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Scare Tactics EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Episode 201
    Campers are attacked by a ravenous beast; killer bees are accidentally released; a baby sitter is menaced by a demented child; a construction crew digs up trouble in a graveyard.

  • Episode 202
    Rowdy partiers are terrorized by bullying police; body parts are discovered in a chimney; a security guard encounters mutants; a corpse sends e-mail to a secretary.

  • Episode 203
    A gorilla goes on a rampage after activists set it free; a man's hidden rage erupts under hypnosis; an actor tries to con an ex-con; flowers inspire terror.

  • Episode 204
    Warehouse employees witness a gangland crime; a mad scientist is hunted; an executed killer haunts a district attorney's daughter; gun-toting agents raid a pirate radio station.

  • Episode 205
    A deadly sibling feud; a paranormal hitchhiker. Also: federal agents battle a cult; the FBI interrogates a temp worker about a drug deal.

  • Episode 206
    A cross-dresser attacks a plumber; a cult turns violent on a construction crew; workers handling Egyptian artifacts wake a vengeful mummy; and a girl with special powers unleashes her wrath.

  • Episode 207
    A one-armed man menaces a butcher shop; a porn film is disrupted by a would-be killer; a man assists with a macabre desert burial; a man finds a doorway to another universe in his closet.

  • Episode 208
    A driver nearly runs contestants off the road, then crashes and asks for their help.

  • Episode 209
    Partygoers cross paths with a bloodthirsty gang of vampire bikers; a lab assistant is spooked by a suspect species; an unwitting nursemaid has an encounter with the treacherous "Mr. B".

  • Episode 210
    LanDISCapers suspect a pond is filled with piranha fish; exterminators meet their match in the form of a creepy creature.

  • Episode 211
    A serial killer preys on carpenters; a scientist melts his human subjects.

  • Episode 212
    A social worker deals with an unhinged psychic; a young man is hunted by a SWAT team; spirits of children haunt a gang of partiers.

  • Episode 213
    Forest workers are menaced by a mysterious creature; a chilling cocktail party.

  • Episode 214
    A snafu with a secret military weapon imperils an athlete; a spirit preys on ghost hunters; a doctor is turned into a creature.

  • Episode 215
    A crazed driver plows through a car wash. Also: a bizarre amputation at a doctor's office.

  • Episode 216
    A man runs a gauntlet of killers and booby traps; a woman carries an alien's child. Also: hijinks at a psychiatric hospital.

  • Episode 217
    An arsonist opens fire with a flame-thrower; an alien is revived during an autopsy; a security guard is menaced by a shadowy creature.

  • Episode 218
    Construction workers are menaced by a lake monster; a mechanic runs afoul of the mob over missing loot; two urbanites are cut off from civilization.

  • Episode 219
    Uninvited zombies crash a house party; a crime scene worker is caught off-guard by an alleged felon; a tutor is tangled in a kidnapping plot.

  • Episode 220
    A phony safecracker dupes a student into abetting his criminal activity; a chef's aide suspects the main course is homicide.

  • Episode 221
    A science lab polluted by toxic chemicals; an exotic dancer is menaced during a routine; a woman thinks a killer is hiding at a theme park.

  • Episode 222
    An electrician unwittingly unleashes a killer at a mental hospital; a mother convinces her daughter that a car has been stolen; a ravenous beast preys on campers; a kidnapping prank.
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