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Primeval EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Episode 1
    While Cutter grapples with Claudia Brown's disappearance, and tries to make sense of his confused mind, the anomalies make another appearance. This time a shopping mall has been targeted by ferocious Raptors and the team is called in to deal with the situation. Faced with an unknown terror, Cutter and the team rely on their wits to get the monsters back through the anomaly.

  • Episode 2
    Two new arrivals start to put personal relationships under pressure. PR guru, Jenny Lewis, immediately locks horns with Cutter while Connor's potential new love interest, Caroline, gets Abby hot under the collar. The team has to put its emotions to one side when a mysterious sulphurous gas engulfs a modern skyscraper. A group of firefighters, sent to investigate, soon comes under attack. By the time the team arrives the monsters have created havoc. The bizarre shaped giant worms, some of which are large enough to consume a human, are ready for battle.

  • Episode 3
    Cutter and Connor unveil their new anomaly detector but its capabilities are immediately questioned when a new monster attack catches them by surprise. A paintballer is stalked then killed by an unknown beast at an adventure park. Early suspicions point towards a large cat. When that cat turns out to be a Sabre-Tooth tiger Jenny Lewis goes into PR overdrive. To avoid panicking the public, she insists the park stays open. But will her decisions put the team in more danger than was strictly necessary?

  • Episode 4
    Connor's anomaly detector begins to prove its worth when Cutter and his team arrive, in good time, at the scene of another creature appearance. A highly unusual shark, with a giant proboscis, has attacked a party boat. Cutter is convinced that the creature's physical appearance is the result of evolution and that, rather than coming from the past, the team is facing a species from the future. When another creature attack occurs on the other side of town, the team is divided on how to react. The more they go their separate ways, the more danger they face. All is not well in the team, and suspicions are rife. Ironically, the person they least suspect - Leek - has the most to hide.

  • Episode 5
    The bland and seemingly-innocent Leek stirs up more trouble. He's alone in the office when the anomaly detector goes off. A young girl and her dog have ventured through the void to the Silurian period. He himself, the "cleaner" and his group of mercenaries, a head start. Foul play is suspected but Leek escapes suspicion. While Connor struggles to repair the detector, Leek and his team pass through the anomaly.

  • Episode 6
    Cutter is convinced there are traitors in the team and he's quick to point the finger at Lester and Jenny. He tries to get Abby and Connor to buy into his theory but needs Stephen to back up his stories. But there is no sign of Stephen??? or Caroline??? or Rex. What's can be going on? While Cutter and his team face the nightmare of a giant Colombian mammoth rampaging through a busy road, in broad daylight, Stephen is with Helen. Will he rekindle his feelings for her or demonstrate his loyalty to Cutter?

  • Episode 7
    tension is at an all-time high. Cutter and the team are trapped in an abandoned Ministry of Defence bunker, surrounded by creatures. Leek, meanwhile, is revelling in the control he has. He believes that humanity is doomed and that the only people who will survive and prosper are those who have the backing of the predators. His vision is that his army of creatures will make him the most powerful man in a new and troubled world. Is there anyone the team can trust? Will anyone be able to save them? Is Leek truly intent on releasing the creatures? And, if so, what hope exists for the world outside? Who will survive? Time is running out for Cutter and his team...
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