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Star Trek

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Lost In Space EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Reluctant Stowaway
    The Robinsons are introduced and the Jupiter 2 mission is outlined. Just before lift off, Col. Dr. Zachary Smith is seen re-programming the environmental robot to sabotage the mission. When he discovers a mistake he reboards the Jupiter 2 to rectify it, but gets stuck on board during launch. His extra weight sends the Jupiter 2 off course. And the Robinsons and himself are Lost in Space. Mr. Robinson goes on a space walk to repair the guidance system, but his safety line mysteriously breaks.

  • The Derelict
    After Rescuing Mr. Robinson from his disastrous space walk, the crew encounter an alien ship that swallows the Jupiter 2. Dr. Smith is certain it is a ship from the foreign power he worked for, so he accompanies Will Robinson in exploration of the craft against Professor Robinson's orders. But when he meets the alien life form inside, he realizes we are not alone in this universe as he thought and his xenophobia exhibits. He blasts the alien whom Will was trying to communicate with and they run for the Jupiter 2. The Jupiter 2 has to blast its way out, and the castaways continue on their way. And then the environmental robot that Dr. Smith re-programmed in the pilot, goes awry. After the robot's damage to the ship, the Robinsons must land on a nearby planet. professor Robinson decides to send the robot to examine the atmosphere, but Dr. Smith has other plans. So professor Robinson opts to take a controlled descent in a space suit equipped with Para-Jets that malfunction.

  • Island In The Sky
    Professor Robinson Para-jets have a malfunction during a controlled descent and he crashes on the surface of the planet. The rest of the crew decides to go after him and land the Jupiter 2, but they crash the spaceship. The Robinsons search for the body of professor Robinson and find him Miraculously alive. They return to the ship where Dr. Smith has been busy programming the robot with more mischief, the liquidation of the Robinsons. The Robinson's realize it will take a long time to repair the Jupiter 2, so they set up a permanent camp on a hostile planet. Will, intent on fixing the Chariot after running into one of the denizens of the planet, is caught alone by the Robot. The Robot starts on its new programming supplied by Dr. Smith. "When one of the nonessential crew is alone, Liquidate."

  • There Were Giants In The Earth
    When caught alone by the robot, Will is attacked, but quickly discovers a way to control the robot by using Dr. Smith's tonal qualities and phraseology while giving orders. Meanwhile the Robinsons continue to set up camp. Professor Robinson and Major West stock up the Chariot and leave to explore the terrain, and the lady Robinsons set up the domestic side of camp including planting food, Dr. Smith decides to plant some seeds, but even when he was told not to plant any of the seeds in the alien soil and to stick with the soil they brought with them from earth. Dr. Smith in typical fashion goes against wishes and does just the opposite. The seeds mutate and grow to an enormous size but release a gas when opened and only will can save them. Professor Robinson after returning to the camp and being told about the giant vegetables and discovers that the cells and soil that has a parasite in it that will cause gigantic growth. While setting up their weather station they discover that the weather will change drastically and decide to go south. Before they go they discover a giant footprint and the giant who made it. Will discovers that his father and Major West are trapped by the giant and runs to the rescue. Will zaps the giant with a laser, saving them. John Robinson is angry with his son for taking such a risk, but also realizes there was no other choice. The Robinsons leave the comfort of the ship, leaving the Dr. and the robot behind by their own choice. The Group encounters the giant again and major West zaps it with the big laser connected to the Chariots power supply.The Robinsons next encounter a fierce electrical storm and drive into a cave for protection from the storm, and discover a ancient, but derelict Alien city While exploring the ancient city, the children push through a secret chamber and become trapped with an alien mummy. The others are looking for them when an earthquake hits.

