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DescriptionShow Description    

Mr. Terrific

Mr. Terrific premiered on CBS on January 9, 1967. Stanley Beamish was a mild-mannered gas station employee who had been give n Power Pills to use by the Bureau of Secret Projects. These pills only worked on wimpy people, which made Stanley the perfect candidate. in fact, he was the only person the pills worked on. Once he had taken the pills he turned into Mr. Terrific with super powers and the ability to fight crime - for exactly one hour. Then the pills wore off and he became Stanley once again.

CastShow Cast    
Stanley Beamish/Mr. Terrific
Stephen Strimple
Mrs. Beamish
Ellen Corby
Hal Walters
Dick Gautier
Barton J. Reed
John McGiver
Harley Trent
Paul Smith
EpisodesShow Episodes    
Season 1 (1966-1967)
(17 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Matchless (Original Air Date 1/9/1967)
  2. Mr. Big Curtsies Out (Original Air Date 1/16/1967)
  3. I Can't Fly (Original Air Date 1/23/1967)
  4. My Partner The Jewel Thief (Original Air Date 1/30/1967)
  5. The Formula Is Stolen (Original Air Date 2/6/1967)
  6. Stanley The Safecracker (Original Air Date 2/20/1967)
  7. Stanley The Fighter (Original Air Date 2/27/1967)
  8. Stanley The Jailbreaker (Original Air Date 3/6/1967)
  9. Fly, Ballerina, Fly (Original Air Date 3/13/1967)
  10. Harley And The Killer (Original Air Date 3/20/1967)
  11. Stanley And The Mountaineers (Original Air Date 3/27/1967)
  12. Has Mr. Terrific Sold Out? (Original Air Date 4/3/1967)
  13. Stanley Goes To The Dentist (Original Air Date 4/10/1967)
  14. Stanley The Track Star (Original Air Date 4/17/1967)
  15. Try This On For Spies (Original Air Date 4/24/1967)
  16. Stanley Joins The Circus (Original Air Date 5/1/1967)
  17. The Sultan Has Five Wives (Original Air Date 5/8/1967)
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