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Sanctuary WebisodesSeason 1    

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  • Webisode 1
    While tracking a young boy with dangerous powers, Dr. Helen Magnus encounters Will Zimmerman, a psychiatric resident who may have what it takes to become her new protege.

  • Webisode 2
    Will Zimmerman is drawn further into Magnus' mysterious world and finds himself confronting his oldest fear. Elsewhere, forces converge on the target of their hunt - including someone from Magnus' distant past.

  • Webisode 3
    The origins of the mysterious mutant boy are revealed, as is the relationship between Magnus and her old flame, John Druitt. Meanwhile Ashley Magnus seeks out Ernie Watts a weapons dealer and fellow monster hunter - only to find herself in mortal danger.

  • Webisode 4
    Magnus and Will confront John Druitt with deadly results for a member of the Sanctuary team. Ultimately, Will is forced to choose between his old life and the strange world of Dr. Helen Magnus!

  • Webisode 5
    While investigating an ancient crypt on a remote island, Magnus and her team encounter deadly creatures and three women with a mysterious past. Ashley decides to address the issues of her father's existence head-on.

  • Webisode 6
    The investigation into the three women found in the crypt continues, confirming Magnus's theory that they are much more than they appear. Ashley's hunt for contraband creatures yields mixed results.

  • Webisode 7
    Will falls victim to the three women's growing powers, while Magnus seeks proof of their true identities via a former resident of the Sanctuary. Ashley's luck in her monster hunt begins to run out...

  • Webisode 8
    Magnus, Will and Bigfoot defend the Sanctuary against a deadly assault, while Ashley struggles to survive her encounter with a nearly unbeatable foe.
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