  • The Hungry Sea
    Professor Robinson uses his laser to cut through the mortar of the bricks to rescue the children during the earthquake. They and the children quickly find their way back to the Chariot and leave just as the tremors are lessening. They continue to go south to avoid the cold but figure out the planet is on a strange elliptical course that will now turn the planet into a smoldering cinder and then back to ice. The family stops to erect a shelter in order to withstand the oncoming blistering heat. When it's over they are joyful that they survived barely. Then they return to the ship. Will sends out a radio S.O.S.signal in hopes that mission control will receive it and send a rescue ship. A man from a previously space program on earth zero's in on the signal and lands on the planet.

  • Welcome Stranger
    The Robinsons are startled by the stranger who landed on the planet due to will's signal. At first they are distrustful of the stranger but soon grow to like this good 'ol boy from an earlier space program on earth. So much so that John and Maureen decide to ask the stranger if he will take the younger children back to earth, since their mission has gone so wrong. At first the stranger declines, but eventually changes his mind. At the last minute the children change their mind, not able to part from their parents. But the parents are determined and insist, but the stranger changes his mind also at blasts off before anything else can be said. While professor Robinson and major West are drilling for fuel, Penny shows up bored and dejected because she has nothing to do and no friends. She wanders into the drilling area just after the men have set a charge to go off. Professor Robinson hear's Penny's calls to her father and rushes forward to knock Penny out of the blast area.

  • My Friend, Mr. Nobody
    After a near fatal mishap with Penny at the site where the Professor is drilling for fuel. Penny feels neglected still, even after her father is angry with her for not paying attention to the dangers about. Sad and dejected Penny wanders into a cave where she meets up with an invisible friend named Mr. Nobody. Everyone laughs a Penny when she tells of her encounter with her friend Mr. Nobody. All but Dr. Smith who listens to the part about all the shiny glass rock Penny has found in the cave, that he believes to be diamonds. Smith shows his greedy side for the first time and follows Penny to the cave where she meets Mr. Nobody. Smith cons West into blasting in a spot that would open a large hole into the back of the cave where the diamonds are. Penny is hurt by the blast and Mr. Nobody goes on a rampage. Penny comes to and tells the entity that she is alright. The entity tells Penny that he loves her, And we find out that the entity is a force of nature that was just coming out of its cocoon and is becoming something like a star or nebula. Dr. Smith runs across a strange looking device that is really a space ship. When a strange looking creatures head with no mouth appears in the ships window and he is immobilized.

  • Invaders From The Fifth Dimension
    Invaders from another dimension land on the castaways planet and require repairs in order to leave. When Dr. Smith encounters them he is immobilized and they bring Dr. Smith into the ship. After talking to Dr. Smith they realize that his brain (which is the part they need to repair the ship) is too inferior but they will try to make it work. They tell Dr. Smith their plans and he agrees that his brain is too inferior, but that he knows where there is a group of people called the Robinsons who may be able to help them, Specifically Will. They send him on his way to collect Will with a pain giving device around his neck to insure his cooperation. He brings Will. And Will agrees to becoming their part in order to save his family from being destroyed. But the aliens soon realize their mistake. When Will is unable to comply with their wishes, because he is unable to think of anything but his love for his family, the aliens release him and they take off somehow. Major West and and Judy Robinson are working on the water reclamation units lines when an earthquake begins to happen. Major West is hurt and trapped under a rock while trying to save the water reclamation unit.

  • The Oasis
    After West is injured in an earthquake that destroys the water reclamation unit. Smith is caught using the last of the drinking water for a personal shower. Professor Robinson realizes there is a drought on the way. So he orders the entire camp out on foot to look for alternative sources of water. While out, they find some fruit that they bring back to be tested before it is eaten. They leave some outside the ship where Smith finds it. Not knowing it hasn't been tested, because he refused to keep up with the group and fell behind to take a nap. Smith eats the fruit and later when he finds out it hasn't been tested. Accuses the Robinsons of deliberately trying to poison him for revenge, for his using the drinking water up frivolously. The fruit has a peculiar effect on Smith and the Bloop (Penny's alien monkey pet). Overnight they become giants. Dr. Smith is not too happy with his condition even though it makes him the bigger man and is frightened he will die. the Robinsons try to make him comfortable and make him a large bed. It begins to rain overnight and Dr. Smith and the Bloop are returned to normal. Dr. Smith Runs across another device and watches as it transports alien colonists from another world onto their planet.

