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Star Trek

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Outer Space Astronauts EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Diplomatic Hat
    With a sense of camaraderie, Captain Ripley invites some new "alien friends" on board the U.S.S. Oklahoma for pizza night. With dinner plans locked in, Commander Amos has his hands full with the their diplomatic agent Ka'ak. Little does the OSA team know that the aliens are interested in more than the pizza, they want the whole ship... and the pizza!

  • Of Cannibals And Cuddlepuffs
    As Ripley battles a serious case of mono, Sunny adopts a seemingly loveable and cuddly smelling "pet" onto the ship. Brimley and Matheson attempt to rescue a damsel in distress from a group of not-so-wonderful-smelling cannibal kidnappers.

  • Undies
    Barely escaping the wrath of a mistaken supernova, Intern Jimmy Peck becomes seriously ill while a disgusting, filthy undergarment begins to exhibit extraordinary powers. Sunny helps Ka'ak file her first report in the human art of office bureaucracy.

  • Vast Emptiness
    While traveling through a desolate, empty, boring area of space, Ka'ak throws a kick-ass party, complete with delicious alien cocktails, that has many serious, non-kick-ass repercussions.

  • One Year Ago
    On the day a younger, more innocent Amos arrives on the ship, the crew is plagued by equipment problems, oxygen depletion, radioactive teeth and a former Commander with a knack for really inconvenient mutinies.
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