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Primeval EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Episode 1
    When an exhibition of ancient Egyptian relics comes to the British Museum, an anomaly opens in a mysterious monument called the Sun Cage. A creature emerges from it - a Pristichampsus, a kind of monstrous crocodile that can run on two legs. This creature, which comes from a past much more distant than the Egypt of the Pharaohs, somehow became worshipped as a God in that civilization, and is now portrayed in the hieroglyphics on the Sun Cage. The murderous creature wreaks havoc in the museum before escaping into the city. Helped by Sarah Page, the smart and surprisingly sexy archaeologist at the museum, Cutter and the team set off to track down the creature down before it hits the streets of London. Along the way, Connor begins to believe in a legendary curse attached to the monument and convinces himself he is next in line for the crocodile God's revenge.

  • Episode 2
    Three teenage boys break into a supposedly haunted house; but the house comes alive when a terrifying creature attacks them. In the aftermath the only survivor is arrested for murder but is never convicted. Years later the hapless young man is free, but is still too tormented to confront what really happened. Meanwhile Cutter's research leads him to predict that the next anomaly will open in this same haunted house. The team track down the survivor and discover that the house is actually home to a terrifying camouflage creature from the future, a beast that can change shape and form to disguise itself until it is practically invisible. The team also find themselves in trouble with the law when suspicious detective Danny Quinn takes an instant dislike to them and their interest in the house, culminating in Connor's arrest. A suspense-filled battle plays out within the house and the surrounding suburb as the team tries to capture the creature - not easy when they can barely see it.

  • Episode 3
    Diictodons, cute but surprisingly dangerous burrowing creatures, nearly cause a disaster at a hospital when an anomaly from the Permian era opens. Calamity is averted by Cutter, Connor, Abby and Becker who, in the course of the story, are obliged to get the creatures back to their own time while simultaneously delivering a (human) baby. Their task isn't helped by dogged journalist, Mick Harper, who is determined to catch one of the creatures and expose the ARC and its secrets to the world. By the end of the episode Connor finds that he has adopted two adorable new pets to join Rex in his menagerie. Meanwhile Lester, Jenny and Sarah are confronted with an attack on the ARC, led by Helen and a small army of 'Cleaner Replicas'. The rest of the team arrives in the nick of time and a battle plays out throughout the ARC. Will Helen finally win?

  • Episode 4
    Still suffering from Cutter's loss, the team must swing into action when the biggest anomaly they have ever encountered registers on the detector. It turns out the ARC team aren't the only ones with access to an anomaly detector - journalist Mick Harper has stolen one of their handsets. One step ahead of our heroes, Mick and his boss, Catherine Kincaid, lie in wait at the airecraft hanger where the anomaly has appeared, ready to record whatever comes through. Unfortunately for them, what comes through is a truly terrifying predator. The Giganotosaurus AKA G-Rex is huge: think of it as T-Rex's bigger, angrier cousin. As the G-Rex terrorises the journalists and the trapped crew of a 747, the race is on for the team to get the over-sized meat-eater back through the anomaly. Unexpected help comes frmo Danny Quinn, who turns up at the scene and refuses to leave.

  • Episode 5
    The team are faced with a highly unusual and dangerous threat from the future: a deadly flesh-eating fungus. When a transient anomaly opens, an unfortunate assistant accidentally wanders through to a hot damp world. He breathes in some spores which he then transfers to our world. These spores belong to an incredibly aggressive, fast-growing fungus that first invades and kills its human hosts before reanimating their bodies to seek out new hosts. When all solutions (including fire and water) fail to destroy the creature the team must deal with the possibility that the fungus will spread through the whole country, absorbing everyone it encounters and becoming bigger and more dangerous all the time.

  • Episode 6
    The team have to deal with Terror Birds.

  • Episode 7
    The team battles a Dracorex.

  • Episode 8
    The team has to stop both Future Predators and future insects Mega-Optera after Abby's brother Jack drives through an anomaly and gets injured.

  • Episode 9
    The team is trying to find out who the mysterious Eve is and why she is so interested in the artifact. But before they get the truth she turns in top Helen Cutter and takes Christine Johnson Hostage and sends her through an anomaly to then get killed by a Future Preadtor.

  • Episode 10
    The team try top track down Helen Cutter however in the mean time they find a Future version of the ARC and go through several anomalies to different eras. In a fight between Helen and Danny a creature comes through and anomaly to knock Helen of the cliff and kills her.
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