  • The Sky Is Falling
    After Dr. Smith witnesses the transfer of aliens from another planet by a matter transporter beam, he rushes to the Robinsons to tell of imminent disaster from an advance scouting party from an advance waring civilization. Professor Robinson doesn't believe Dr. Smith believing him to just to be shirking his duties, but goes to check it out anyway. When the professor arrives he see that it is a family and extends his welcome, but the aliens are not sure about him and keep their weapons close by, so they part as possible enemies. Each group is wary of the other, with Dr. Smith inciting xenophobia. The Taurons as the other aliens are called do not speak as far as anyone knows, not even in a language of their own. But Will and the Tauron boy strike up a friendship despite communication problems and the cold war between the groups. When the alien child falls ill. Will decides to stay with him even though he knows his parents will worry about where he is. Both groups believe the other has their son and fighting erupts. the boys return and the fighting stops. Even though each group realizes what has happened after the boys tell their story, the Taurons elect to leave. Dr. Smith causes another dangerous accident due to reckless laziness.

  • Wish Upon A Star
    Finally fed up with the endless string of accidents by Dr. Smith predilection to laziness, Professor Robinson and the rest of the castaways banish Dr. Smith from the camp. Will feels sorry for him and offers to help him find shelter. On the way they find a derelict ship that is a bit creepy but a good shelter. Inside they find a machine that makes your wishes come true. Dr. Smith leads the life of riley until Will makes him feel guilty for keeping it to himself. But the professor doesn't believe in getting something for nothing and kicks Smith out again. Smith returns to the derelict and continues his debauchery. He wishes for a servant. The servant happens to be the benefactor who is granting his wishes, and not only is he ugly but he is damn mad and wants his machine back! Will, on one of his many attempts to contact Mission Control for rescue, is sending up model rockets filled with hyper-atomic fuel from the Jupiter 2's reserves. On his 6th attempt the rocket explodes sending a fireball back down towards the Jupiter 2 camp.

  • The Raft
    The fireball from last episode missed the camp. but afterwards Professor Robinson realizes that all the reserve fuel is missing. Will used all of the fuel in his experimental rockets. The Professor decides that Major West should go into orbit using the ships radiation chamber and a balloon, and then go to earth for help. Dr. Smith programs the robot to launch him instead, but Will is trapped with him and The robot launches prematurely. Dr. Smith and Will believe they have gone to another close-by planet. But in reality could not escape orbit, landing instead on the other side of the same planet the rest of the castaways are on. After exploring a little they are attacked by several different mutants. One in particular wants them to tend his garden. Will figures out they are still on the same planet and uses his radio to contact his father. Professor Robinson and Major West triangulates on their position and rescues them both. The men leave in the chariot to set up some relay stations, and are caught in a meteorite storm.

  • One Of Our Dogs Is Missing
    After dealing with the meteor storm at home base the ladies try to contact the men by radio and get no response. They decide to leave and find out one way or another if they are dead or alive. on the way they find a space ship with a dog from one of earth's earlier space missions. Dr. Smith who was left behind with the women believes the Dog is an alien in disguise. Meanwhile, the dog is being pursued by one of the planets mutants. The men come back and everyone is jubilant. But Dr. Smith with his xenophobia in full flower, tries to talk them into attacking the dog. They discover that the dog is not the mutant in disguise and send the mutant running for home. Note: The dog is never seen again and never explained as where he went to. While Professor Robinson is drilling for fuel, he is talking with Dr. Smith when a mutant plant slithers out a vine and grabs the professor. He asks for help from Smith but typical to him he is frightened out of his mind and runs away leaving Professor Robinson to die.

