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Scare Tactics EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Episode 101
    A couple encounters aliens during a trip to a fake rave; a supposedly high-tech weapon goes awry; and a man is convinced that a woman is locked in a casket.

  • Episode 102
    A woman believes a UFO abducted her friend; a nanny reconsiders her new job after her employers claim to be cannibals.

  • Episode 103
    A man is convinced a dead body was placed in his trunk when police corner him in a restaurant; a night laborer is victimized by a weird creature.

  • Episode 104
    Actors posing as cops tell a man a body was found in the trunk of his car; a night laborer thinks a creature is kidnapping his co-workers.

  • Episode 105
    A man suspects his date is possessed by the devil; host Shannen Doherty arranges a terrifying cab ride for unsuspecting friends.

  • Episode 106
    A stripper goes missing at a bachelor party; a nurse is told her colleagues are part of an illegal organ-harvesting ring.

  • Episode 107
    Host Shannen Doherty sets up a fake reality show and convinces the participants that she has been taken hostage. Also: cultists scare a young man.

  • Episode 108
    A weird beast menaces a horse farm; black magic bedevils a magician's assistant when an illusion turns bloody.

  • Episode 109
    RV passengers are attacked by a bigfoot-like creature; Shannen Doherty stages her own kidnapping to set up her personal assistant; a car full of partygoers are menaced by a hitchhiker. Also: a medical prank involving a flatlined patient.

  • Episode 110
    A woman is terrified at a tanning salon after a cream makes her skin glow; a victim's house is ransacked by cable-TV installers; a child psychic predicts doom for a restaurant patron; a fake corpse rises from the grave.

  • Episode 111
    A babysitter sits for a bratty kid with supernatural powers; a woman receives a face-lift with an experimental laser, and when her boyfriend removes the bandages, the results are far from pretty.

  • Episode 112
    A man is trapped in a gaseous room while testing a new security system. Also: a woman learns her husband has promised her reproductive system to a shady medical firm.

  • Episode 113
    a baby sitter is convinced she's in a haunted house; a job candidate is accused of being a serial killer.

  • Episode 114
    A magic-shop employee is terrorized by a clown; a fake serial killer with supernatural powers fools a news crew; a photo-lab worker develops grisly pictures; a contest winner is chased by a crazed truck driver.

  • Episode 115
    A stunt involving a stalker; exterminators encounter a killer spider; a struggling actor tries to play a prank on an ex-con; a repo man is pursued by an armed mountain man.

  • Episode 116
    A medical-test subject sees another subject tortured; a party is disrupted by a supposedly disturbed woman; a janitor is attacked by a corpse; a construction worker encounters a fugitive alien.

  • Episode 117
    A security guard at a genetics lab is convinced he's seen a grisly attack; a woman sits for a job interview with a vampire; an old woman apparently rises from the dead and terrifies a babysitter.

  • Episode 118
    A cable guy is hunted by a psycho; a youth unleashes a demonic curse; pals try to elude an insane film director; a babysitter is stalked by a would-be killer.

  • Episode 119
    A receptionist thinks she's been exposed to a virus by a crazed scientist; a woman is caught between a vengeful dancer and a club owner; a hotel guest is implicated in a murder; a Bigfoot sighting.

  • Episode 120
    A man is hunted by a woman's ex-boyfriend; a man faking possession is stalked by an overzealous priest; a dancer rises from the dead and hunts a chauffeur; a big-game hunter tracks human prey.

  • Episode 121
    A soup-kitchen cook turns into a cannibal; a weird predator prowls a warehouse; an actor playing Norman Bates is the butt of a prank; partygoers are freaked out when a maniac hijacks their car.

  • Episode 122
    While on a date, a couple gets a visit from an ex-boyfriend who has a jealous side; while pretending to be possessed by the devil, a wanna-be actor realizes he is about to experience a real life exorcism; a kid learns that his contractor is the kind of person who not only hunts animals, but humans as well.

  • Scare Tactics Scare-Tacular!
    An hourlong Halloween episode featuring some of the series' scariest set-ups and new scares along with outtakes of pranks that didn't go well.
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