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Stargate Atlantis EpisodesSeason 4    

Pazsaz Entertainment Network's Stargate Atlantis Page

  • Adrift
    Dr. Weir clings to life and Dr. McKay tries to save Atlantis, which is badly damaged and lost in space after the Replicator attack.

  • Lifeline
    McKay and Sheppard prepare to steal a ZPM from the Replicator home world; Colonel Samantha Carter links up with the Apollo to search for Atlantis.

  • Reunion
    A mission against the Wraith has the Atlantis team collaborating with a group of Satedans from Ronon's past.

  • Doppelganger
    While exploring a jungle planet, Lt. Colonel Sheppard comes into contact with a crystalline growth that turns him into a host for an infectious alien life form.

  • Travelers
    On a return flight to Atlantis, a jumper is seized and its pilot, Lt. Colonel Sheppard, is taken prisoner by Larrin, the commander of a rogue human ship.

  • Tabula Rasa
    The crew suffers from amnesia after plant samples from their new home planet unleash a virus that affects everyone except Teyla and Ronon.

  • Missing
    Teyla and Dr. Keller uncover a mystery on New Athos, where they find an abandoned Athosian settlement and a hostile warrior tribe.

  • The Seer
    Atlantis receives a visitor with psychic abilities, who delivers a dark forecast about the outpost.

  • Miller's Crossing
    Jeanie Miller, Dr. Rodney McKay's sister, is kidnapped on Earth, prompting a response from the Atlantis team.

  • This Mortal Coil
    A strange drone crashes into Atlantis, heralding a dreadful new predicament.

  • Be All My Sins Remember'd
    The team takes on Replicators in a two-pronged attack as the Apollo and the Daedalus face an armada, while McKay works with a Wraith scientist to thwart their common foe. Further complicating things, Larrin resurfaces.

  • Spoils Of War
    The Atlantis team salvages a damaged Wraith vessel, which turns out to hold valuable tactical information about the group's enemies.

  • Quarantine
    A quarantine begets a lockdown on Atlantis, trapping Rodney in the botany lab with Katie Brown.

  • Harmony
    Sheppard and McKay become escorts on a young princess's rite of passage and run afoul of the would-be queen's enemies.

  • Outcast
    Sheppard learns that his father has died and returns to Earth for the funeral, accompanied by Ronon. While there, they discover that a covert project has accidentally unleashed a human-form Replicator in the city.

  • Trio
    A subterranean drama unfolds when Col. Carter and Doctors McKay and Keller become trapped in a defunct mining facility during an off-world mission.

  • Midway
    Teal'c goes to Atlantis to mentor Ronon ahead of an IOA review to determine his suitability for the Stargate program. Meanwhile, the Wraith kick-start a plot against the Midway station.

  • The Kindred, Part 1
    A mystery illness wreaks havoc on humans across the Pegasus galaxy; Teyla's vision about the father of her child prompts her to join Sheppard on a mission that yields an unexpected discovery.

  • The Kindred, Part 2
    Beckett's return surprises the Atlantis crew. Elsewhere, Teyla, now a prisoner, finds missing Athosians held captive at one of Michael's secret facilities.

  • The Last Man
    Sheppard returning to a derelict Atlantis amid a sea of sand dunes thousands of years after his last search for Teyla, but a hologram of an aged Dr. McKay has a plan to set things right.
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