  • Attack Of The Monster Plants
    Professor Robinson is attacked by a mutant plant and when he asks for help from Smith he runs away. Luckily Will happens by and saves his father. The professor and West are livid after Dr. Smith's refusal to help a fellow castaway in need and for the second time he is banished from camp. And since they are close to having enough fuel for lift off, Major West can't resist a private jibe at Smith, so he talks out loud to Judy about leaving smith behind. Professor Robinson has no intention in leaving Smith behind, but smith in retaliation cons Will into bringing him fuel canisters. Smith has accidentally found a mutant plant that duplicates things, unfortunately they only look like the original on the outside but is in reality nothing but a plant. Smith inadvertently feeds the radioactive pellets to the plant and overnight the plants multiply and grow to enormous proportions. West continues to tease Smith, and Smith is desperate to get back into good favor with the Robinsons. Meanwhile he sees Judy in a trance enter on of the plants and a duplicate Judy emerge. The duplicate steals the remaining fuel to feed to her fellow plants. Smith tries to use this to his advantage. the family discovers Theft, ready to blame Dr. Smith. The next morning the ship is over run with monster plants. The duplicate Judy tries to save the plants from the super insecticide the Robinsons are using to fight the plants back. They discover that plant Judy is a fake & try to force her to reveal Judy's whereabouts. Since Dr. Smith knows where. He gets back into The Robinsons good graces. While trying to find new sources of fuel. Dr. Smith and Penny run across the machine the Taurons left behind and frighten themselves when they accidently activate it.

  • Return From Outer Space After Dr. Smith's and Penny's rediscovery of the Taurons Matter Transfer Machine, Professor Robinson makes the machine off limits to the entire group. Meanwhile, Dr. Smith uses up the last of the Carbon Tetrachloride that is used in the food processor. Without it the Robinsons will starve before the make it off the planet. Will decides to use the Tauron machine against permission to go to earth on a double mission: 1. To get more Carbon Tetrachloride and 2. To inform mission control as to their position and predicament. Of course no one on earth in a tiny new England town will believe that he is Will Robinson of the Jupiter 2. After almost being put into a foster home, Will escapes and is helped by one boy to get back to the same spot where the Tauron beam is set for return trip. Will doesn't accomplish both missions but he does get the chemical for the food processor. An alien ship lands and a mysterious stranger emerges.

  • The Keeper, Part 1
    After a space ship lands on the castaway planet, they meet an alien who is as far advanced to humans as humans are to insects. The alien calls himself " The Keeper" and tells the castaways that he is looking for new specimens for his collection. But secretly he decides humans would be an ideal addition. He determines that Will and Penny would be a pristine choice and sets on a coarse to acquire them. The family refuses, but has to keep a close eye on them, because the keeper has powers to attract weaker-minded individuals. Dr. Smith is of course susceptible this power and ends up in The Keepers Ark. Dr. Smith makes a deal to get the children for him if he will leave him alone and leave the planet. Dr. Smith arranges for the children to hear the siren song of The Keeper and he has them in his clutches.

  • The Keeper, Part 2
    Although The Keeper has gotten the children several times. The Robinsons keep getting them back. Dr. Smith inadvertently releases The Keepers collection, and the castaways are in further danger from the fierce monsters and mutants. Although angry The Keeper hopes this will make them change their mind and hand over the children. Later in separate groups Mr. and Mrs. Robinson and Don and Judy each decide to offer themselves to appease The Keeper if he will leave the children alone. He refuses their offers. After the argument Professor Robinson knocks The Keepers staff of power down and breaks the crystal. Unbeknownst to any of them it releases the one creature that Dr. Smith did not release, the most dangerous one of all. When The Keeper returns to his ship and realizes that his staff has been broken, he is attacked from behind by the creature. Maureen goes back to plead with The Keeper once more and finds him just regaining consciousness. Meanwhile the creature which turns out to be a giant arachnid has attacked the Chariot which has Major West, Dr. Smith and the children inside. The Keeper shows concern and they rush to the aid of the children. Professor Robinson arrives first to save them with his laser, but only manages to get the creatures attention from crushing the chariot. Mrs. Robinson and The Keeper show up and he subdues the monster with his new staff of power. Everyone is safe and The Keeper gives up his desires of the children when he sees the family in embrace. The Keeper leaves them one of his creature traps, filled with Dr. Smith and no key. An alien space craft lands and Will is taken hostage by a pirate.

