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Scare Tactics EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Satan's Baby
    A medical-office receptionist has a hellish night; a farmhand makes a grisly discovery; an experiment involving a psychic goes awry.

  • 3:10 To Hell
    An abandoned train car becomes the setting for a terrifying encounter; a man sets up his cousin for a scare in a medical-research facility; a troubled boy heats things up for his would-be caretaker.

  • Deadly Genie In A Beer Bottle
    A young man dressed as a genie grants deadly wishes.

  • Psycho In A Box
    A coffin provides chills for a delivery driver.

  • When White Noise Attacks
    Ghosts put up a fight against the woman hired to cast them out of an abandoned building.

  • The Screaming Room
    A director confronts his critics at a screening for scary short films.

  • Frankenstein's Basement Of Terror
    An organ-harvesting scheme pits a night worker against a creepy funeral director.

  • Taxi Cab Carnage
    A cab driver scares a passenger with an accident involving a pedestrian

  • Home Video Horror
    A prank on a babysitter is executed; a father's dying wish puts a young woman between two rival siblings.

  • When The Larvae Breaks
    A human-sized cocoon is discovered by a man asked to clean a mad scientist's lab.

  • Big Scoop Of Scary
    A crime scene turns dangerous for a man working on a documentary about unsolved murders.

  • Blood Bath
    A health-spa prank unfolds when an employee learns the secret ingredient of the signature treatment.

  • Satan's Baby Returns
    Third-season highlights are featured.

  • Basket Case
    A receptionist at a doctor's office hears a patient's unusual request; a female serial killer, who keeps men's underwear as trophies, meets a handyman; a giant-spider prank unfolds; partygoers end up on the property of a crazed cult.

  • Ghoul Bus
    ECW wrestler Matt Hardy guest stars as a violent criminal in a prank targeting a doctor's assistant; security guards happen upon a school bus with just one little girl inside; a prison guard monitors an unusual inmate.

  • Channeling The Dead
    A vampire is interviewed; a babysitter is targeted for a prank; night watchmen encounter a scientist who's disposing of the results of his experiments; an undercover team breaches a government facility.

  • 28 Minutes Later
    A sleep study goes awry; a little girl's imaginary friend becomes a babysitter's problem; partygoers stray into a quarantined area; a radio show about unexplained phenomena gets an unlikely visitor.

  • Ranger Danger
    A prank on a young park ranger unfolds; a mad scientist's violent hallucinations spook the lab assistant; a police sketch results in an arrest after a woman spots the suspect.

  • The Collector
    A demented family covets a woman for a strange collection; the creator of a Web series about unsolved murders makes a shocking find; a wrong turn sends partygoers to an unusual underground rave; a ghost issues a special message to a woman.

  • Toxic Shock
    A deadly radioactive ooze imperils the employee of a shady businessman; a caterer is hired for a mad scientist's party; a construction worker has a strange encounter; a handyman meets a female serial killer.

  • Tow Truck Killers
    A sunscreen experiment goes awry in the presence of a bikini-clad woman; an escaped mental patient seeks refuge in an office; the main course at an exclusive dinner party shocks a lady guest; partygoers encounter a crazed cult.

  • Ghoul Bus 2
    A security guard encounters an abandoned school bus in the middle of the desert... and someone or something is watching. An office worker is confronted by not one, but two men, who come into the office matching the description of a dangerous criminal. A maid comes face to face with a chainsaw wielding maniac at a hotel that caters to bizarre erotic fantasies. ECW Champ Matt Hardy plays a violent criminal who breaks out of his physical and mental restraints to go after another doctor's assistant.

  • Dying To Kill!
    A receptionist at a doctor's office is caught in the middle when a patient comes in demanding to be reattached to his former conjoined twin. A young man working for the power company must confront a crazed scientist stealing power to manufacture the ultimate weapon. While cleaning out a supposedly abandoned garage a young woman uncovers an entire race of alien pods... and they're about to hatch. A caretaker at an old folks home is shocked to discover an elderly patient who has the power to kill... with his mind!
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