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Jeremiah EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Long Road, Part 1
    A group of young people who grew up in a world without adults are struggling to survive. Jeremiah meets Kurdy and they find a reference to The End of the World. Is it what they are seeking?

  • The Long Road, Part 2
    A group of young people who grew up in a world without adults are struggling to survive. Jeremiah meets Kurdy and they find a reference to The End of the World. Is it what they are seeking?

  • Man Of Iron, Woman Under Glass
    Jeremiah and Kurdy encounter Captain Iron - a most unlikely hero - while Erin reluctantly spies on Markus and uncovers a dangerous secret.

  • ...And The Ground Sown With Salt
    Jeremiah and Kurdy find Michael, a self-created prophet on his way to becoming a self-appointed god, who wants information at any price.

  • To Sail Beyond The Stars
    Jeremy and Kurdy take up Simon's search for a group known as the Burners and find unexpected moments of tenderness and of terror.

  • The Bag
    Jeremiah and Kurdy meet Reese, the nearest thing there is to a badly-needed doctor, and his brother Jake, whose interest in saving lives stops with his own.

  • City Of Roses
    A brutal assault on a young woman triggers memories for Jeremiah and Kurdy who then take separate paths: Jeremiah to find a mysterious vaccine and Kurdy to find his past.

  • Firewall
    Investigating a group known as the orange men, Jeremiah and Kurdy capture Quantrell, an adult survivor who knows a great deal about both Markus and Valhalla Sector.

  • The Red Kiss
    When their vehicle is carjacked, Jeremiah and Kurdy find themselves in an abandoned amusement park where a group of parents greets them with mixed emotions but the children believe that Jeremiah has been sent to save them from an unseen and deadly predator.

  • Journey's End At Lovers Meeting
    Jeremiah and Kurdy join a group of pilgrims heading west to the ocean where they believe a miracle will occur, but Kurdy has trouble adhering to the sect's vow of non-violence when he discovers hidden danger.

  • Thieves' Honor
    Jeremiah and Kurdy are sent to Clairfield to find Elizabeth, who has been kidnapped by Theo's jocks, while investigations get under way to find the traitor who's leaking information from Thunder Mountain.

  • The Touch
    Kurdy and Jeremiah enter a town where paranoia about the Big Death has led to a law against touching and sex, a restriction that is fomenting a violent rebellion. Meanwhile, Markus's flu sparks a battle for power.

  • Mother Of Invention
    Looking for Steve, the leader of a group Markus may want an alliance with, Jeremiah finds Michelle, who had been his lover, and her son. He and Kurdy must find out if Michelle is rebuilding a world or just piling up a private treasure.

  • Tripwire
    Markus begins forging alliances with those strong enough to oppose Valhalla Sector forces, including the residents of the nearby town of Camden, which still contains a nuclear arsenal.

  • Ring Of Truth
    An encounter with a lost elephant and a fist fight for a woman's freedom involve Jeremiah and Kurdy in a circus and in helping the woman re-connect with her estranged daughter.

  • Moon In Gemini
    Jeremiah and Erin are having a somewhat flirtatious fencing match. She's pretty good with a foil; he's just learning. As they leave the gym, she tells him she has just heard from her twin sister, which probably means Lauren has taken up with another abusive boyfriend and needs help.

  • Out Of The Ashes
    While Kurdy helps a self-appointed librarian learn to read and fend off zealots who are convinced that books are the root of all evil, Jeremiah embarks on an arduous journey with a wheelchair-bound woman determined to deliver her father's ashes to the remote island where she was raised.

  • A Means To An End
    Markus's position as Thunder Mountain's leader is challenged by brothers who are threatened by the decision to introduce outside community leaders to the secret headquarters.

  • Things Left Unsaid, Part 1
    Jeremiah and Kurdy discover the traitor and search out the Brothers of the Apocalypse, who finally tell them the truth about the Big Death and the vital importance Thunder Mountain plays in the future of the world.

  • Things Left Unsaid, Part 2
    As Markus prepares for a meeting with other groups, Jeremiah and Kurdy try to find out who cut a page out of Simon's journal - and why. What they learn could put an end to both Thunder Mountain and their partnership.
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