  • The Sky Pirate
    After a space craft lands, Will is taken hostage by an earthling dressed like a pirate with a robot parrot on his shoulders. He is ransoming Will for some food and repairs on his ship which he doesn't know how to fix himself. Will and the pirate become quick friends and Will has decided to accompany him on his pirate ship to fleece the galaxy. It turns out he is a fugitive with a stolen artifact that belongs to a creature intent on its return. In the end the Pirate returns Will and tries to save everyone by sacrificing himself, but he survives. Will is very upset because he believes he will be the pirates first mate in his future adventures, but the pirate sees that his family will miss him so he decides he must disappoint the lad so he won't run away. Once again Smith decides to shirk his duties and ends up releasing an invisible monster.

  • Ghost In Space
    When Dr. Smith again flakes out on a duty he is given, he inadvertently releases a large invisible monster . Dr. Smith believes this is the ghost of his uncle Thadeus. The entity wreaks havoc whenever it shows up, but disappears at first light. Smith is positive he is right about the entity's identity and goes out to the bog to exorcise the errant poltergeist. But smith finds out the truth to his dismay. Somehow Will becomes Invisible and the monster becomes visible. After smith tells the parents that Will is gone, Professor Robinson and Major West goes looking for him. Meanwhile the visible seaweed looking monster is stalking Will and just when he captures him the light of first dawn shows up. The monster disappears and Will appears just as the men show up. Smith becomes distraught over thinking Will is dead. Will shows up in front of Dr. Smith and he is ecstatic that Will is fine. Will, The Robot and Dr. Smith are fishing in a small pond when they run across an ancient Robot.

  • The War Of The Robots
    While Will and the robot are out fishing, they run across an ancient Robot in disrepair. The Robinson's Robot warns Will of Danger, but Will repairs the robot against his wishes. The Robot that will fixes has former Masters that had left him on the planet a millennium ago. He contacts them and promises to turn over the castaways to them. He befriends the family and supplants the Robinson's Robot. Feeling inadequate The environmental Robot leaves the group after a confrontation with Robbie. Robbie has taken all of the Robinson's weapons, telling them they are to turned over to his masters. Will escapes and finds the Environmental Robot and together they come up with a plan to incapacitate Robbie. A Cosmic Storm is about to hit camp and Penny is nowhere to be found. The adults including Dr. Smith go out to find her before the storm hits. Penny has found a strange mirror, Dr. Smith finds her as the storm hits. The storm worsens and Dr.Smith and Penny hide from the storm under the mirror as lightning hits the mirror the eyes glow. Professor Robinson finds them both under the mirror as the storm breaks. The Professor expresses interest in the mirror but decides to take them back to the ship. As they leave we see something inside the mirror.

  • The Magic Mirror
    After finding a mirror in the previous episode. Dr. Smith has decide the mirror is his because it is adorned with platinum, after going back to the place where they found it, he sees Judy and Penny have gotten there first and intent to use the artifact as a full length mirror. Penny is again feeling irritated with her sister's attempts at fixing her up so she doesn't exhibit any tomboyish traits, since she feels unable to measure up to Judy's beauty. Later Debbie the Bloop pushes Penny into the mirror which is a portal into a different dimension. Inside she meets a young man who is only intent on playing and having fun. There is a beast inside the mirror also which the boy fells is fun to play hide and seek with. Dr. Smith also finds a way into the mirror, but thinks he is dreaming. He finds they way out by shooting his own reflection in an act of paranoia, while running from the monster, in a pool of water inside the mirror. Penny starts to follow him but turns and begs the boy to come with her. She doesn't wait to find out the boy cannot follow because he has no reflection. After the attention the boy showed her, Penny feels a growing girl and less like a tomboy. Dr. Smith is setting up a proximity alarm, because some things have turned up missing around camp. After the alarm goes off Dr. Smith and Will get up to check it out, and just before Smith is about to fire, Will sees that it is not a creature but a boy his size. This boy jumps down from a rock threatening them with a spear.

