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Black Scorpion: The Series EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Armed And Dangerous
    Martin Kove guest stars as FireArm, a human arsenal who threatens to blow up the City of Angels.

  • Wave Goodbye
    Athena Massey plays Hurricane, a cyclonic criminal bent on sinking the city. Special appearance by Soupy Sales as the wacky weatherman, Sonny Dey.

  • Blinded By The Light
    Alan Scotti and Kimber West guest star as Flashpoint and Vision, photographers who plot to blind the population unless Black Scorpion reveals her identity.

  • Home Sweet Homeless
    Sherrie Rose returns as AfterShock, the seismic supervillain who leads the homeless in a take-over of the city.

  • Love Burns
    Brent Huff guests as a heroic fireman Darcy carries a torch for him until a solar accident turns him into the evil Inferno. With Mega Death's David Mustaine as Torchy.

  • Out Of Thin Air
    Adam West guest stars as Breathtaker, the asthmatic arch villain who vows to bring Black Scorpion's worst fears to life.

  • No Stone Unturned
    Lisa Boyle guest stars as Medusa, a vanity-crazed villainess who turns all the men who have rejected her into living statues.

  • Crime Time
    Frank Gorshin plays Clock-wise, a time-warped villain bent on aging the population. Also starring Victoria Silvstedt as Hour Glass.

  • An Officer & A Prankster
    Stoney Jackson reprises his role as the Gangster Prankster, this time joining the police force. Also starring Jeannie Millar as Giggles.

  • No Sweat
    Renee Allman guests as Aerobicide, a femmebot who exercises men to death.

  • Roses Are Red, You're Dead
    David Landers plays the fiendish florist Greenthumb who plans to corner the city's oxygen.

  • Life's A Gas
    Julie McCullough and Adam West are Pollutia and the Breathtaker who plot to gas the city.

  • Fire & Brimstone
    Brent Huff and Lisa Boyle are back as Inferno and Medusa. They seek to tear Darcy and Steve apart, combining their powers for destruction to create an urban volcano.

  • Virtual Vice
    Lana Clarkson is Mindbender, a cyber criminal who traps Black Scorpion in a virtual reality game.

  • Bad Sport
    Greg Keane plays Slapshot, a benched hockey player who seeks revenge on his fans by blowing up the stadium.

  • Power Play
    Allison Armitage guest stars as Stunner, a shocking supervillain who plots to electrocute the city with her deadly current.

  • He Who Laughs Last
    Stoney Jackson returns as the Gangster Prankster. His secret weapon, the Bust-A-Gut, will make anyone who laughs pop like balloons.

  • Kiss Of Death
    Nancy Valen guest stars as the Angel of Death, a voluptuous vigilante whose killer kisses send criminals to heaven. Her next kiss is for Black Scorpion.

  • Photo Finish
    Alan Scotti and Kimber West return as Flashpoint and Vision. Their new camera literally captures its subjects on film.

  • Face The Music
    Shannon Whirry guest stars as Vox Populi. The singer takes over the minds of her fans with subliminal lyrics.

  • Zodiac Attack, Part 1
    Soupy Sales stars as Professor Prophet, a would-be psychic who takes control of Aftershock, Breath-taker, Inferno and Hurricane (earth, wind, fire and water) to make his zodiac predictions come true.

  • Zodiac Attack, Part 2
    Professor Prophet predicts Black Scorpion will be killed by Afteshock, Breathtaker, Inferno and Hurricane. Guest starring Soupy Sales, Sherrie Rose, Adam West, Brent Huff, Athena Massey and Carries Stevens.
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