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Mutant X EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Shock Of The New
    Ruby, who is stationed at one of the secret mutant safehouses, is a telepath and longtime associate of Adam's.

  • I Scream The Body Electric
    Brennan and Emma join the Mutant X team in fighting off Eckhart's Genetic Security Agency forces.

  • Russian Roulette
    Adam and his Mutant X team match wits with a Russian duo who are working for Eckhart to hunt down new mutants, using a weapon especially designed for that purpose.

  • Fool For Love
    Shalimar falls in love with a Genomex research scientist who has developed a serum to reverse genetic mutations. Also, the team searches for a new mutant who had second thoughts about going underground.

  • Kilohertz
    Adam leads the team on a crusade to stop a mysterious new mutant who uses his powers to wreak havoc throughout the city.

  • Meaning Of Death
    Adam and his team face their biggest challenge yet when a deadly virus spreads through the city, causing infected mutants to lose control over their powers.

  • Lit Fuse
    Adam leads the Mutant X team on a mission to protect Ashley Elliot, a new mutant whose insatiable consumption of electricity is causing city-wide blackouts.

  • In The Presence Of Mine Enemies
    The Mutant X team embarks on a dangerous rescue mission to save Jesse's new mutant girlfriend, a renowned computer genius who's been kidnapped by the GSA.

  • Crime Of The New Century

  • Dark Star Rising
    Moeller plays Beau, one of the last members of Dark Star, an international anti-terrorist unit. The members of Mutant X struggle to help them against a plot by the GSA. The unscrupulous Eckhart looks to get his hands on two survivors of an anti-terrorist unit.

  • Whiter Shade Of Pale
    Created by scientists, some genetically-altered humans with extraordinary abilities must search for a place of refuge.

  • Double Vision
    An old friend of Brennan's lures him and Emma into a trap set by GSA agents. In the ensuing scuffle, an energy blast splits Emma into two separate entities. While "Emma A" displays an un-Emma-like personality, "Emma B" plots to destroy Genomex; and Adam tries to figure how to merge the two back into one.

  • Blood Ties
    Jesse is roped into a deadly undercover mission when his estranged father mysteriously shows up.

  • Altered Ego
    A young new mutant from Adam's past shows up seeking revenge for her father's death.

  • The Lazarus Syndrome
    Emma falls prey to a modern-day vampire, who must feed on the life force of new mutants in order to survive.

  • Interface
    Emma reunites with an old friend, Michelle, who also possesses telecyber powers. The reunion turns dangerous, however, when Michelle snares Emma in a GSA trap.

  • Presumed Guilty
    Adam is framed for murder and it takes time to solve what and why it happened, leaving the team to function without their leader.

  • Ex Marks The Spot
    Jesse and Brennan rescue Zack Lockhart, a thief as well as a New Mutant. Things go awry when he meets up with Artie Hall, a Genomex agent who wants him to steal a Fabrege Egg.

  • Nothing To Fear
    A powerful mutant, Henry Voight, practices mind control on the members of Mutant X to punish them for his wife's death.

  • Deadly Desire
    Seductive mutant Lorna Templeton casts a powerful love spell on Brennan which leaves him under her control.

  • A Breed Apart
    Adam and his team of mutants face their biggest challenge yet: the super-mutant Gabriel, a sociopath with powers far superior to theirs who seeks to destroy both Mutant X and Genomex. To complicate matters, Brennan and Shalimar both undergo a growth spurt, losing control of their own powers.
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