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Star Trek

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Level 9 EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Mail Call
    An elite team of computer wizards protects the world from electronic terrorism.

  • DefCon
    Travis is tempted to renew a romantic relationship with a hacker who is planning to shut down Las Vegas with a high-tech heist.

  • Terror In The Sky
    Sosh and Wiley are in a race against time to find a "digital bomb" inside a plane's on-board computer.

  • Reboot
    Annie releases a murderer from a maximum security prison to break the case of Crazyhorse, but the murderer slips away to kill again -- on the Internet.

  • Digital Babylon
    Deeply disturbed by a college student's Internet-related murder, Sosh sets herself up as chat-room bait for the killer.

  • 10 Little Hackers
    While investigating an attack on his friend Skid by an international hit man, Jargon unearths a hideout filled with Skid's hacker friends.

  • A Price To Pay
    When Annie Price investigates the alleged suicide of her mentor, she finds a web of murder, money, perfidy and politics.

  • Wetware
    An e-mail triggers a long-buried post-hypnotic suggestion, prompting an ordinary citizen to assassinate a senator.

  • Avatar
    Tibbs' former relationship with the daughter of an ex-president complicates the team's pursuit of kidnappers.

  • Eat Flaming Death
    Cyberterrorists are on a mission to raze Washington, D.C., targeting Tibb's former girlfriend, who carries the president's nuclear "football."
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