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Odyssey 5 EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Premiere, Parts 1 and 2
    In the series debut, the crew of the space shuttle "Odyssey 5" must travel five years into the past to unravel the secret of Earth's destruction--while dealing with the complicated problems caused by altering the chronology of their lives.

  • Shatterer
    The Odyssey 5 team tracks down Professor Naran Chandra, a suicidal artificial life researcher. Chandra reveals that artificial life has broken into cyberspace, which could have disastrous implications for the human race. The team later discovers proof that the professor is correct.

  • Astronaut Dreams
    While Taggart and Neil attempt to scuttle a NASA satellite test, Sarah and Angela try to prevent the kidnapping of a young girl and Mendel discovers a method of detecting the Synthetics.

  • Time Out Of Mind
    Kurt uses his knowledge of the future to try and be successful, but in doing so he changes things in the present and the crew begins to lose their memories of what will happen.

  • Symbiosis
    When the team discovers that a bio-computer scientist working with a species of deadly African ants has been murdered, it races the Synthetics to find the victim's hearing-impaired six-year-old niece, who is able to communicate with the insects.

  • The Choices We Make
    A mysterious being jumps out of the time stream to investigate the Odyssey crew, and in its effort to understand them probes their minds and manipulates their emotions by forcing them to relive the most personal moments of their past lives.

  • Rapture
    The Odyssey crew faces a new threat when a sentient-created drug circulates at Neil's high school. This drug actually promotes telepathy among the users??? but the twist is this: when two minds are linked this way, much more happens than just sharing thoughts??? the minds merge into one unique, conscious entity. The entity -- a new life form -- seeks to increase its processing power -- by absorbing new members.

  • L.D.U.-7
    Taggart, Mendel and Sarah visit a privately operated Maximum Security Prison hoping to find a clue to locating a powerful, dangerous Sentient.

  • Flux
    Marc faces expulsion from the Astronaut Training program. Paul takes Sarah to court. Taggart suffers from the effects of a Sentient-designed virus.

  • Kitten
    Neil's friendly emails with a mystery woman come back to haunt him when 'she' turns out to be a Sentient and grows increasingly obsessed with him. "Kit-10" wants to know about the Odyssey 5 mission-but just how far will she go to get what she wants?

  • Begotten
    The residents of a small town and a select group of scientists (including Mendel) are brainwashed into believing "The Lord" has specially chosen them to construct a passageway designed to bring "Him" to Earth. Taggart and Neil must reach Mendel, before it's too late.

  • Trouble With Harry
    The O-5 team is approached by Harry Mudd-a Sentient in a Synthetic body. He warns them of the imminent destruction of the world by an insane Sentient and reminds them about what's important in life.

  • Skin
    The Odyssey crew scramble to save the life of Angela's father, Senator Perry, when he's threatened by a terrifying new breed of Synthetic. Paige deals with her emotions after learning the truth about the Odyssey mission.
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