  • The Challenge
    After Setting Up an alarm system. Will And Dr. Smith are threatened by a boy wielding a spear. They learn he is a Prince from another planet whose father has sent him there on a quest of manhood by survival. The boy insults Will's masculinity and challenges him to a contest of strengths. At first Professor Robinson is not interested until the father shows up and becomes insulting himself. Robinson must eventually face the father who believes his son will lose to will. Both the Prince and the father snub Dr. Smith because he shows himself to be a traitor The rest of the group. Professor Robinson wins the duel and because he is ashamed, the price goes off to face a dangerous monster in a cave. They all go to rescue the boy, and the father becomes proud of his brave son and they face the threat together. Dr. Smith is painting near the ship and the others are commenting on his work, when a storm instantly appears. Dr. Smith attempts to save his masterpiece while the others are running for the cover of the ship. Smith is in danger and Professor Robinson goes to save him when their water tower gives way and begins to roll towards them. Death looks imminent as it bears down on the two men.

  • The Space Trader
    After avoiding the near disaster with the water tower last episode. The two men make it inside The Jupiter 2 for safety. As they look outside again the weather mysteriously and abruptly stops. After they look over the damage the impromptu storm caused. They find the water condensation unit damaged and the food gardens destroyed. The castaways are force into severe rationing. While will and Dr. Smith are out scouting for water they run across a space trader who has set up shop on the planet. The trader has ulterior motives, he is looking to acquire an earthling for a client on another planet. we find he is responsible for The storm, caused by a weather machine. He sets his sights on Dr. Smith and is willing to use his weather machine to get him, but first he attempts to trick him into servitude, by telling Dr. Smith he will trade food for the Robot. Smith agrees and almost loses his friendship with Will over his actions. The trader plays his trump (the contract he signed) and smith is his prisoner. Will comes to Smith's rescue and they escape back to the Jupiter 2. They prepare to protect Smith, the trader brandishes the contract but the Robot informs everyone it was the trader who destroyed their food. The trader attempts to use his last trump card. the contract itself begins to take control of Smith and it is up to the Robot to stop him from succeeding in making off with Smith. Dr. Smith and Will are walking along when they run across a Kings Crown. Smith feigns indifference but is actually very attracted to all the jewels. After he gets Will to leave the area he say he forgot his trowel and tells will to go along without him, as he will return and get it himself. When he gets back to the spot he cannot help himself, his greed and audacity makes him don the crown. When he does the crown begins to exhibit lightning and he is shocked.

