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Smallville EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    Fifteen years after baby Kal-El comes to Earth in a spaceship, he is known as Clark Kent, unaware of his true origins and struggling with his differences from other people. But the nearby town where his ship landed, Smallville, and the lives of its residents, have been altered by the meteor storm that accompanied his arrival.

  • Metamorphosis
    A bug-loving teen is infused with superpowers after a bizarre accident, and the boy sets out to steal Lana's heart and dispose of her current boyfriend, an intimidating jock who warns the bug boy to stay away from Lana. Meanwhile, Lex asks the Kents to cater a party he is throwing.

  • Hothead
    The Smallville High School football coach asks Clark to join the squad, something Jonathan fears may jeopardize the teen's secret and the safety of the other players. What Clark doesn't know is that the coach has some powers up his sleeve as well, and he's using them to cover up a cheating scandal involving his players. Elsewhere, Lex faces off against his father over business practices; and Lana quits the cheerleading squad.

  • X-Ray
    Clark battles intense headaches as he tries to adjust to his emerging power of X-ray vision, an ability that he cannot control. Also, Lex is framed for an armed robbery by a teenage girl who can take on the appearance of anyone she chooses. Elsewhere, Lana finds her mother's journal and accuses her aunt of lying to her.

  • Cool
    After falling through the ice and nearly drowning, a teen finds that he cannot keep himself warm without extracting heat from an outside source - mainly other people. Meanwhile, Lex persuades Clark to ask Lana out on a platonic date.

  • Hourglass
    Clark volunteers at a nursing home, where he meets a blind woman who claims that she can see the future - and that someone close to him will die soon. Meanwhile, another resident of the home regains his youth after falling into a lake lined with kryptonite, and he sets out to kill the descendants of jurors who convicted him of murder when he was young.

  • Craving
    An overweight teen becomes excessively thin after eating vegetables tainted with kryptonite, but she also develops a voracious appetite for food - including human flesh. Meanwhile, Clark ponders what to get Lana for her birthday; Whitney gets a tryout for a college football team; and Lex learns some disturbing news about his health.

  • Jitters
    An old Kent family friend, who suffers from uncontrollably violent convulsions after working for Luthor Corp., shows up at the farm after accidentally killing a man in Metropolis. Meanwhile, when Clark's parents head to the city for a romantic getaway, the teen decides to host a party that soon gets out of hand.

  • Rogue
    A corrupt Metropolis police detective sees Clark stop an out-of-control bus barreling toward a homeless man, and the cop threatens to expose the teen's secret unless he does what the lawman wants. Meanwhile, a rich old flame visits Lex and asks him to reconsider his position in his father's company.

  • Shimmer
    A teen whose family lives and works in the Luthor mansion has a crush on Lex, and her jealousy of the tycoon's new girlfriend brings forth vandalism by an invisible perpetrator. Meanwhile, Clark volunteers to work with Lana on a school blood drive after she and Whitney have a fight.

  • Hug
    A crooked businessman who can get people to do whatever he wants by touching their hands sets out to buy the Kent farm so he can build an industrial plant in Smallville. Meanwhile, Clark and Lana argue over a physical confrontation between Whitney and a town hermit.

  • Leech
    Clark's superpowers are transferred to a fellow student after a bolt of lightning strikes the future Man of Steel while trying to rescue the awkward teen during a class trip. Meanwhile, Lana learns that her aunt is selling the family movie theater, which is of sentimental value to her.

  • Kinetic
    Chloe is seriously injured during a robbery at Lex's mansion that is perpetrated by three masked young men who can pass through walls. Meanwhile, Whitney's personal problems make him a target for the three bandits.

  • Zero
    Lex learns that a man he thought was killed in a violent altercation three years before in Metropolis has arrived in Smallville determined to settle the score. Meanwhile, Clark is unnerved by a school assignment that has Chloe digging into his past.

  • Nicodemas
    Jonathan is unknowingly poisoned by the pollen of a stolen plant that was created with the DNA of an extinct flower, and he begins to act erratically as he becomes increasingly ill. Meanwhile, the scientist who created the plant tries to recover the purloined posy.

  • Stray
    The Kents take in a mysterious youngster who can read minds, after he is accidentally struck by their pickup truck while fleeing from a murderous thief. Meanwhile, Lionel Luther offers Lex a job in Metropolis, but Lex is skeptical of his father's generosity.

  • Reaper
    A fall from a tall building embeds a kryptonite fragment into a man's arm, and he develops the ability to burn his victims to death with his bare hands. Meanwhile, Clark dreads going on a yearly fishing trip with Jonathan and he tells him so in a fit of anger.

  • Drone
    Clark decides to run for class president after Pete nominates him, but the teen faces off against a candidate with the secret ability to control a swarm of killer bees. Meanwhile, a Metropolis newspaper reporter sets out to write an exclusive feature on Lex, against the billionaire's wishes.

  • Crush
    Clark finally learns that Chloe has a crush on him and he begins to question how he feels about her. But his indecisiveness leads to her interest in another student, an artist with telekinetic abilities whose hands were damaged in a car accident.

  • Obscura
    A head injury gives Lana the ability to see through the eyes of a kidnapper who abducts Chloe and keeps her bound and blindfolded in a dark room filled with giant teddy bears. Meanwhile, an ambitious newspaper reporter provides Lex with new information about the meteor shower.

  • Tempest
    Lionel Luthor announces plans to close the LutherCorp plant in Smallville, but Lex won't let his father shut it down without a fight. Meanwhile, Chloe tells Clark that she and her father may have to move back to Metropolis so her dad can find a new job; and Whitney surprises Lana by enlisting in the Marines.
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