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DescriptionShow Description    

SearchSearch premiered on NBC on February 21, 1972. Search, made in conjunction with Warner Bros. Television, was a contemporary look at today's world, tinged with a touch of little-known electronic magic, plus a peek into the future based on existing techniques and what they may expand into. Search, as a series, grew from a two-hour film televised in February 1972, titled "World Premiere Probe," starring Hugh O' Brien as an electronic private-eye. He's in the employ of World Securities, a firm which protects and insures banks, national treasures, art collections and the like. As a Probe - the firm's designation for its "agent" or "operative" - O'Brien works in Probe Division, specializing in the search and recovery of "that which is missing." With the expansion of the original film into a series of one-hour episodes under the new title, Search, operations of Probe adventures have been expanded to include another two stars - Tony Franciosa and Doug McClure. This makes certain O'Brian's talents aren't overexposed, and that personality and physical traits of the three stars can be matched up to ever-varying storylines to pique continuing audience interest through variety.

CastShow Cast    
Hugh Lockwood
Hugh O'Brian
Christopher Robin "C.R." Grover
Doug McClure
Nick Bianco
Tony Franciosa
B.C. Cameron
Burgess Meredith
EpisodesShow Episodes    
  1. Probe (Original Air Date 2/21/1972)
Season 1 (1972-1973)
(23 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. The Murrow Disappearance (Original Air Date 9/13/1972)
  2. One Of Our Probes Is Missing (Original Air Date 9/20/1972)
  3. Short Circuit (Original Air Date 9/27/1972)
  4. Moonrock (Original Air Date 10/4/1972)
  5. Live Men Tell Tales (Original Air Date 10/11/1972)
  6. Operation Iceman (Original Air Date 10/25/1972)
  7. The Bullet (Original Air Date 11/1/1972)
  8. In Search Of Midas (Original Air Date 11/8/1972)
  9. The Adonis File (Original Air Date 11/15/1972)
  10. Flight To Nowhere (Original Air Date 11/22/1972)
  11. The Gold Machine (Original Air Date 12/20/1972)
  12. Let Us Prey (Original Air Date 1/3/1973)
  13. A Honeymoon To Kill (Original Air Date 1/10/1973)
  14. The 24 Carat Hit (Original Air Date 1/24/1973)
  15. Numbered For Death (Original Air Date 1/31/1973)
  16. Countdown To Panic (Original Air Date 2/7/1973)
  17. The Clayton Lewis Document (Original Air Date 2/14/1973)
  18. Goddess Of Destruction (Original Air Date 2/21/1973)
  19. The Mattson Papers (Original Air Date 2/28/1973)
  20. Moment Of Madness (Original Air Date 3/14/1973)
  21. Ends Of The Earth (Original Air Date 3/21/1973)
  22. Suffer My Child (Original Air Date 3/28/1973)
  23. The Packagers (Original Air Date 4/11/1973)
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