  • His Majesty Smith
    After Smith dons a crown he and Will found, he is shocked by electricity emitting from the Crown. When Will Dons the cap a fanfare is heard and a group of humans appear to announce Will their King, King of Andronica. Will declines and Dr. Smith offers to help convince Will to accept, or maybe he himself might be worthy. But it is a ruse, the humans are not what they seem and they are working for a sinister looking alien. Dr. Smith returns to the aliens ship to offer himself as ruler and they accept. Smith hams it up as he acts out the role of king. But we find out that the humans are androids and that the true alien is the Price Regent, and he needs a Paper King because they execute their king during a festival of sacrifice that happens every 10,000 years. While the alien awaits his mother ship, we learn that the robot has intercepted and suppressed the message in order to safeguard the humans including Dr. Smith. The alien discovers such and makes a Smith Android in order to get away with the original Smith. The Robinsons discover that Smith has turned over a new leaf as a hard working, industrious and a kind man. Smith believes the alien has made a mistake, because the android doesn't act like him at all, and he is sure the castaways won't fall for it. But he is wrong, they like this new Smith. When Smith comments on this to the alien. The alien tells him that he is not interested in the others, because they are useful creatures and that he was chosen because he is not. Smith bashes him over the head and escapes and shows up at the Jupiter 2. The others are confused when there are two Dr. Smiths, one they like and one they're not sure of. Although they realize he is the real one and that they need to protect him, they don't want to lose the other one. Crafty Smith tries to talk android Smith into taking his place, but it seems android Smith isn't going for it. Professor Robinson knows that the alien will be back for Smith whom he believes is under his bed hiding and android Smith is still working away. The Androids attack and the Robinsons put up the force field. The Androids have incapacitated the robot and to further prove their superiority they, walk right through the force field. But before the rest can react. Smith runs out from the ship and agrees to go, in order to save them all. Making the ultimate sacrifice. He goes into his dramatic King act and is gone. But we find out it was really the android smith and that the Smith who was industriously working was indeed our Dr. Smith. It seems the Smith came up with the plan because the android would appear to have changed and they would not put him to the death. The other are actually happy to have a Smith in which they can count on, not to count on. But Will who is the only one who truly likes Smith decides he will miss the nice Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith, Will and Penny are preparing a time capsule, when they hear a wolf howl. Smith predicts it is a Werewolf, and they run back towards the ship.On the way they are attacked by the Werewolf.

  • The Space Croppers
    Dr. Smith, Will and Penny are preparing a time capsule, when they hear a wolf howl. Smith predicts it is a Werewolf, and they run back towards the ship.On the way they are attacked by the Werewolf. But they are saved by the robot, who discharges his electrical bolts and scares it away. Later when Dr. Smith and Will attempt to find the creature they run across a human looking alien, dressed like a farmer. The alien (Kiel) takes them to his camp, where we meet his sister Efra and his mother Sybilla. The aliens have stakes out a parcel of land for planting their crop. A crop of Killer-man eating plants. Smith decides to woo the mother in order to get back to earth, but the croppers plan to feed the castaways to their crop. We find out the daughter is a witch and the son is a werewolf. At first Sybilla is annoyed with Smiths attention but soon decides she likes Smiths love talk. Sybilla decides to take Smith as her beau. Will is sad that Dr.Smith will be leaving with Sybilla and tries to talk him out of it. Will has discovered their secret and again tries to save Smith. Overnight the plants have taken over the entire area. The Robinsons destroys the plants with their gas packs and try to save Smith. Professor Robinson, West and Will take off in the chariot to find a new source of water, leaving Smith and the Robinson women at the Jupiter 2. Smith tells the ladies he's sure that it will be pleasant while the others are gone. Meanwhile we see a haggard man being hunted by a man in a uniform and two creatures reminiscent of hound dogs.

