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In Search Of... (2002)The world is filled with unexplained mysteries and paranormal phenomena: legendary creatures such as Sasquatch and the Loch Ness monster ... lost civilizations and peoples ... hauntings and demonic possessions ... psychics ... mediums who converse with the spirit realm ... and scientific mysteries such as spontaneous human combustion and UFOs. Join host Mitch Pileggi as he takes you on a journey to find the truth behind these and many other unanswered questions on the all-new SCI FI series In Search Of....


Host ........................ Mitch Pileggi

Season 1 (2002-2003)
8 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Hell/Vampires/Tesla Death Ray/Scandinavian Lake Monster (Original Air Date 10/4/2002)
  2. Witchcraft/Maneaters/The Alien Menace/Ghosts Hitchers (Original Air Date 10/11/2002)
  3. Werewolves/The Mummy's Curse/DB Cooper's Death Bed Confession/Reincarnation (Original Air Date 10/18/2002)
  4. The Ghosts In Mackey's Bar/Stigmata/The Haunted Hornet/Zombies (Original Air Date 10/25/2002)
  5. Catacomb Mummies/The Johnson Bigfoot Encounter/The Secret Of Rennes-Le-Chateau/Earthquake Predictions (Original Air Date 12/22/2002)
  6. Haunted Plantations/The Doomsday Virus/The Devil/Psychic Spies (Original Air Date 12/22/2002)
  7. Ghost Lovers/Possession And Exorcism/Robot Armageddon/The Haunted Campus (Original Air Date 12/22/2002)
  8. Faith Healers/The Real Frankenstein/The Shroud Of Turin/Alien Ancestors (Original Air Date 12/22/2002)
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