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The Listener EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • I'm An Adult Now
    Toby Logan and his paramedic partner "Oz" Bey are on their way to work when Toby receives a telepathic hit and envisions a fiery car crash. Seconds later, they arrive at the accident that he has just envisioned. Our paramedics jump into action and rescue a young woman who is semi-conscious and bleeding. While tending to the traumatized woman, Toby has visions of her missing son, but he is unable to get her to share any information. Realizing her missing boy is in serious trouble, Toby struggles with how to use his ability to help save him.

  • Emotional Rescue
    After saving a childhood friend from a burning building, Toby tracks down an arsonist that he believes might be responsible for a series of fires in the city.

  • A Voice In The Dark
    After bumping into a young homeless man, Toby is plagued by visions of a missing girl. Certain that she's been abducted, he pursues the homeless man for insights into her whereabouts but he gets more than he bargained for, including the distinct feeling that this homeless man might share his psychic abilities.

  • Some Kinda Love
    After meeting a young woman in a nightclub, Toby goes to her apartment. The next morning the woman is found dead and Toby becomes a suspect in her death. Frustrated and saddened by the woman's death, Toby must use his secret gift to prove his innocence.

  • Lisa Says
    After rescuing a young boy from a gang beating, Toby takes him to the hospital where the street kid manages to get away. Determined to track the boy down before he can be hurt again, Toby uncovers a hidden group of young runaways and learns about a missing girl named Lisa. In order to save the young boy and the missing girl, Toby draws on his own life-shattering secret.

  • Foggy Notion
    AAfter witnessing a fatal shooting in Chinatown, Toby finds himself getting emotionally involved with the blind sister of one of the victims. In an effort to help her find out who killed her brother, Toby uses his telepathic gift and discovers a cover-up involving a Chinese crime boss who has a lot to hide from the police.

  • Iris
    After Toby witnesses a young woman revive a badly injured baby, he feels a strong kinship and curiosity about her gift. Like his own channeling powers, her ability is both a blessing, when she can heal someone, and a curse, when she can't.

  • One Way Or Another
    When it appears a serial rapist has struck again, Toby senses Detective Marks' guilt over failing to convict him on a previous occasion. Using his telepathic powers, Toby helps gather intelligence from a traumatized victim only to realize that Marks may have some deep wounds of her own.

  • Inside Man
    Toby and Oz are called to a crime scene where they discover two victims lying in a pool of blood. Toby senses someone else is present, and the victims' teenage son is discovered hiding and barely alive. With two people dead and the only witness traumatized and unable to speak, Toby uses his telepathic ability to read the son's mind and determine what happened.

  • Missing
    During a dinner Toby learns that the parents of Oz are going through financial problems, if they don't pay off the mortgage for their restaurant in the next two weeks, they might loose their business. So Oz asks Toby for help. First they start playing poker, but without any success, Olivia shares a tip for them. There is a reward offered of 100.000 dollars for finding a missing person.

  • Beginning To See The Light
    After a terrible accident has occurred, Toby and Oz are called to the place of the events. There they find a man with a serious head injury. Despite their attempts to save the man, he dies shortly after the accident with nobody knowing what happened, but the telephatic read of a young woman that Toby was able to get. Now the only chance for Toby to clear up this mysterious accident is to find the young woman.

  • The 13th Juror
    Toby and Oz abilities as a rescue medical team are called into question, after they have compromised the evidence in a crime scene. However, while Toby is reading the thoughts of the people giving testimony he finds out that the victim's sister may know who is responsible for the death of her sister. He also receives a telephatic hit from someone sitting in the courtroom gallery of an eyewitness that may know what happened and who is responsible. Later Toby and Oz take up a man who suffers from Alzheimer with an unknown identity. Toby is unable to decipher his confused thoughts, but later he is shocked when he discovers that maybe this man holds the key to his own mysterious past.

  • The Journey
    The Alzheimer patient seems to be connected in a mysterious way with Toby's past. Dr.Ray believes that it has to do with the apparently without identity Frank Cardea, the man who brought Toby to Ray 20 years ago. On account of his serious dementia Frank can only remember fragment-like parts, but he remembers that Maya, Toby's presumed dead mother sent him. Now all Toby needs is to decipher Frank's confused thoughts in order to find out the truth about his past and his mother.
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