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The Lone Gunmen EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    Three conspiracy theorists become embroiled in government and corporate intrigue. The guys get a benefactor to bankroll their investigations.

  • Bond, Jimmy Bond
    While investigating the murder of a computer hacker, the threesome find a benefactor named Jimmy Bond who is willing to bankroll their strapped operation.

  • Eine Kleine Frohike
    When an infamous Nazi assassin places an ad to find her long-lost child, Frohike goes under cover posing as the woman's son.

  • Like Water For Octane
    The guys get wind of a revolutionary new car that runs on water and race to find its secret location before anyone else does.

  • Three Men And A Smoking Diaper
    The guys care for a baby while investigating a senator's involvement in his mistress's murder.

  • Madam, I'm Adam
    The guys help a man who says his life has been stolen from him.

  • Planet Of The Frohikes
    A genetically altered primate named Peanuts alerts the Gunmen to an assassination plot involving a brainwashed monkey.

  • Maximum Byers
    When the Gunmen are asked by a woman to exonerate her son for a murder she claims he did not commit, Byers and Jimmy go undercover as prison inmates on deathrow in a Texas jail to make direct contact with her son.Upon further investigation, the Gunmen discover the man may be part of a larger conspiracy and must race to expose the real criminals before Byers and Jimmy's identities are uncovered.

  • Tango De Los Pistoleros
    After the Lone Gunmen ruin her first attempt to get close to a suspected smuggler, Yves arranges to become the man's partner in a tango competition.

  • The Lying Game
    The Gunmen's investigation into the shooting death of the brother of Byers' college roommate, a blackmailer, yields a definite suspect: FBI Asst. Director Walter Skinner.

  • All About Yves
    We learn some secrets about Yves and this is where we start to learn all about the Gunmen. Morris Fletcher is taken by aliens and Fox Mulder runs into Jimmy Bond.

  • Cap'n Toby
    Langly's childhood hero, kid's show host Cap'n Toby, is accused of being an international spy.
    • The Lone Gunmen: The Complete Series
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