  • All That Glitters
    Last episode we saw a man being hunted by a man in a uniform and two monsters. The next day Penny and Smith are picking berries, when they run across the fugitive. He grabs Penny and in typical Smith fashion he runs away leaving Penny alone. Smith makes his way to camp and gets Maureen and Judy. When they return to the site where Penny was, there is no sign of her. Suddenly the two monsters show up and and Maureen takes a shot at them with the Lazer, but it does no good. They run back to the Jupiter 2 and toss on the force field, which fortunately stops the creatures. They are fretting on the whereabouts of Penny when she turns up behind them, safe inside the Jupiter 2. She informs everyone that she brought the alien fugitive home and he is sleeping in Smith's quarters. the alien thanks them for their kindness, but decides to leave in order to not get them in any trouble. Later Security Officer Bollux from the planet Tauron shows up looking for the fugitive alien Ohan. But Maureen doesn't like the officers insinuations and has no information for him. Bollux informs them the fugitive was allowed to escape so they can find the treasure that Ohan stole. Penny tells Smith who is still outside the ship, that Ohan left something in her care which is the key to the treasure. Smith uses the disk to get to the treasure only to find a bejeweled box. Inside he finds a ring, thinking he's wasted his time, Smith puts it away for later. Ohan shows up looking for the item that he left in Penny's care. But Smith tells him he will get it for him and give it to him tomorrow after Penny gets up. After Ohan leaves Smith discovers the ring opens up and he puts it around his neck for safe keeping. But he now finds he has the ability to transmute things to Platinum. But like Midas, he finds out it is not worth the trouble. He goes to Officer Bollux and sets up Ohan to be captured. They succeed in capturing Ohan The next morning Judy and Penny find a flower that Smith has turned into Platinum. Smith shows up bragging about his new found powers, but he finds the more he uses the power the less control he has, and soon he cannot touch anything without transmuting it, including food. Despondent Smith goes away afraid he will hurt someone and so goes off to die. Bollux shows up accusing Maureen and the girls and arrests them. But Penny refuses and runs off. She runs off to find Smith to get his help, but Penny accidentally touches him and is turned to Platinum. Out of total remorse Smith showing concern for others he has never shown before, goes to rescuer the others. But once he has, he cannot force himself to tell Maureen what has happened to Penny. He runs off and they pursue him wanting to know what has happened to Penny. As Smith is sitting near Penny feeling sorry for Penny and asks for forgiveness. The ring begins to talk to him saying since he has learned his lesson, it will make an acceptance. Smith begs it to return Penny to normal, but thinks it has left him.Penny comes back to life and the ring comes off, just when the others find them. And everyone especially Smith is happy. Meanwhile, we see the men in the chariot caught in a volcanic eruption. The chariot stalls in front of a lava flow while a flaming rock is flying straight at them.

  • The Lost Civilization
    Last Episode we saw Professor Robinson, West, Will and the Robot in a stalled chariot about to be overrun by lava,. When they get the chariot moving out of danger, we see they are being watched on a monitor by an alien. The men continue to look for a water source they run across a huge underground supply. They stop to drill a well, but find it to be brackish water unfit for drinking. They pack up and continue on their way, but their air conditioning unit is not working. It is not working because before they left the Jupiter 2, Will saw Dr.Smith taking parts from the chariot's air unit. The group must find shelter quick because it is 130 degrees in the shade. While Robinson and West are fixing the chariot in the cave they found. Will and the Robot explore the cave. the Robot starts sensing water and tells Will it is in a hole further on in the cave. An earthquake happens and Will falls down the hole. The Robot tries to find Will when another quake happens and the Robot falls as well. Below they find an underground world, with water, jungles and a civilization. Professor Robinson notices that Will is missing, so he and Don search for him. The Robot and Will find an ocean of drinking water, but they are lost. Earthquakes continue to happen and a boulder lands on Don's leg but they continue the search. Will and the Robot encounters a little girl in an encased bedroom in the jungle. Will attempts to awaken the girl, but the Robot tells him that he must kiss the girl to awaken her. The girl awakens and tells Will she is a Princess. After she finds out Will is from earth she tells him it is too bad he is from earth. He asks her what she means, but she remains tight lipped. She takes Will to see her army. Meanwhile, Professor Robinson and West are captured by soldiers. The Princess introduces Will to her Major Domo, who is the same alien we saw in the beginning watching the chariot. The Major Domo takes will to see the army but sidetracks to his dungeon and Will sees his father. The aliens fix Major West's foot with a strange machine. The Major Domo shows the Robinson party their army which is poised for attack. Their plan is the conquest of the whole universe. A 1000 generations of soldiers have been in hibernation until a prophecy comes to pass. When a traveler from another world would make their way to their planet and find the underground civilization and awaken the Princess. The reward for the person who fulfills the prophecy is that his planet will be the first to fall.
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