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Night Visions EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Passenger List
    Jeremy Bell is a transportation official investigating an airplane crash with no survivors. He begins to fear his daughter was on the plane. During the investigation, he is romantically drawn to a woman who's family died aboard the plane. He begins to question his sanity after an increasing number of vivid feelings of deja vu.

  • The Bokor
    Two medical school students practice some bad medicine as they get involved with a deadly voodoo curse.

  • Dead Air
    A radio shock jock discovers the late-shift is a real killer when a caller's scary story turns into a gruesome reality.

  • Renovation
    A man moves his wife and infant son into a house that was the scene of a grisly murder/suicide 30 years before. Will history repeat itself?

  • View Through The Window
    A scientist and Army officer, Major Darnell, is called in to investigate the strange appearance of a lush farm in the middle of a desert. An impenetrable forcefield surrounds the farm, and the major soon realizes that while they can see in, the occupants can't see out. He also soon determines that the force field periodically opens for brief periods of time. Darnell, going through a divorce, soon becomes attracted to a young woman on the farm. With nothing else to lose, he jumps through the field during one of its down periods, and realizes there is indeed something else to lose: the farm family are alien cannibals. The elder casts a spell that reverses the field, so that they can see out...and they begin timing the field to see when they can escape into "our" world.

  • Quiet Please
    Wanting to escape the maddening noises of the city, a man retreats to the wilderness for some R&R, only to find himself being stalked by an unruly camper.

  • Now He's Coming Up The Stairs
    A psychiatrist, blessed and cursed with the unique ability of transporting patients' illnesses into him, may have met his match when he meets a boy in a catatonic state.

  • Used Car
    A trophy wife fears that the used car she recently purchased is possessed by the vengeful spirit of a young woman and attempts to uncover the truth about the spectre's untimely demise.

  • Rest Stop
    Two young couples pick up a hitchhiker and begin disappearing one by one when they stop at a deserted road-side rest stop.

  • Afterlife
    When a father is given a second chance at life, he considers the newfound gift anything but a miracle.

  • If A Tree Falls
    After their car crashes off an embankment, killing them, three college students race to bury their bodies, theorizing that since no one saw them die, they are not really dead, as long as no one finds out about the crash.

  • The Occupant
    When things in her house are continuously out of place when she returns home from her night job, Janet becomes alarmed. She suspects someone is living her house while she's at work. Devising a trap to snag the occupant, Janet stays home from work one night to see if anyone tries to break in. Her nightmare begins when someone does.

  • Reunion
    A Persian Gulf veteran, Lt. Stillman, is under medication. On the 10th anniversary of his battle in the Gulf, during a veterans' parade, he begins to have hallucinations and flashbacks to his time during the War, where he was tortured but refused to break and won a medal. Stillman finally has his reunion with the men of his company, only to slowly realize that they died when he abandoned them. He was never tortured, but instead remembered someone else who was tortured in his place. He broke down easily and gave away the location of his men. Confronted with the truth, a shot rings out and Stillman falls down dead...but there's no gun to be found.

  • Neighborhood Watch
    A happy suburban community begins to panic when they are notified that their new neighbor is a child molester who has served his time and been released back into the world. After his daughter has several near-incidents with the man, Jim Osgood realizes he has to do something. He shoots the child molester and his neighbors readily provide an alibi for him. Unfortunately, the next day they receive a letter telling them that the first one was a mistake, and the man he killed was innocent.

  • Bitter Harvest
    On a small Midwestern farm, a young boy trespasses on his reclusive neighbor Jenning's farm, and accidentally causes an accident where Jennings loses both arms. Jennings, rumored to be the son of a witch, insists that the boy work for him, and soon begins a game of cat-and-mouse with the boy whom he knows was responsible for the accident. In the end, jennings seemingly lets the boy go, saying that turning him in would have accomplished nothing. However, the boy's newborn foal lacks arms and legs...and as a grinning Jennings looks on, he discovers that his mother is expecting.

  • My So Called Life And Death
    Julia is on vacation with her family, whom she can't stand. She develops a crush on a local handyman, only to realize that he can't see or hear or touch her. Apparently he's a ghost. Still, he's better then her family. Her efforts to contact him scare the poor guy, and Julia soon realizes that she and her family are the ones who died in a fire caused by her bratty brother. Still, her mother insists that they are not ghosts, and Julia accepts the illusion rather then face the pain of final death.

  • The Doghouse
    Barry is being beat up by a loan shark who wants money Barry loaned to a friend. Badly injured, Barry escapes with the aid of a passing veterinarian nurse, Amanda. Taken into her home, Barry is introduced to Amanda's two dogs, who quickly and efficiently kill the loan shark when he shows up. Realizing something is amiss, Barry is unable to escape and is soon captured and locked up "for training" in the basement, where he discovers he's not the first stray to be taken in by Amanda.

  • Still Life
    A wife and mother with an idyllic home life, Kate Morris' day begins on a horrific note when she is attacked by a purse snatcher. The incident is followed by a series of stranger ones, as two other random strangers attack and try to kill her. As they close in on her, she wakes up to realize that she is a woman convicted of murder for shooting an abusive husband who has been in a coma. The prison staff around her are the people in her coma-dream, and her husband is in real-life the warden. Desperate to "escape", she manages to give herself an overdose and return to her coma, and back into the happy fantasy life she created for herself.

  • Hate Puppet
    A young man, Andy Harris, spills coffee on a angry bearded man who seems to curse him. Soon everyone around Harris inexplicably bursts out into hatred against him. Harris then discovers that his recent life parallels that of a character in a book written by a famed horror writer. Harris confronts the writer but kills himself when he realizes there's no escape. The writer then finds himself trapped in someone else's story.

  • Darkness
    A working class stiff, Harlow Winton, discovers he had a family and fortune he never knew when he inherits a manor from a rich dead uncle, Lucius. He soon discovers that his uncle built the family fortune on the backs of the local town, many who died in the coal mines. Harlow soon discovers that the manor is haunted by shadows that killed his uncle, and anything else they find in the house. His uncle lit every room in the house to avoid them, but they eventually caught him. Harlow doesn't want to give up his newfound wealth, and soon discovers that the shadows can be destroyed by a burst of light and tries to wipe them out. Unfortunately, he blinds himself in the process, condemning himself to eternal darkness.

  • The Maze
    A loner wanders into a disturbing future where a professor tutors dead students.

  • Harmony
    A man visits a town where music is forbidden.

  • Cargo
    A freighter cargo officer discovers that a container transporting illegal immigrants may have been infiltrated by another sort of alien.

  • The Switch
    A woman with multiple personality disorder seeks help from a psychiatrist to uncover the shocking event that led to her psychosis.

  • Patterns
    An obsessive compulsive tries to convince his shrink of his a connection with God.

  • Voices
    A deaf woman hears voices in her head.
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