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Pushing Daisies

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Sanctuary EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Kali, Part 3
    Two ships are wrecked and a tidal wave races toward the coast of Mumbai, India, following Wexford's attempt to kill "Big Bertha." When Wexford tries to kill the creature again, Magnus risks her life to intervene.

  • Firewall
    Will is caught napping again as the team tries to take on a creature that may too big for them to handle. Could it have been avoided and is Will able to join the rest of the crew and retain their safety?

  • Bank Job
    In the midst of trying to stage a bank heist to capture more than cash, the team looks to trap an abnormal creature. A lock box is opened but what the team finds isn't money. The abnormal has infiltrated another human to and the team is put into a sticky situation.

  • Trail Of Blood
    What appears to be an antique typewriter is found. It is actually deemed an auto-type and there were only five in existence, and this is the last one that remains. A distress call is being sent through the machine, but how or from whom if it's the last one?

  • Hero 2: Broken Arrow
    Kate has become the host of an abnormal who has given her super powers. An all new strength and identity makes her feel unstoppable and not too quick to re-join the team. Will she use it for good or will the team be able to restrain the chaos that the abnormal may cause through her?

  • Animus
    A werewolf sighting brings Will and Henry to England, where they learn of suspicious happenings at a psychiatric facility. Meanwhile, Magnus and Tesla work together to probe the mysteries of the holographic city.

  • Breach
    Dr. Magnus scans a deserted building with Kate and Will, and creepiness seems to lurk around every corner. They meet up to discuss next steps and come to the conclusion they should probably leave and come back with a bigger team to investigate deeper into the mysteries that appear evident. As they're leaving, Dr. Magnus appears to get stuck behind and can't open the door while she sees Will and Kate venturing off.

  • For King And Country
    Tesla is actually humbled by unknown technology. Henry tries to calm him down, as Tesla expresses he's never seen such technology, or even imagined it for that matter. Henry of course just wants to explore as quick as possible. Tesla gives him the go ahead to search through new found organic matter. They both brace themselves while anticipating the worst.

  • Vigilante
    Adam is released from his restraints so that he can help Will find an access point for the hidden city; Magnus and Druitt go to London to find a critical artifact, leaving Will to manage the Sanctuary.

  • Hollow Men
    Adam and Dr. Magnus exchange some potent words and fits of arrogance and fear are tossed around when the language brings family into play. Magnus knows she must lead her team to the city, but both Tesla and Druitt want to join the excursion. Dr. Magnus confirms that it would be too risky for them to come, and only creates more of a liability.

  • Pax Romana
    Magnus discusses the current state of maintaining peace between humans and the abnormals, but she suspects Ranna is hiding something. Magnus and Ranna pull weapons on each other when they are threatened by a quake, but Magnus knows that Ranna needs her help. Watch the clip and tune in to find out if Magnus is able to make peace with Ranna or if other measures need to be taken.

  • Hangover
    Magnus returns to a disheveled Sanctuary just hours before it is to be inspected by the chief of a UN security team. She first encounters a battered Henry, who claims he was attacked by Will, and learns that Bigfoot is missing.

  • One Night
    A dinner date goes awry for Will and Abby when they are abducted at gunpoint on their way to a restaurant. Magnus puts a halt to the team's rescue operation upon determining the identity of their abductors, leaving Will and Abby's survival in their own hands.

  • Metamorphosis
    Henry enters Will's room with the intention of asking for a favor. Henry knows all about Will's new power after a transformation. Henry points out that a chandelier had a light bulb go out, and he's relying on Will to replace it. Will obliges to the request and all of a sudden uses his new abilities to start scaling the wall. However, once he's well above the ground and looking to make his next move, the sun shines through the windows and it takes a dramatic affect on Will.

  • Wingman
    Will and Henry are taking their ladies to a romantic dinner. They're fantasizing about how delicious their meal will be once they drop off a package and get to the restaurant. During the ride the package starts to emit a gas that causes Abby to pass out. They realize she simply needs some fresh air because she's allergic to the gas. A far greater scare comes over Henry and Will when they realize the gas is changing from its original state, as a winged creature flys from the box where it was held, into the sky and into the sewage system. Will stays calm but realizes they now have a lot of trouble on their hands.

  • Awakening
    Magnus and Tesla are investigating a tomb they believe was once a Praxian stronghold. Tesla reminisces about what it was like to explore tombs with Magnus in Egypt when they had no technological gadgets to aid their search. He then feels a certain power from behind one of the walls and reveals the secret entrance. Their alertness builds in anticipation of what they might find, but Tesla realizes through script on columns in this new hidden room that it was taken over by vampires.

  • Normandy
    Magnus is set in World War II and while trying to stay undetected she suddenly comes under fire. She feels it was a set up and the team was betrayed. Nigel shows up with a getaway car to help her flee from the scene, but will she be the only one that makes it out.

  • Carentan
    Magnus is confronted and tries to negotiate to find out more intelligence on her mission. She thinks the hazmat warnings of radiation are just a hoax, otherwise the military would be properly suited for such a concern. The conversation quickly turns into her wanting to help but it's claimed that the task at hand is even above her.

  • Out Of The Blue
    Magnus awakens from a deep slumber to fear. She quickly fights her surroundings where she's half submerged in a tank of water with gadgets and tech gizmos monitoring her. The decision is made to up her meds to send her back into her slumber. However, did she really awaken to this scientific lab, or was that all a nightmare as well?

  • Into The Black
    In the aftermath of destruction, the team faces an even bigger threat. Will wants to know who started all the chaos and is led to a tent where the guys who stirred the destruction are located. A whole slew of abnormals are being reminded Edge to remember that once a Praxian, always a Praxian. Will and the team know they have to get to the bottom of this quickly before it gets worse.
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