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Scare Tactics EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • It's My Party
    Pranks involve a caterer, a lottery winner and mutilated livestock. Also, an eviction takes a sinister turn.

  • No Pain, No Brain
    A medical experiment takes a sinister turn; pranks involving a seance and a freak show play out.

  • Killing Rosemary's Baby
    A prank is played on a model who thinks she's helping with an auction; a demonic baby becomes trouble for a caretaker; an actor meets a madman on a hidden-camera show; a missing girl reappears amid unusual circumstances.

  • Vampire Stakeout
    If you thought a stakeout was supposed to be coffee and donuts, you're in for a rude awakening. This episode brings out the ???stake??? in stakeout as a mysterious man is seen hauling out trash and then attacked only to use a stake to take down his pursuer.

  • Life's A Witch
    The victim joins up with an investigative team to find out how a car bumper covered in what appears to be hair landed on the side of the road. While interviewing a local farmer wolves are heard in the distance. The leader of the team makes the decision to find the source of the noise only to find a van totaled with its windows smashed. Will the victim become the boy who cried wolf and throw in the towel, or will he help the team find the culprit of the damage?

  • Alien Road Block
    A girl consults with a doctor about having surgery done after a woman comes through the doctor's office looking for her husband claiming that's where he was last. The doctor reassures his potential patient that he's never seen the husband, but her response is that she's seen too many scary movies and freaks out easily. Little does she know what she's up for when a previous patient comes from the back room with a surgery gone terribly wrong.

  • Valet Violence
    A man claims he has to use a book to speak to his brother that evidently passed away in 1947. The group thinks they will simply humor him and allow him to read some of the book to them before he can finally sell it away. Little does the group know, they may just be greeted by a visitor from the past.

  • Tracy The Tour Guide
    A mummy menaces; a horror film actor goes on a rampage; a lab assistant encounters a deadly mist; a documentary film crew finds a winged monster.

  • Uh Oh! It's Maggots
    A plant grown in space becomes a student's problem; a sister's prank on her brother goes awry; a television crew visits a house where an old butler still serves his dead master; a doorman considers drinking a magic elixir.

  • If These Walls Could Bleed
    A property inspection takes a sinister turn; a new male enhancement drug is tested; a student and a police officer encounter unusual diners at the diner; a crew pursues a mind eraser to a chilling conclusion.

  • Chill Out
    A giant reptile nest is found in an old facility where tests on animals were conducted; a farmer's organic soil has a dark secret ingredient; a temp worker gets spooked by a drug developer; a lab tech becomes entangled in a scientific rivalry.

  • Hot Under The Collar
    A new dog collar is tested; a geological work crew is exposed to a dormant virus; a delivery worker becomes trapped in an asylum; a pregnant woman carries a belly full of snakes.
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