but there are side effects.

Darien's sudden immunity to Counteragent forces the Keeper to use an untested antidote.

Enemy Of My Enemy, Part 1
Darien may get a cure for Quicksilver Madness when his nemesis Arnaud needs help after striking a deal with Chrysalis and discovering they don't play fair.

The New Stuff, Part 2
An invisible horde of locust descend upon a field of genetically-engineered corn, drawing the attention of the Agency. Darien and by investigate, but Darien goes into QS madness. The Keeper, disobeying the orders of the Official from the previous episode, gives her the cure she got from Arnaud. Darien is cured for good of the madness, while retaining his invisiblity powers. Darien is not happy about the Official's decision and quits, but finds he can't resist being "good". He joins up with the FBI. Hobbes tries to convince him to come back to the Agency, but Darien declines and even gets the FBI to offer Hobbes a job. Hobbes is loyal to the Official (who has fired the Keeper). The FBI is on the trail of Chryalis, but only Darien knows what's really going on. He gets the Keeper, Claire, out of her new job at the CDC and they break into Agency HQ to get the answers. The lab that maintains the corn is also working on a cure for cancer, which Chrysalis wants to disrupt. A seemingly-contrite Official offers the Agency's cooperation, so Darien, by, and Claire get to the next targeted field and bug-spray the locust, killing the locust. In the end, Darien agrees to come back to work for the Agency in return for better hours and pay, and Claire's reinstatement. As the trio leaves, the Official notes that "Now we're in trouble."

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